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Gardens in literature: A Midsummer Night's Dream

7 Classic Books to Get You Inspired in the Garden

Gardens have an enchanting quality that has not been overlooked by artists of all kinds. Many famous authors have featured gardens in their work and used them as a device for character and plot development. In literature, gardens represent spaces of great potential which can promote healing and learning, create romantic bonds, and even send characters into magical realms. These …

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Sunflower From The Garden Therapy Coloring Book

Get Creative Anytime, Anywhere.

Ready to get creative? As you know, Garden Therapy is filled with creative ideas for playing in the garden. But, creativity doesn’t always come so easily. Busy schedules, dreary weather, and just plain old exhaustion can stifle creativity. The best remedy if you are feeling a bit low is to get creative and make something. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible. …

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Vegetable Gardening In The Pacific Northwest

What’s New in Vegetable Gardening Books

Spring is now so close that we can almost touch it, taste it, see it, smell it, hear it. Part of what makes spring so sensory is the fresh little green things that begin to grow in the vegetable garden. Whether you have garlic and broad beans popping up, or some overwintering Brussels sprouts from last year’s planting, there is a whole …

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