Easter Basket Fairy Garden

Easter Basket Fairy Garden

Looking for a fun family project for Easter to get in a little Garden Therapy? You are in luck! Today we have a guest post from Beverly Turner one of the co-authors of Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden. The book covers just about anything you wanted to know about fairy gardening, a type of miniature gardening in containers or right in the ground. Little worlds created with tiny plants, furniture, and little creatures makes them whimsical and, without a doubt, a lot of fun. Today Beverly has shared the perfect fairy garden for the season as it’s contained in an Easter basket!


How to Make a Fairy Garden

How To Make an Easter Basket Fairy Garden

Replace the usual sugar-loaded Easter gifts this year with Springtime fairy baskets. While we wouldn’t recommend completely eliminating sweets—because a bunny stampede would surely occur on Easter morning—the kids won’t notice a reduction in treats if their baskets are filled with a Fairyland fantasy.

Spray Paint Easter Basket

Grab that old basket from the basement or garage and freshen it up with a little spray paint. Wipe down the outer surface and handle to eliminate any dust or dirt. Using a glossy paint, in a well-ventilated area spray with several thin coats to help the basket stand up to repeated waterings. Let the basket dry thoroughly between coats.

Line Easter Basket with Moss

Line the basket with a 1-inch layer of sphagnum moss. Soak the moss in water beforehand to make it easier to use, and wear plastic gloves when handling the moss.

Basket with soil and ivy

Fill the basket with a high-quality potting soil. Then plant a small-leafed ivy, wrapping the ivy around the handle and tying it down with clear fishing line until the plant grabs hold of the handle on its own.

Fuchsia tree and pink polka dot plant

As you plant, treat your mini garden as you would a full-size landscape. Plant taller “trees” like this Fuchsia thymifolia in the back and medium “shrubs” like pink polka dot plant (Hypoestes `Pink Splash’) midway.

Baby’s tears and watering can

Finally, add some low growing groundcover as “grass” for your fairy garden. Baby’s tears is used in this shade-loving planter. Water thoroughly, and you’re ready to play with accessories.

How to Make an Easter Fairy Garden

Lots of fairy garden goodies are available online if your local nursery doesn’t carry them. And, you can always make your own Easter eggs. Bakeable Fimo craft clay makes fabulous mini eggs, and a Popsicle stick is easily cut and painted with a holiday message.

Easter Basket Fairy Garden


This contest is now closed.

First Drawing: Leave a comment or question on this post by Sunday, March 24th to be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Fairy Gardening. And the winner is… Mary  Beth!

Second Drawing: Leave a comment or question on this post by Sunday, April 7th to be entered into a drawing to win a yet another copy of Fairy Gardening! And the winner is…Alanna M!

Thanks to Beverly for sharing this project with us. For more information on fairy gardening and the new book, please visit Fairy Gardens.

Fairy Gardening


  1. Brenda
    BrendaMarch 20,13

    these are the neatest baskets. I’m goint to make me one.. but would really love to win the book

  2. Jill E.
    Jill E.March 20,13

    OMG this is soooo cute!! I collect fairy figurines and I LOVE fairy gardens so I can’t WAIT to try this!! Thank you for entering me in your drawing :-)

  3. Mary Beth
    Mary BethMarch 20,13

    So cute! I can’t get enough of fairy gardens.
    Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  4. Liene
    LieneMarch 20,13

    They’re beautiful! My question: how do you keep two curious toddlers from using the baskets as their own personal sandbox? ;)

  5. Tereasa Walsh
    Tereasa WalshMarch 20,13

    I love them But my sister loves them she has a spot in her garden she calls it her fairy garden with little houses and mushroom and all sorts of fairy’s she calls it her quiet place She was diagnosed with MS in November and goes there to sit and take it in and deal with it all I would love to win the book for her so I can give it to her to make some thing for her fairy garden

  6. kristina
    kristinaMarch 20,13

    my 4 yr old daughter who loves fairies and gardens would love to create one of these baskets with me. May be a great birthday party activity.

  7. Debby
    DebbyMarch 20,13

    Beautiful, I’ve been looking for ideas for a fairy garden, Thank You.

