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Sweet Fennel – the second showing

The sweet fennel looks like soldiers.

The sweet fennel looks like soldiers.

Back in the spring I planted sweet fennel.  I got about 8 bulbs in by half wine barrel planter.  In a short time, the bulbs grew to 2.5” as shown here.  I could eat them…but I waited longer, they got bigger and sweeter.  I cut them back for a few dinners here and there, careful to leave the roots in tack, just cutting the bulb off.  And by mid-summer I had 2 or 3 new little fennel bulbs growing off each root.  They grew throughout the summer, and just as I was about to harvest them off, they bolted!  Those little guys were so eager to set seeds they shot up overnight.  So, now, no fennel for me this fall, but next spring for sure.

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