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Make it a Handmade Holiday and Win $200 in PayPal Cash!

I vowed to make this a handmade holiday again this year. I plan to make all of my gifts, or support artisan shops who sell handmade goods. It’s pretty simple given how many fabulous things there are on Etsy and at local craft shows, plus as you know I love to make gifts.

It doesn’t mean, however, that this is a cost saving strategy. It can be if you buy your supplies in bulk or have sourced out some great deals. But in many cases handmade goods are more expensive than mass-produced-in-China stuff. Or mass produced anywhere really, you get the drift. Handmade can mean quality materials purchased locally and loads of time (and love) going into each piece. This makes them perfect gifts, a little craft therapy for you and bundles of thoughtfulness for your giftees.

To get you started, check out this list of 15 Gifts You Should Make this Year full of all natural bath and body products, foodstuffs, and home decor ideas.15 Gifts You Should Make This Year #handmade #holiday

Now check out how you can win $200 in PayPal cash for your supplies! Together with some of my favourite blogger friends, we have created the All I Want for Christmas Giveaway:

$200 Paypal Giveaway! Enter at www.gardentherapy.ca #giveaway #cash

$200 PayPal Giveaway
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  1. Maryanne
    MaryanneDecember 1,13

    I try to make handmade gifts for my nieces and nephews. Working on the plans now. Lobe this time of the year!

  2. Lanie Pregoner
    Lanie PregonerDecember 1,13

    I’ll use it to buy presents for my loved ones this coming christmas :)

  3. San
    SanDecember 2,13

    I’ll buy Christmas presents for my family.

  4. jen
    jenDecember 2,13

    We are making all of our teacher gifts this year and Etsy has come through for many gifts as always :)

  5. lesley
    lesleyDecember 2,13

    i would be able to buy something for my husband for christmas this year….we don’t usually have the money to exchange gifts with each other and normally don’t.

  6. Kelly M
    Kelly MDecember 2,13

    I would buy Xmas gifts for 5 of my friends. Handmade items of course !

  7. ikkinlala
    ikkinlalaDecember 2,13

    I’d buy yarn. It’s a gift for me when I buy it, and a gift for someone else when I finish a project.

  8. Lee Liet
    Lee LietDecember 2,13

    i will pay some bills, buy some X’mas gifts for my family and friends, then donate the rest to charity

  9. Kelly Qwek
    Kelly QwekDecember 4,13

    i will use it to buy a new bookcase, pay off bills and treat my family and friends to a nice meal together

  10. Shira Nakdimon
    Shira NakdimonDecember 4,13

    I LUV making gifts on holidays. Its personal, creative, inspiring and unique.

  11. Colleen
    ColleenDecember 4,13

    Buy lots of supply to make some salve for my family as their gifts this Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  12. Suzi
    SuziDecember 5,13

    I will be doing a homemade Christmas out of necessity (unemployed for 6 months). I find I am looking forward to being really creative at using only items I already have on hand. $200 would go a long way to buying some nice interview clothes. I have been in the tech field so long, I only have mostly casual to very casual clothes and sandals.

  13. Linda aka Crafty Gardener
    Linda aka Crafty GardenerDecember 7,13

    I love handmade gifts … both to give and receive. I would spend the $200 on things for the garden … more plants or more decorations or more bird feeders …

  14. Deborah
    DeborahDecember 7,13

    The options are endless with a paypal bonus like this, just having it available to use would be a gift in itself. So often I find ideas that I would love to act on but are unable due to lack of funds for pleasure. I love crafting, all things outdoors, gardening, learning new skills, homemade goodness and simple things. Our farm could use some sprucing up and I would probably start with it. That way it would be a daily pleasure lifter.

  15. Meriel Read
    Meriel ReadDecember 7,13

    I would use it toward some beautiful displays for our air plants – for Christmas gifts for our friends and family!

  16. Susan Bowers
    Susan BowersDecember 7,13

    I could buy some pretty material and make my grandchildern some quilts.

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