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Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun: THE Idea Book for Creative Melt and Pour Soap Projects

It’s the feeling of giddiness you get when you are doing something you love; the smile you can’t keep off your face. You might even sing or hum from bliss. That is how I feel when making soap. It’s good clean fun.How to make beautiful handmade embossed soap

I have been making all of my own cold process soap and natural beauty products for many years now. I love coming up with new scent and color ideas for the various projects. Playing with recipes is as much the experience for me as using or giving away the end product. In fact, it’s more of why I want to make soap. And that is why melt and pour soap projects are so appealing.

It’s the enjoyment of the craft that gets me giddy, not the end product. And while it is lovely to have a stash of handmade gifts on hand, making soap gives me so much more than just a checkmark on my gift list.

Melt and pour soap takes away the complicated steps from making soap at home with fat and lye, and allows you to craft up a range of creative soap projects with great ease. It’s as easy as melting premade soap base and pouring it into molds. If you can use a knife, spoon, and microwave, you can make gorgeous soap at home!

Don’t believe me? Then check out this video and see how incredibly easy it is to make beautiful soap.


And I have a whole book of the projects for you!good-clean-fun-book-cover
Good Clean Fun is filled with super simple techniques for crafting artisan soaps at home. You’ll learn how to use botanicals, essential oils, and even wild animals to spice up your soap, giving you finished projects that don’t look nearly as easy to make as they are.
Good Clean Fun teaches you the basics of making melt and pour soap then shows a variety of soap-making techniques in the project chapters. Follow the recipes to get gorgeous-looking soap with ease. Or use techniques like submersion, stamping, and swirling to customize your own unique soap projects. DIY instructions for making a soap cutting box is also included.
  • Lavender Oatmeal Soap Cupcakes
  • Seashell Guest Soaps
  • Garden Flowers Soap
  • Rose Petal Soap
  • Winter Forest Swirl Soap
  • Triple Layer Soap
  • Ombre Soap
  • Sea Sponge Soap
  • Rosemary Lemon Stars and Bars (Soap-on-a Rope)
  • Honeycomb Soap
  • Botanical Soap
  • Wildly Fun Animal Soaps
  • Rub-a-Dub Duckie Soap
  • Decorative Stamped Soap
  • DIY Soap Cutting Box

soap-projects-chaptersThis eBook is delivered as a digital download PDF that you can read on computer, mobile, or tablet. You can even print it if you wish to have a hard copy.

Beautiful handcrafted soaps are just a melt and pour away! Get Good Clean Fun here.