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Homemade Pressed Lavender Candles

Relax and use botanicals safely with these DIY lavender candles made with real pressed lavender. Makes one 16 oz (450g) candle.




  • Harvest and press lavender flowers for 1 week. Include the leaves and only harvest thin green stems (no older woody stems). Cut the lavender stems to sit 1" below the top of the jar.
  • Use the kitchen scale to weigh your wax. Weigh your lavender essential oil and set it aside.
  • Melt your wax over a double boiler. Did the pressed lavender in the wax and work quickly to press it against the side of the jar. Use a craft paintbrush to help hold it in place and paint additional wax over the flowers. Ensure each stem is pressed firmly against the side of the jar.
  • Once dry, attach your wick to the bottom of the jar with glue or wax adhesive. Use a chopstick or clothespin to hold it up.
  • Add the essential oils. Refer to your wax instructions to see what temperature to add the oils (typically around 160°F). Mix well.
  • Pour the wax into the jars. Wrap a towel around the candles and let it sit undisturbed to cool. When set, trim the wicks to 1/4" above the wax.