How To Make A Little Seed Library

What is a Seed Library?

Much like Little Free Libraries, seed libraries are tiny places throughout the community where people can find free items.  Inside, local members of the community share seeds either purchased in excess or gathered from seeds in their own garden.  You can also find easily accessible seedlings, plants, cuttings, and seed-starting supplies all for free.

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How to Find a Seed Library Near Me

A great place to start is actually by searching for a Little Free Library. These tend to be easier to find and are even listed on Google Maps sometimes.  Some have accompanying seed libraries or may have seeds and other free items in addition to books.

How to Make Your Own Seed Library

Step 1: BUILD! Since the structure will be outside, you need to make sure it stays nice and dry inside and can withstand the elements. A weatherproof, sloped roof will ensure that water runs off rather than in. Outdoor paint protects the walls as well. You also want to make sure the door to where the seeds are kept is able to shut securely.

How to Make Your Own Seed Library

Step 2: STOCK! Once the structure is ready, it’s time to fill it full of seeds. When first starting, you can reach out to local seed companies for stock that they will need to redistribute to the community before it expires.

How to Make Your Own Seed Library

Step 3: MANAGE AND EDUCATE! A person or a group needs to manage the seed library. Checking on it frequently ensures that there is no weather damage to the structure, the seeds haven’t expired, and can check whether there needs to be a call out for more materials.

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