How To Sprout Seeds Indoors

Can you eat sprouted seeds?

Growing sprouts lets you easily add a crunchy, rich flavour to salads, sandwiches, omelets, soups, and more. It’s easy and inexpensive to grow nutritious food all within your kitchen. That’s the beauty of sprouts!

What are Sprouts?

Sprouts are basically the beginning growth of a seed. When you keep the seeds moist, they sprout and create these lovely little plants. Remember, not only are they pretty, but they are packed with nutrition too.

What Equipment Do I Need for Sprouting?

To sprout seeds and stating growing food indoors on your countertop you can go way back-to-basics or high tech. The simplest is the Mason Jar Sprouting Method. A mason jar +  sprouting lid is all you need!

What is an automatic sprouter?

An automatic sprouter is a fun kitchen appliance that essentially farms sprouts for you on your kitchen table. You set it up with water in the bottom tray and seeds in the top tray, then let the sprinkler do the work throughout the day to keep the sprouts watered.

When Do I Harvest Sprouts?

Harvest time is usually just a mere 3-6 days after you plant your seeds. It really is that quick! Look for leafy green sprouts that dropped their hulls. They are at their peak when the leaf develops a cleft or divides in two.

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