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design a container garden that provides food for backyard birds

Design a Beautiful Bird-Friendly Winter Container Foraged from Your Yard

Even though holiday decorating is finished for the year, you can still get outside and clip greenery for a bird-friendly winter container. Winter birds are a lovely addition to the garden and this container garden not only looks gorgeous to us, but it’s a heavenly treat for our feathered friends! This design will take your garden decor right through to the …

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How To Make A Pedestal Bird Feeder Out Of A Terracotta Flower Pot

Put Backyard Birds on a Pedestal with this Flowerpot Bird Feeder

My family adores bird watching. We have multiple feeders around our yard so we can enjoy seeing the birds flit around the feeder and grab a snack. Sipping your morning coffee while watching the birds visit the feeders is both meditative and amusing. Even more so with this pretty pedestal flowerpot bird feeder I made. I’ve seen terracotta bird feeders on many …

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Making Wild Bird Food Suet

DIY Wild Bird Suet Feeder

My family loves to bird-watch. We have several feeders in our yard and one of us is always watching out our front window, hoping to catch sight of a new feathered visitor to our front feeder. Although we put out seed year-round, we always make up a suet feeder (or seven) for the wild birds in the colder months. Want to …

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How To Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Making pinecone bird feeders is a super simple & family-friendly project that will get you outside for a little garden therapy, even in the cold. Backyard birds need food in the winter, especially where it gets cold enough to snow, so take a little time to spread the love (and some peanut butter) for your feathered friends. Materials: Dried, open pinecones …

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