How To Grow Viola, Pansy and Violet Flowers

Are Pansies the Same As Violets?

Pansies belong to the violet family, Violaceae.  Pansies typically refer to the large-bloomed flowers you would get at the garden centre. While violets can mean the whole family of Violaceae, violets often refer to a much smaller flower native to the area used in woodland gardens.

Is a Viola a Violet?

Violas are part of the violet family, Violaceae.  The genus Viola consists of more than 600 plants in the violet family. Most violas, pansies, and perennial violets belong to the genus Viola.

What Are the Different Types of Violets?

Violets most commonly refer to the native plants found throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Two of the most popular types of violets include the sweet violet (Viola odorata) and the common blue violet (Viola sororia).

Planting Pansies

ou can plant them in either spring or fall depending on when you want blooms. For spring and early summer blooms, plant the pansies in late winter as soon as the ground is workable six inches apart.  Cool lovers, they can withstand a frost so don’t be scared to plant them early.

Caring for Pansy Flowers

Like most plants, pansies do well in well-draining and fertile soil. However, they’re fairly hardy and will withstand most soil conditions.

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