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Theres No Moosetaking My Love For You DIY Seed Paper Valentine

Valentines That Grow!

Now here is a gift that sprouts up beautiful flowers or yummy veggies when planted, homemade seed paper Valentines! This DIY project requires no special equipment and recycles paper into something much more attractive—pressed handmade paper with embedded seeds. The paper can be cut out in any share you want, but for this project I’ve turned seed paper into woodland critters that …

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Holiday Gift Tags made from recycled Christmas cards

Recycling Cards into Gift Tags

If you are still busy working on the last Weekend Project, 20 Crafty Recycling Projects You Can Make With Your Christmas Tree, you will be happy to see this quick and easy project for this week, recycling Christmas cards into gift tags. It’s simple, reduces waste, and is a great way to save the thoughtful holiday cards you were lucky enough to receive.

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