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DIY Wind Chimes With Terracotta Pots

This simple DIY wind chime made with terracotta pots will turn your garden into a musical symphony of sounds! Here's how to make one of your onw.



  • Go to your local craft or garden store and look for terracotta pots the vary in size.
  • Choose a strong cord that can be used in an outdoor setting.
  • Begin assembling the wind chime by cutting the length of cord that will complement the length of the wind chime when it is completed.
  • Thread the cord through the charm, slide it to the middle of the cord, and collect both ends together. 
  • Add both ends of the cord through a large bead told the charm in place.
  • Wrap a piece of tape around the ends of the cord to make them easier to thread through the bead if necessary.
  • Tie a knot just above the wooden bead, loosely, and measure where the bottom terracotta pot will sit. 
  • Put both ends of the cord through the hole in the bottom or the smallest terracotta pot and hold up the cord to see how it hangs.
  • Thread both ends of the cord through another wooden bead and tie a knot where you want the top of the second largest terracotta pot to sit. 
  • Continue adding clay pots and beads and tying knots until you have reached the top of your wind chime.
  • Finish off by tying a knot to create a loop at the top of the two pieces of cord where you would like to hang the wind chime. Trim off the ends of the cord.
  • Hang your terra cotta wind chime on a shepherd’s hook or from a tree and wait for a nice breeze to come along and start the music.