What’s Your Favourite Season?

I’m pretty freaking excited that it’s so warm here and everything is growing (sorry to those who are still under snow or that terrible Cali rain).  I feel all the excitement of a new gardening year ahead.  But when asked about my favourite season, I wasn’t sure I could choose.  

Perhaps early spring is my favourite.  The excitement of season’s change, the new growth, the possibilities.  Each seed carries enough energy in it to burst into a new plant and it feels like that energy is rumbling beneath the earth ready to explode into eggplants and coneflowers and sage. 

Then again in late spring it’s a joy to have so much lettuce that I’m forced to eat a 10:30 salad daily, and drop off bags of spring greens on the doorsteps of neighbours. 

In early summer it’s wonderful to get my big seedlings out to their forever homes in the garden beds while the lush green foliage of perennials are filling up every corner of the garden. 

And then in mid summer there’s the wonderful days spent resting in the hammock chair under my deck while the bees and plants do all the hard work to fruit and flower. 

In late summer there are the new recipes I’m forced to create to use the masses of veggies that are ripe to be picked. 

In fall there is the sound of canning lids popping in a chorus that sings about the freshness captured in each jar to be enjoyed in the colder months. 

And in winter rest in the garden gives way to bustling emotions around family and change. 

I can’t choose.  I love them all.  So what is your favourite season?  I’d love to know.

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  1. JLC
    JLCJanuary 28,10

    In the Pac. NW I would have to say late Summer and early Fall. Fall is the time when I plant new shrubs and trees, the apples and pears are ripening, the trees are vibrant colors, the sun is out but the weather is cool. Perfect.

    • Stevie
      StevieJanuary 28,10

      Beautiful description! Such a shame that it’s still a lot of month until we get there.

  2. melanie watts
    melanie wattsJanuary 28,10

    Spring. After far too many black and white months, it is a thrill, to see the first green shoot of a crocus or species tulip, poking out from underneath the melting ice cap. Spring only lasts a week or two before we are into summer so I have to treasure it.

  3. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 29,10

    Lovely Melanie! Your photos of your home in the snow are so beautiful right now – I do love a good log home in the North.

  4. Velva
    VelvaJanuary 30,10

    I would love to be your neighbor…..Bags of Spring Greens would be just divine.

    I would have to say that Spring is my favorite season or maybe late Fall. Living in North Florida, there is only a mild change of seasons. In Early Spring and late Fall the temperatures are very mild during the day and cool at night.

    Great post.

  5. rebecca sweet
    rebecca sweetJanuary 31,10

    I’d have to say Spring is my favorite season…when your whole body is just filled with the excitement of what’s to come…sometimes it just overtakes my entire being, filling me with ‘life’…similar to that feeling of your ‘first crush’ waaaay back when…when you feel anything is possible. But when Summer hits, or Fall, or Winter, I always seem to think THOSE are my favorite seasons. But right now? Definitely Spring….

  6. Kat
    KatJanuary 31,10

    I would have to say I am split between two seasons. I love the end of summer to early fall. End of summer always reminds me of going back to school which makes me want to buy new paper, journals, pens and even crayons. It feels more like a new beginning than January does. I love early fall around the time I notice the first shift in the afternoon breeze, the slightly longer shadows and the ducks and geese becoming restless around the lake. I start to crave sweaters and yarn for knitting as if I’m preparing for the winter away from the garden.

  7. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 31,10

    Velva – I’d definitely give you greens if only you weren’t a continent away in another country!

    Rebecca – I couldn’t have said it better! I vibrate in spring I’m so freakin’ excited.

    Kat – you are a poet. Such a romantic answer. Thanks for sharing.

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