  8. Stevie
    StevieMarch 20,13

    Thereasa, that’s so lovely. I love to hear about how gardening helps those in need.

  9. Stevie
    StevieMarch 20,13

    Hi Liene, well, it sounds like the kids may have a great time helping with the project! Perhaps make one for them to play with and one for you to admire…?

  10. Stevie
    StevieMarch 20,13

    Kristina, what a great idea for a birthday party!

  11. Robyn Beatty
    Robyn BeattyMarch 20,13

    I have always wanted to have a fairy garden, so magical and sweet. Thank You for helping me get in the right direction. Fairy Magic is the best!!

  12. Katalina P.
    Katalina P.March 20,13

    I’d love to try to make a basket, and check out the book! Thank you.

  13. Twigwoman
    TwigwomanMarch 20,13

    WOULDN’T this be a sweet treat for my 9 yr old fairy lovin’ girl!!!!

  14. Becky W
    Becky WMarch 21,13

    O-o-o! I love fairy gardens. Collecting items to make my first one!

  15. Zoe
    ZoeMarch 21,13

    Beautiful! I love the idea of miniature worlds — They’re just so wonderful and magical!

  16. cheryl sigler
    cheryl siglerMarch 22,13

    what a lovely idea for a give away –i just last year noticed the big rage on making fairy gardens -about the time i decided i wanted to make a tea garden still wanting to do and thought i would also love to incorporate a fairy garden within the tea garden for my grandkids to enjoy while having tea/sandwiches in a fun little garden —i hope to one day do this after doing more research –thnks for the ideas in this post to every ones dreamland of fairy’s/gardens and imaginations :”)

  17. stefoni Adkins
    stefoni AdkinsMarch 26,13

    I am only 26 so I really dont have a creative side like this. I absolutely love this and would be very greatful to win this book.

  18. Diana Ross
    Diana RossMarch 28,13

    I love this idea:) I want to make some for everyone I know, especially my 3 yr. old granddaughter, who has a fascination with little things:) Thank you for sharing and hope I win!

  19. Rita Hlasney
    Rita HlasneyMarch 28,13

    Very cute. Idea for our garden club container/ dish garden entry.. Got lots of those old baskets, thanks.

  20. Rita Hlasney
    Rita HlasneyMarch 28,13

    Very cute. Will use the idea for our garden club flower show’s dish/ container garden. Thanks,.

  21. Stevie
    StevieMarch 28,13

    And the winner of the first drawing is….Mary Beth!! Still time to enter to win yet another copy of Fairy Gardening. Just leave a comment here by April 7th. Get bonus entries for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, just come back here and leave us a comment so we know that you did.

  22. Sandra
    SandraMarch 28,13

    I love your fairy gardens. I’m going to try my hand at it soon!

  23. deb
    debMarch 28,13

    cute would love to win book!!

  24. Denise
    DeniseMarch 29,13

    Fairies are essential to any garden, this is so much fun! Would love to make more than one!

  25. Angela S
    Angela SMarch 29,13

    I have every intention of planting fairy gardens with my daughter (3). I’ve been collecting pieces for 10 years or more. I would love to win a copy of this book! :)

  26. Levana Condon
    Levana CondonMarch 29,13

    love the fairy gardening…I spread gnomes around with them in my garden. Really enjoy the plant that is twined over the handle..makes it soo cute.

  27. Shawn
    ShawnMarch 29,13

    I just love these little fairy gardens, It would be awesome to win the book.
    Thank you
    smjohns63 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  28. Jan Rogers
    Jan RogersMarch 29,13

    I’m very big into fairy gardening or gardening in miniature. It’s always good to see more info. on them. I have an indoor miniature garden in the house and will be doing a fairy garden on a larger scale in my garden this year.

  29. Debby
    DebbyMarch 29,13

    love all the great ideas!

  30. Shannon L. Cannon
    Shannon L. CannonMarch 29,13

    OMGsh, these are just so adorable!

