The Everything Guide To Watering Houseplants

How to Tell if Your Houseplants Need Water

Plant leaves are quick to get droopy, yellow, crisp, and eventually fall off when they need water. The best way to test your plant’s moisture is by touching the soil. If the soil is still moist or damp at all, leave it!

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How to Water Your Houseplants

1. Give your plants a bath! Bring them directly to the sink and water them in there. 2. Ensure there is proper drainage. The last thing you want to do is drown your plant! 3. Choose Terracotta pots These pots are great at absorbing extra moisture.

Types of Water to Use for Houseplants

Softened tap water can have too many salts in it that build up in the soil over time.  Meanwhile, rainwater could have some extra nitrates hiding inside it. TIP: Fill up your watering can for next time directly after watering your plants. After sitting out for 24 hours, the water dechlorinates and becomes room temperature…plants’ water of choice!

The Everything Guide To Watering Houseplants

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