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DIY Stepping Stones with Leaf Imprints

These DIY stepping stones are a quick project that involve just minutes of hands on creating time! You'll love seeing these pretty concrete stepping stones every time you are out in your garden.


  • Wheelbarrow or bucket for mixing concrete



  • Use the foam brush to spread the┬ávegetable oil around the inside of the container and on the vein side of the leaf.
  • Mix repair concrete (concrete without large pieces of gravel) as per the instructions on the bag using the wheelbarrow, trowel, and rubber gloves.
  • Pour the concrete into the molds and press the leaves, vein-side down, onto the concrete.
  • Weigh the leaves down with rocks or stones and allow to set for 24 hours.
  • Cure as per the instructions on the concrete package and then unmold your stepping stones and place around the garden.