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Podcasts & Radio Interviews

The Importance of Regenerative Gardening on Into the Garden With Leslie Listen here

Accessibility in the Garden on The Gardening With Joey and Holly Radio Show Listen here

The Fundamentals of Regenerative Gardening on Master My Garden Podcast Listen and watch here

Regenerative Gardening on Down the Garden Path Podcast Listen here

Healing Through Gardening on The Joe Gardener Show Listen here

Regenerative Garden Projects on Gardenerd Podcast Listen here

Regenerative Gardening and Permaculture Community Principles on The Permaculture Podcast Listen here

Food Garden Life Show with Steven and Emma Biggs Listen here

My Passion for Gardening on Decorating Tips & Tricks Podcast Listen here

Botanical Infusions and DIY Recipes on The Grow Guide Podcast Listen here

Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice Podcast


Creating Wildflower Seed Cards and Nature-Inspired Rock Art on Crayola Education Watch here

Regenerative Gardening on Big Blend Radio Watch here

DIY Soil Tests on Homestead Gardens Watch here

Make Floating Beeswax Candles on Leisure Arts Watch here

Make Double Chocolate Mint Lip Balm on Leisure Arts Watch here

All Things Soil on Grow! With Katie LIVE Watch here

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What is Willow Water? in Livingetc Read more

How to Make Metal Tags for Your Garden in Mother Earth News Read more

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Roses Look Better in Livingetc Read more

Yale Climate Connections / 12 Readings for Summer Home and Garden Projects Read more

Putting Permaculture Principles to Work in a Home Garden in Saltwire Read more

Regenerative Gardening Projects in HGTV Read more

The Regenerative Garden Q&A in Garden Culture Magazine Read more

DIY All-Purpose Soil Mix and DIY Pest Control Spray in HGTV Read more

Organic Gardening and Chamomile Tea in Earth Easy Interview Read more

The Chronicle Herald / GET GROWING: Niki Jabbour’s Picks for Best Gardening Books Read more

Gardener’s Path Garden Alchemy Review Read more

Budget Earth Garden Alchemy Review Read more

Magazine & Newspaper Features

Spring Planting and Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening in Vancouver Sun Read more

How Gardeners Ditch Emissions-Heavy Peat and Explore New Plant Soils in Canada’s National Observer Read more

Regenerative Growing in Vancouver Sun Read more

My Garden Tour in Canada’s Local Gardener Read more

Natural Housekeeping Ideas in Garden Gate Magazine Read more

Consult for Garden Design Vancouver Garden Day Trip Feature Read more

Consult for Garden Design Victoria Garden Day Trip Feature Read more

Get to Know the Gardener (Me!) in HGTV Creative Genius Read more

The Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening in the Vancouver Sun Read more


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