Shitake Mushroom Block After 3.5 Weeks

Project Update: Shiitake Mushroom Block

I was out taking my photos for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day today and was so pleased at how much my shiitake mushroom block was growing after only 3.5 weeks.  I’ll be serving up a mushroom dish for dinner this weekend for sure.

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  1. Laura
    LauraMay 14,10

    Wow that was fast growth! I would have expected it would take longer.

  2. Kat
    KatMay 14,10

    They are growing fast. It all looks so alien.

  3. Stevie
    StevieMay 14,10

    Kat & Laura – I know – so fast!! And I get to reuse the block 4 times. Not bad for a $10.

  4. Aerelonian
    AerelonianMay 14,10

    They seem to be doing really well. I’ve wanted to get one of these logs for a while but can’t justify it yet. I love mushrooms and would be happy to have a dozen varieties home grown if I could.

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