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Where My Eggs Come From

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  1. Robin
    RobinNovember 17,10

    Lucky you!!

  2. Lori E
    Lori ENovember 17,10

    The farm fresh eggs just fly (lol) off out of the Farmer’s Market in the summer. Everyone wants those free range beauties.

  3. Kat White
    Kat WhiteNovember 17,10

    Why those chickens might even have names. Imagine that.

  4. Stevie
    StevieNovember 17,10

    It makes me feel so good that I buy eggs from a farm like that. I organized a neighbourhood delivery and about 8-10 houses now get them in my area. The chickens roam and eat bugs, drink from a stream, and have a nice life. The eggs are all different colours – some brown, tan, beige, green, blue. It’s a wonderful thing.

  5. Auntie E
    Auntie ENovember 17,10

    Oh I wants some of those eggs. I think the free range hens eggs are the best!

  6. Lauren @ Hobo Mama
    Lauren @ Hobo MamaNovember 17,10

    That is awesome! So fun to see chickens roaming around. I keep hoping someday we’ll live on a little land where we can raise our own hens.

  7. Laura
    LauraNovember 17,10

    Love it! We get farm eggs to. They just taste better. Also it lead me to have green eggs and ham the other day ;)

  8. Heather
    HeatherNovember 18,10


  9. Gardenmom
    GardenmomNovember 18,10

    Look at all those lovely ladies! I will have some next year I hope.

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