How To Care For An Aloe Plant

What are some uses of Aloe?

People use aloe vera most as a skin-healing plant. It’s anti-bacterial and antiseptic, killing bacteria and fungi to clean cuts and wounds. The pH level of the plant matches our skin to help cleanse it. For this very reason, I used it in one of my hand soap recipes. Some even use aloe vera as a laxative and digestion aid. And boy, does it work well! Be careful as it can get too effective at times and cause intestinal cramping and griping.

What are the types of Aloe plants?

Every type of aloe will have some different care requirements, but for the most part, they all are low-maintenance beauties. Here are some of the most popular types of aloe you might encounter: - Aloe barbadensis - Aloe cameronii - Aloe aristata - Aloe polphylla - Aloe maculata

What type of light do Aloe plants prefer?

Treat your indoor aloe vera plant like any other indoor succulent or cactus. The main difference in care is that aloe vera tends to be more tolerant of low light. It likes bright indirect light. Too much direct light can make the leaves dry out and turn yellow. Instead, keep it in a sunny room away from the window and glass.

What type of soil do Aloe plants prefer?

Aloe vera plants enjoy well-draining soil made of equal parts potting soil and sand. When the soil stays moist all the time, it can lead to root rot which can be identified by brown or limp leaves.

How often should you water Aloe plants?

To avoid root tot, don’t ever let the aloe vera sit in a saucer of water. Water every couple of weeks. When watering, give it a thorough drink and then let it dry out completely before watering it again.

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