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DIY Hand Cream

If your hands are dry and dull from an increase in washing or dry weather, make this healing DIY hand cream! It's absorbent and non-greasy.


  • Double boiler
  • 2 heatproof containers
  • Kitchen scale


Aqueous Phase Ingredients

Cool Phase Ingredients


  • Clean and sanitize your workstation and all equipment.
  • Measure your oil ingredients with a kitchen scale and pour them into a heatproof container
  • Measure your water ingredients using a scale. Then pour in to a separate heatproof container.
  • Use a double boiler to heat both the oil ingredient container and the water one to 160 degrees. Keep it at that temperature for 20 minutes to kill off any bacteria.
  • Pour the oil ingredients into a mixing bowl, then add the water ingredients. Combine them together with a hand mixer.
  • Continue mixing until they heat up and cool down to 80 degrees. Once it's at 80 degrees, add in the cool phase ingredients.
  • Use the mixer to whip it up until it's fully mixed. It should be thick, but not as fluffy as lotion. Scoop the hand cream into small jars and use within 3 months.