Halloween Planters And Rock Spider Sculptures

Halloween Planters

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate for, because you can have such a range of decorations from scary and creepy to completely adorable. I like to make special Halloween planters that feature purple and orange colors and surprising Halloween-themed accents, like broomsticks and zombie hands. For the Halloween weekend project we put together a variety of festive planters, complete with bright colors and spooky touches.

We designed our planters with a color scheme of purple, white, and orange plants along with various spooky additions that are nods to the holiday season.  The supply list can vary depending on what you have or can find. 

Organic materials showcased in the four photos are ornamental kale, Filius Blue hot pepper, heuchera, aster, crocosmia seed heads, Cinderella pumpkin, warty pumpkin, artists gourds, butternut squash, and buttercup squash.

Other items you’ll see are a witch’s broom, rubber hand, “Boo” sign, rubber bats, and DIY rock spiders.  Most of what we added was readily available in any store carrying Halloween décor.  When the holiday is over, we plan to take the kitsch out and leave the gorgeous planters for some festive fall color.

For more Halloween decorating ideas check out our Halloween Hop Wreath and Jack-o-Planterns.  Have a wonderful and festive Halloween; may it include some garden therapy.

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  1. Priscilla
    PriscillaOctober 28,11

    Great Halloween planters! The hand inside the planter looks spooky!

  2. Andrew Ablenas
    Andrew AblenasOctober 28,11

    Fun. I like that the decorations are a part of the plant display as opposed to simply overwhelming it.

  3. Elise Stigliano
    Elise StiglianoOctober 28,11

    The are all very clever and elegant, but I like the broom arrangement best.

  4. Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand
    Annie Haven | Authentic Haven BrandOctober 31,11

    Great Fall festive garden container planting shares that Move from Halloween to Thanksgiving

  5. Dan
    DanOctober 31,11

    Love the planters, nice work!

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