How to Practice Regenerative Gardening

What Is Regenerative Gardening?

Rooted in the principles of permaculture, a regenerative garden brings your garden back to the way that nature intended it.  It’s a style of managing your garden so that it thrives in its own natural ecosystem…even when events like forest fires take place.

Projects for Regenerative Gardening

– How to Amend Soil with Green Manures – Sheet Mulching – Olla Water Catchment System – Build a Wicking Bed – How to Reclaim Weedy Soil – Planting a Guild – The Art of Espalier

What is an Example of a Regenerative Practice?

A regenerative garden does not need to be wild and unmanicured. You can implement the concept and systems into a modern-day garden. You work on building a good soil base, choosing biodiverse plants, caching and storing water, working within your microclimate, reusing waste, and connecting with your community.

How To Practice Regenerative Gardening

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