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Healing Cuticle Balm

Refresh and heal your fingers with this all-natural healing cuticle balm.


  • Double boiler or Turkish coffee pot
  • Small spatula or metal spoon
  • 5 small metal tins or lip balm pots


  • Make a batch of calendula and chamomile infused coconut oil using this recipe.
  • Melt the mango butter, oils, and beeswax in the double boiler or on the stove using a Turkish coffee pot. Stir constantly so the ingredients just melt, but don’t cook.
  • Remove from heat, add essential oils, and blend well.
  • Pour into pots or tins and leave untouched to set. If you are using this as a cuticle balm, small lip balm pots are best. Otherwise, use two larger size pots/tins and use it as a hand salve.