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These botanical soap bars are decorated with flowers, herbs, and leaves found in the garden. See the step-by-step instructions for how to make them at home.
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DIY Botanical Soap Bars

Preserve your garden's bounty in a clear soap bar! These botanical soap bars are a work of art with flowers, leaves, and herbs.


  • Microwave¬†or double boiler
  • 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup
  • Oval silicone soap/cupcake mold



  • Gather your botanicals. Make sure they are small enough to fit into the soap mold.
  • Cut your clear soap base into 1" cubes, then place them all into the glass measuring cup. Use the microwave or the double boiler to melt the cubes, making sure to stir frequently.
  • Remove the soap from heat before it begins to steam. Then add your essential oils to the soap and stir again.
  • Pour half of the soap into the mold. Next, layer your botanicals into the soap. Let them set for a few minutes, then top off the rest of the mold with melted soap.
  • If you notice any bubbles on the top of the soap, use a metal spoon to skim them off. Then allow them to dry fully.
  • Unmold and enjoy!