DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray

Is Isopropyl Alcohol Safe?

According to the Skin Deep database, it has a safety rating of 2, meaning it is generally a safe ingredient, but it is noted that it can cause skin irritation.  Using it on your hands will certainly cause dryness and extended use could cause dermatitis rashes and cracking.

Where To Find Alcohol For Sanitizer

Try checking convenience stores, medical supply shops, or even a drug store.  You can also ask a grocery store or any other shop when their next shipment of alcohol will be in.

What You Need To Make  Hand Sanitizer

75ml Isopropyl alcohol 99%10 ml Witch hazel or Lavender Hydrosol15 ml Aloe Vera gel4 drops each of sweet orange, lavender, and tea tree essential oil

How To Make  Hand Sanitizer

1. Add all ingredients to a bottle. 2. Screw the lid back on and shake, shake, shake until well combined.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray

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