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Spotted Rhubarb And Leeks At The Farmers Market Medium

Spotted: Rhubarb and Leeks at the Market

The Farmer’s Markets are opening again for the year and that means lots and lots of rhubarb and leeks. While many gardeners have more of their fair share of these prolific growers, it’s a great indicator of what is to come: a season a fresh fruit and veg. We missed you and are happy to see you back at the …

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Raised Bed Planter

Spotted: Raised Bed Planter, Literally

This raised bed planter is literally a raised bed. Spotted at GardenWorks on Lougheed in Burnaby, BC, they use this planter to showcase the show-stopping plants in bloom. The display changes all the time so it’s worth a visit. I can imagine this as a standout veggie garden in a funky yard.  

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Moss Baskets Medium

Spotted: Moss Moss Everywhere

Is it just me or does moss seem to be everywhere? I know, I know, I live in a temperate rainforest and so yes, moss is in a lot of places. But it seems to me that moss is branching out just a tad more than usual, gracing the outside of baskets, home decor, and even fashion?! It’s pretty, soft, …

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Coombs Goats On The Roof 2 Medium

Spotted: Goats on the Roof

While the goats grazing on the green roof of the Old Country Market in Coombs, BC, is not all that novel to residents, it is quite a sight to see for those who don’t expect it. I have gone to visit the goats many times and I always enjoy shopping at the market. What I didn’t know was who the …

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Spotted Outdoor Patio Poetry 2 Medium

Spotted: Poetic Patio Set

This patio set may not look so special on first glance but there are two more things about it that you should know…

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Artichoke In Bloom Medium

Spotted: Blooming Artichokes

If artichokes usually come in a can or jar in your house, then are you ever missing out. These mammoth tender perennials put on quite a show in the garden. They start with loads of serrated edge leaves in a beautiful silvery grey-green that will quickly fill up a back border. When the green globes grow they produce the meaty …

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