Steveston Village Fishing Boat Bedlam

Wild Seafood Festival in Steveston: Sablefish, Sardines and Sockeye

This past Saturday I attended the Wild Seafood Festival in Steveston Villiage.  Salmon has been recently making headlines as the 2010 Sockeye run is the best it has been in 100 years, and that’s after many years on the decline.  The fishing boats down at the docks were almost completely hidden behind the hoards of clamouring people trying to catch some fresh fish off the boats.


My first instict was to run back to my car and get the hell out of the craziness but the energy in the air was so intoxicating that I took the bait.  I cued into the school of people who were all lured down to the docks, lined up, and hooked with some pretty fantastic bargains.  I walked away an hour later with some of BC’s finest wild seafood: sablefish, sardines and sockeye.

Feel like a outcast since you didn’t get to go on this wild adventure?  Well the “festival” part of this event was a couple of booths set up near the cannery, which were lovely but you didn’t miss much.  The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site is open every day February to December and the fishing boats are still reeling in fresh fish and selling it off the docks daily.  I think the only thing you will have missed, was tackling the crowds and long lines.

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  1. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceSeptember 3,10

    Crazy crowds! We love seafood though and my husband’s favorite is Salmon. Nothing better than a fresh wild caught Salmon! Have a great weekend Stevie :)

  2. Wendy
    WendySeptember 3,10

    wow, I guess that would be pretty cool to have some extremely fresh fish.

  3. Diana
    DianaSeptember 3,10

    Sounds like fun buying fish from the docks. The atmosphere can be very contagious aren’t they.Love seafood very much.

  4. Kristin
    KristinSeptember 4,10

    I have getting to Steveston on my list. Time to stock up the freezer for winter. I hope the crowds are not as bad during the week. Fresh off the boat is the only way to buy them.

  5. Laura
    LauraSeptember 5,10

    I’ve been to this before. Mostly just for wandering around sake. I’m not fish inclined. That’s not to say everyone else in my house isn’t ;)

  1. Wild Caught Sockeye09-12-10

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