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Haunting Ruse Black Lenten Rose Hellebore

5 Stunning Hellebore Varieties You MUST See!

Hellebores (Hellborus) are commonly known as Lenten Rose given their blooms are a late winter / early springtime staple in zone 4-9 shade gardens. The toothed, green leaves are leathery and stay evergreen through a mild winter. Damaged leaves are quickly replaced in late winter to early spring, adding a necessary lift to garden early in the year. Hellebore flower heads hang upside-down and their true beauty cannot be completely appreciated. …

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Euonymous Europaeus Aka European Spindle Tree Small

Euonymous europaeus AKA European Spindle Tree

While shopping for interesting foliage to add to my holiday planters and wreaths, I was stopped in my tracks by this interesting beauty: Euonymous europaeus. There are some really fascinating winter blooming plants that I have seen, like witch hazel ‘Diane‘ and white forsythia, but I wasn’t familiar with this one.  Turns out these aren’t the blooms at all but the fruit that has set seed. Regardless, …

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Emily Mackenzie Crocosmia

Emily Mckenzie Crocosmia

While most of the crocosmia I have planted in my garden is nearly finished blooming, the smaller Emily Mckenzie crocosmia is in full bloom.  I’m happy that she has a prominent spot in the front garden, and that she occasionally turns a bloom upwards letting is all see her decorative colours.   The rest of the crocosmia is ready to be …

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Hardy Blue Passion Flower Vine

Hardy Blue Passion Flower

At the rental house before I bought my current home there was an alien-like passion flower vine that serpentined around the iron fence up front steps.  It was obviously old and established because it set of a profusion of flowers each year and produced many egg-shaped little orange fruits.  I never tasted one for fear of the unknown but I did enjoy …

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Euphorbia Large

The Aliens Have Bloomed: Euphorbia

I like to post flora on Fridays that are blooming in my area so a few weeks ago when I was touring the Olympic fun I noticed that skunky smell which could only mean the Euphorbia is in bloom. Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii, or Wood Spurge, is the most common of the Euphorbia found in Vancouver although there are so many other …

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Bergenia Blooms With Red Stem

Flora Friday: Bergenia

I think Bergenia is a great border or edging plant on the West Coast because this fast growing perennial’s elephant ear-shaped leaves often turn a dark burgundy colour over winter and send out these lovely pink blooms in the late winter / early spring.  Bergenia is quick to fill in a forgotten corner of the garden or adds low maintenance …

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