Q1. What zone do you garden in?
All of the projects are done in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which can be somewhere between zone 7-8.

Q2. Do you have a huge garden?
No. The Garden Therapy gardens are on a standard size city lot in East Vancouver. It’s amazing what you can do with a small space!

Q3. Do you accept guest writers?
Yes, we do accept guest posts!

The only posts that we accept are DIY garden related projects, crafts, or recipes supported by great photos. With all guest bloggers we ask that you provide original content exclusive to Garden Therapy. All posts are reviewed prior to being scheduled and if we like what we see, we will add you to the calendar! We are happy to link back to your blog or non-commercial website, but any corporate links are subject to media and sponsorship rates.

Please have a look through the content currently on Garden Therapy and email [email protected] if you have a guest post that you think will fit.

Q4. Can I send you my book or product to review?
Our readers love projects and recipes so if you have a book or product that you think they would love, the best bet is to submit it as a guest post. If you would like a customized project or recipe to be made with your product, please email [email protected] with the product details and if it is a fit we will send you our media kit.
Please note that Garden Therapy supports natural living and organic gardening practices. We will never support chemical garden treatment of any kind.

Q5. Where can I buy…(insert product or supply in question here).
Product and supply links are listed in the projects in many cases, but if we forgot to add a link send us a reminder by email or leave a comment on the post and we will add it for you. In some cases helpful readers have also left suggestions on where to find things so read through the comments section as well.

Q6. I don’t have time to make (insert name of project here) can I buy one from you?
Many of the items I make for my own use or in small batches but I will occasionally attend a craft show or put extras in my Etsy shop. Sign up for the Garden Therapy Newsletter to get announcements on the Etsy shop and upcoming craft shows.

Q7. Can I hire you as a speaker for my event?
Yes! I do seminars and workshops for Garden Clubs, Master Gardeners, Garden Shows, and Home/ DIY Shows. Email [email protected] with your event details for more information.

Q8. Can I share a Garden Therapy project / recipe on my website / newsletter?
Yes, you can absolutely share one photo as long as you link back to the original project or recipe and credit Garden Therapy (please do not edit or alter the photo in any way, including removing the watermark or adding titles). You may write up your own intro to the project (please don’t copy what we have written) as long as you are not sharing the recipe or DIY instructions. Please read the post carefully as some of the projects on Garden Therapy are submitted by guest writers who you will want to credit as well. If you would like to publish a project or would like to request a custom project, complete with DIY instructions and high res photos, please email [email protected] as I would be happy to discuss writing one for you!

Q9. Will you trade links with my site or can I purchase links on your site.
No. We do have some sponsor and advertising opportunities for products that I use and love. If you are interested in receiving our media kit, please email [email protected]

Q10. Why do you have ads on your site?
Thanks to our sponsors and advertising we are able to create, photograph, and share hundreds of DIY projects and recipes on this site. We are grateful that these ads provide some revenue to create and maintain the site.

Garden Therapy also earns a small commission from Amazon Associates if you end up buying something there from one of the links on this site.We don’t just randomly link to a boatload of products, but instead use Amazon as a source to show the products and supplies needed for the projects.

Q11. This is not really a question but… I tried your project and it was really fun!
Hey, thanks!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to share photos and your experiences or modifications to the project. Would you be kind enough to email [email protected]? It would make my day.