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European Chafer Beetle In Vancouver Up Close

Up Close with the European Chafer Beetle

Wondering what has been destroying lawns around BC? It’s the European Chafer Turf Pest or Chafer Beetle. This time of year these ugly suckers can be seen mating in the trees at dusk and each one can lay up to 50 eggs in the surrounding lawn.  Those eggs turn into grubs (ick) that feed on the roots of grass until they get ripped …

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Johnsons Blue Geranium

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for Junuary

Yes, that’s right, Junuary, aka cold like January in the month of June.  Well not quite as chilly as January temps but the daily cloud cover makes it FEEL colder (even though the weather guy says that we are just slightly below normal).   I’ll blame Junuary depression for not posting GBBD on the 15th this month.  Yes, in protest of the ugly weather and …

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Strawberries From Community Garden Plot

Don’t Call it a Comeback

There was much support, and some skepticism, but in the end I have an an abundance of perfect strawberries from my hanging strawberry planter project.  Pow!  These are knock-outs. I’m also harvesting many not-so-perfect ones from the community garden plot.  Or should I say perfect to me / only a mother can love / Don’t u call this a regular jam? …

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Pea Brush Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Peas

Keeping the Peas

Last January I went around the garden and poked in some pea seeds then promptly forgot about them.  In February they sprouted.  In March and April they looked sad and spindly but I continued to ignore them as I didn’t have anything to plant in those spots anyhow.  Then in May they got big and leafy and became unruly masses of pea …

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