How To Grow Lilacs

What Are The Varieties Of Lilacs?

For those looking for variety, lilacs have your back. There are anywhere between 25 and 28 species of lilac, and they have extensively crossbred into dozens more.  So much so that horticulturists and gardeners have trouble telling the different lilac plants apart! Some popular varieties are: Syringa Vulgaris Syringa Persica Syringa Chinensis Syringa Palebinina Syringa Amurensis

Where To Plant Lilacs

Let your lilac bask in the sun and it will be happy! Lilac plants prefer full sun and need at least 6 hours of it a day to grow well. When choosing a place to plant your lilac, make sure it is somewhere with enough sun.

When To Plant Lilacs

The best time to plant lilacs is in the fall after the leaves have fallen, but before the ground freezes. You can plant in the spring, but this is only recommended if the winters are very severe. Planting in the fall gives the shrub a greater chance of survival because the roots have a head start in spring.

How To Cut Lilacs

If you’re growing lilacs, you must bring some into the house. That’s a command! They make for such great cut flowers, filling the home with their famous fragrance and pretty pastel tones.

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