  31. Erica
    EricaMarch 29,13

    Adorable and magical :)

  32. Linda Cameron
    Linda CameronMarch 29,13

    My 12 yr. old grandson loves miniature items! He’s autistic and seems to really take in the details. After viewing this, I hope to do a little fairy garden with him when he visits this summer. This is a charming idea!

  33. Shirley Weber
    Shirley WeberMarch 29,13

    My line of work is assisting the disabled.
    I would love to win the book, and begin a project to open a whole new world for them.
    Thank you for sharing.

  34. L.J. VOSS
    L.J. VOSSMarch 29,13

    These are just so magical!!!!

  35. Diane Blanc
    Diane BlancMarch 29,13

    LOVE this!! So want tp make 1,2 or….. lot’s more!

  36. cynthia nael
    cynthia naelMarch 29,13

    so adorable

  37. Kerry Nason
    Kerry NasonMarch 29,13

    These are absolutely adorable!

  38. jane fitch
    jane fitchMarch 29,13

    I love to garden. But have a bad back and its becoming worse with age. Love the idea of the small fairy gardens in order to take the place of my large garden hobby. So cute.would love to have your book.

  39. Judy Tholl
    Judy ThollMarch 29,13

    These are so cute! Can’t wait to make my own.

  40. Linda Holz
    Linda HolzMarch 29,13

    I make little fairy houses and trees out of polymer clay! I love these baskets and can already figure out how I can incorporate my fairy houses like this. That is if I have your permission to do so. I would be selling them at the crafty fairs I attend. I love doing ‘fairy’ things.

  41. Nancy Monica
    Nancy MonicaMarch 29,13

    These are sooooo cute!

  42. Judy Anthony
    Judy AnthonyMarch 29,13

    I have never seen these baskets before, but fell in love with them when I finally did see them. I have to make some of these. Thank you for sharing and for giving us the opportunity to win the book on how to make these. I really hope I get one.

  43. Lumara
    LumaraMarch 29,13

    I’ve had a love of fairies for years, and I love the idea of creating fairy gardens!

  44. Grace Thornton
    Grace ThorntonMarch 29,13

    These are so sweet! Can’t wait to make one, and change out for the seasons!

  45. Cindy Smith
    Cindy SmithMarch 29,13

    I just fell in love with Fairy Doors, and now this is adorable. Really love the doll furniture and the instructions for plant heights and placement very good. I would probably use a plastic liner with
    clay pot shards at the bottom.

  46. Sue Zurawski
    Sue ZurawskiMarch 29,13

    i’m really getting into fairy gardens and such, they make you feel like a little girl again…

  47. sherri h
    sherri hMarch 29,13

    adorable fairy baskets!

  48. sherri h
    sherri hMarch 29,13

    magical fairy baskets!

  49. sherri h
    sherri hMarch 29,13

    Let’s bring magic and faries into our lives with miniature gardening.

  50. Alanna M
    Alanna MMarch 29,13

    Seeing this brought tears to my eyes. My mom, who I lost 8 years ago April 18, was so into fairies. She was into miniatures just as much. I plan on doing this in memory of my mom, so that any time I look at it I will think of her. And I will use the miniatures she had planned on using in a garden scene!! Thank you so much!!

  51. Lynn
    LynnMarch 29,13

    how cute these are my sisters and i go on day trips to different plant shops , craft fairs
    the green scene at the fullerton arboretum and talked abut going to a class to do Fairy Gardens
    this book would be a great help if we dont win i will still have to buy

  52. Alanna M
    Alanna MMarch 29,13

    I wanted to ask a question: why should you wear gloves when handling the moss? I also posted this on Pinetrest and Facebook. Thank you!!

  53. Liene
    LieneMarch 29,13

    I hope I have the necessary patience to make one of these… Now if the boys would just give me a moments peace!

  54. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisMarch 29,13

    You want to wear gloves when handling the moss, because some mosses harbor a harmful fungus. Wearing gloves will protect your hands.

  55. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisMarch 29,13


    So glad to hear that the fairy gardens gave you good memories of your mom. Making a garden in her honor is a great idea! It will be one really special garden.

