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Garlic Spinach Butter

Garlicky Spinach and Kale Butter

Warning: this garlic bread made with spinach and kale butter is dangerously tasty! Gluten-haters don’t be afraid, you can easily make this gluten-free by swapping out the bread with your preferred brand. No matter what bread you choose, you can pack in the greens and make a new favorite side for dinner. I especially like to serve this mouth-watering garlic …

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Savoury Kale Scones

Savoury Kale Scones with Pumpkin & Cheese

Kale-evangelist, Sharon Hanna, is back again today to share a recipe from her book, The Book of Kale: The Easy-to-Grow Superfood 80+ Recipes (Harbour Publishing). You may never look at scones the same way again after trying these ones made with kale, pumpkin, and cheese! Whether you pronounce them “skawns” or “skownes” these are great in the morning, and leftovers are yummy with …

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Tuscan Kale With White Beans Roasted Garlic Small

Tuscan Kale with White Beans & Roasted Garlic

Hold onto your hats kale lovers, we have the First Lady of Kale, Sharon Hanna, here today to share a recipe from her book: The Book of Kale: The Easy-to-Grow Superfood 80+ Recipes (Harbour Publishing). Tuscan Kale with White Beans & Roasted Garlic Ingredients 8 cups (2 l) Tuscan kale, trimmed and cut in chiffonade 1½ cups (350 ml) cooked cannellini or …

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Halloween Planters And Rock Spider Sculptures

Halloween Planters

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate for, because you can have such a range of decorations from scary and creepy to completely adorable. I like to make special Halloween planters that feature purple and orange colors and surprising Halloween-themed accents, like broomsticks and zombie hands. For the Halloween weekend project we put together a variety of festive planters, complete …

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Tomato Basil On Olive Bread

Harvest Monday: The First Tomatoes

This week the first slicer tomatoes ripened suddenly.  I grow these Siletz organic seeds because they are dependably early on the coast and will withstand cooler temperatures so they can be set out in April.  They are nice tidy shrubs with about 8-12 large tomatoes each ripening right now, and hopefully a long and productive season ahead.  I have 3 …

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Kale For DinnerCustom

Kale Chips Recipe

So simple yet so addictive! Wash & remove thick stems from a bunch of kale. Drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil & sprinkle lightly w/Kosher salt.  Bake @ 350 degrees for 10 min until crispy.

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