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I'm Stephanie Rose. I started gardening as a way to heal from a debilitating illness and it changed everything: the food I eat, the products I use on my body, and, most importantly, how I live.

Now, I'm on a mission to help you live a better life through plants.

Here you will find garden projects and recipes that break down barriers and allow anyone to develop a love for plants, no matter their ability, knowledge, or garden size (or lack of one). Browse through our projects and you will surely find ideas that will inspire you to get dirty, try a project, and get your garden therapy!

Let's Dig in!

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Join students from around the world in the Botanical Beauty Holiday Gifts Online Workshop.

Learn to use plant-based ingredients to make herbal bath salts, tub teas, lotion bars, bath melts, and floral bath bombs for yourself or as homemade gifts. This workshop is self-paced and easily accessed from the comfort of your own home.

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What’s in Season

Just as produce tastes best when it’s growing fresh and local, gardening and craft ideas are better when they are in season!

Keep up to date with creative gardening projects, DIYs, garden tips, growing guides, plant-based beauty recipes, food, and crafts related to the garden. Whether you are looking for seasonal gardening and recipes or garden-inspired crafts and decor, we have it all handpicked for you.

Here is what is blooming right now on Garden Therapy: