Creamy  Earl Grey Infused Bergamot Soap Recipe

Why Does  Earl Grey Smell So Good?

What you’re smelling is primarily bergamot oil! It’s slightly citrusy and floral, two very popular scents for the nose.

Is Bergamot Good for Skin?

Full of antioxidants, bergamot fights against premature aging.  The antibacterial properties also make it work as a natural cleanser to unclog pores and balance sebum (your skin’s natural oils). And, it helps with scarring!

What Do You Need To Make This Soap?

– Olive oil – Coconut oil – Sunflower oil – Grapeseed oil – Shea butter – Earl Grey tea bags – Dried lavender buds – Lye – Water – Bergamot essential oil – Lavender essential oil – Benzoin resin – Purple mica – Butterfly pea flowers (to top) – Lavender buds (to top)

How Do You Make This Soap?

1. Reheat oils until melted. 2. Stir together lye and water. Cool in ice bath. 3. Combine lye and oils. Mix with immersion blender. 4. Add oils and resin. 5. Pour mixture into soap mold. 6. Add toppings such as lavender. 7. Let soap rest for 2 days. Cut, then let harden for about 6 weeks.

Creamy Earl Grey Infused Bergamot Soap Recipe

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