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DIY Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights

Beach Glass Solar Lights

These beachy solar lights are like little treasure jars filled with the calming blue, purple, and green tones of beach glass. The light reflects off of found seashells and a puff of reindeer moss, but the glass almost looks electrified the way it glows! Make these tiny seaside worlds with just a few materials, then bask in the cool glow …

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How to Create a Beach-Themed Garden Design

I live near the ocean but also in the city. It’s amazing how quickly the beach whisks me away to a far away place when I live only a 10 minute drive from the shore. Yet, busy days, bills, and schedules become a distant memory when I’m walking on the sand collecting shells. My garden has no sand however, well, …

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Adorable Hanging Seashell Planter So Easy To Make Too

Hanging Shell Planter

What is it about a tiny planter that is so appealing? This hanging shell planter is a little gem that provides secret enjoyment in a large space, or a perfect-sized parcel in a small space. To make one:  Plant a little soil in large, pot-shaped shell and tuck in a few succulent cuttings or a small tropical. Thread wire or fishing …

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A Seaside Garden Retreat

Seaside Garden Design

This beautiful seaside-inspired garden, called The Blue Greenhouse, was created by designers Rose Blamey of Windrose Garden Design and Kimberley Loewen of Flourish Garden Design. I shouldn’t have been surprised that this garden was my instant favorite at the BC Home + Garden Show, because I have been long-time fans of their impressive work. The centerpiece of the garden is a turquoise greenhouse …

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Botanical Beach At Low Tide Port Renfrew BC

Botanical Beach in Port Renfew, British Columbia

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