How To Make a Garden Map

What Is A Garden Map

The garden map is a great tool to help you fully plan out your garden to maximize its space and get the best possible vegetable harvest.

Why Should I Use a Garden Map?

It will help you determine how many seeds and plants you will need and where you should plant each of them.

Step 1: Map Out Your Garden Space

Measure your vegetable garden and draw a garden map to scale 1″ representing 1′ in the garden.  Draw in any obstacles that you will have to contend with like posts, irrigation heads, or other structures you need to work within the garden.

Step 2: Create Your Wish List

Grab some seed catalogs and write down all of the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you want to grow.

Step 3: Add Plants To Your Garden Map

Using a pencil, write down where all your plants are going to go! Keep track of any changes, and save the map for the next year.

How To Make A Garden Map

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