Spotted Rhubarb And Leeks At The Farmers Market Medium

Spotted: Rhubarb and Leeks at the Market

The Farmer’s Markets are opening again for the year and that means lots and lots of rhubarb and leeks. While many gardeners have more of their fair share of these prolific growers, it’s a great indicator of what is to come: a season a fresh fruit and veg. We missed you and are happy to see you back at the market.Spotted Rhubarb and Leeks at the Farmers Market

If you are wondering about when to harvest it in your garden then check out How to Harvest Rhubarb.

If you have an abundance of rhubarb, why not try this yummy rhubarb sorbet recipe.


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  1. Catherine
    CatherineJune 10,14

    Rhubarb has to be one of the nicest seasonal treats all year after cherries and purple sprouting broccoli! So far we’ve made a cordial to add to champagne and several rhubarb and apple pies for the freezer. Seasonal living at its best!

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