SpiderBall Medium


I found some newly-hatched spiders on my hose reel the other day.  They were huddled together for warmth in what I affectionately call “SpiderBall”.

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  1. Kat
    KatMay 19,10

    Awesome and slightly creepy at the same time.

  2. jayedee
    jayedeeMay 19,10

    i have to say that is one of the most awesome photos i’ve seen in a long long time! thank you for deciding to share it.

  3. Stevie
    StevieMay 19,10

    The whole ball was only the size of a coin, and I was delighted to see them given they will prey on all the evil plant-eating pests in my garden.

    See my Earth Day post: http://gardentherapy.ca/earth-day-2010-attracting-beneficial-insects/

  4. KatieLovesDogs
    KatieLovesDogsMay 19,10

    You are a very observant person. I have never seen baby spiders, but I have spiders in my garden. Maybe I need to make observation more of a habit of mind.

  5. Laura
    LauraMay 19,10

    I have problems with spiders. They don’t bother me in the garden. I barely flinch when one crawls by my hand while I’m weeding, but I have an irrational fear of them inside, or in magnified photos. Twitch. I had to page down, and wasn’t able to look at the photo closely. I’m sure it was lovely though ;)

  6. Lavenderbay
    LavenderbayMay 20,10

    And then step two of that lovely bud is when it blossoms in the sunshine, spreading slowly out over Mama’s web. Thanks for evoking a childhood memory I’d completely forgotten.

  7. Dan
    DanMay 20,10

    That is a cool find!

  8. Anja
    AnjaMay 21,10

    Too Wild! I’ve never seen this before!

  9. melanie watts
    melanie wattsMay 22,10

    Wow that is so cool but kinda gross too. :)

  10. andrea
    andreaJune 3,10

    nice! it’ll be fun to see where they all go… and what tasty critters they eat along the way…

  11. Grace
    GraceJune 3,10

    You left yours alone. Recently when I saw one, I couldn’t help but touch it and see the little guys skitter around. I guess I’ve got an evil streak. Pretty dang fascinating, aren’t they? Too bad they get BIG. :)

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