  56. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisMarch 29,13

    Your polymer clay fairy houses sound magical. Sure, you can make the baskets for craft fairs. The more fairies, the merrier! I’d suggest getting a copy of my book (if you’re not the winner, of course!), because it gives step-by-step instructions for making fairy gardens that would attract Thumbelina herself! Happy Fairy Gardening!

  57. jennifer
    jenniferMarch 29,13

    Love your ideas! So stinkin’ cute

    LORI HOPKINMarch 30,13

    Want a great idea to decorate a deck or an apartment balccony. So cool !

  59. Nikki Conway
    Nikki ConwayMarch 30,13

    I love these can’t wait to make my own. Your book would be so helpful too. Thanks for inspiring us.

  60. Deana Lamanuzzi
    Deana LamanuzziMarch 30,13

    A Fairy Garden is a must for me this year. Havee been collect dwarf plants. I have a hosta and chicks and hen. Can’t wait to get started. This book would really help! Pick me Pick me :)

  61. yvonne swinney
    yvonne swinneyMarch 30,13

    very cute.

  62. Linda Schermerhorn
    Linda SchermerhornMarch 30,13

    That is such a fun and beautiful project.

  63. Zoe
    ZoeMarch 30,13

    I love these magical little worlds! They really just transport you to another place and time.

  64. Leona
    LeonaMarch 30,13

    I love the little gardens and am hoping to make one soon!

  65. Karen Ryan
    Karen RyanMarch 30,13

    Oh my goodness this is such a great idea. Our garden club is having a flower show the end of April and this would really stand out in 1 of the categories. I’m starting on the project as soon as Easter Sunday is over. Wish I would have seen it before now because I would have put one together to “show off” with our Easter gathering. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous simple but creative project. I can’t stop talking about it.

  66. Carolyn Watkins
    Carolyn WatkinsMarch 30,13

    What a wonderful idea for when the kids grow up. Use this instead of candy.

  67. Jeannine
    JeannineMarch 30,13

    I am enthralled with fairy gardens. I NEED this book!!!

  68. Pat Stephens
    Pat StephensMarch 30,13

    I would so love to have this book. I am waiting anxiously for weather warm enough here in Ohio to get out and work in my garden and flower beds. Made a small fairy garden last year and 2 with my grandkids but would love to make a larger one this year.

  69. Connie Hopkins
    Connie HopkinsMarch 30,13

    I am loving this little garden. I have plans to do some fairy gardens this year. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  70. Wendy Potts
    Wendy PottsMarch 30,13

    So beautiful and springy!! Just the thing to chase those winter clouds away!!

  71. Lydia Kolacz
    Lydia KolaczMarch 30,13

    A fairy garden has always sounded so fascinating to me…the pictures are very helpful and so inspiring to make me want to make one as soon as possible. bless you for sharing these ideas…thanks…

  72. Inez
    InezMarch 30,13

    I have a love for fairies and gnomes,,,last season I shared the magical wonders of fairies and gnomes in the garden,,this is our new tradition,, so I am going to try these with them for mothers day. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  73. Inez
    InezMarch 30,13

    sharing the above project with my precious grand babies.

  74. Debbie
    DebbieMarch 30,13

    So unique & inspiring! I would enjoy learning more through this book.

  75. beverrly Ann Torres
    beverrly Ann TorresMarch 30,13

    Shared on Facebook and Pinterest.. Your gardens are so nice, love the plants and decorations. The bunnies are so sweet!

  76. Tina Seaman
    Tina SeamanMarch 30,13

    If I don’t have moss is there something else I could use?

  77. Janette Burlette
    Janette BurletteMarch 30,13

    What a cute idea. I’ll go get my basket out in the shed and try my hand at fairy garden and place next to my gnome village.

  78. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisMarch 31,13

    If you don’t have moss, you can line your basket with thick plastic which you’ve punctured with holes at the bottom so the water can drain. Tuck the plastic under the soil line so you can’t see it.

  79. destiny
    destinyMarch 31,13

    This is so adorable

  80. Lynn Burke Reyes
    Lynn Burke ReyesMarch 31,13

    This would be a wonderful project to do with my granddaugher :)

  81. DiAnne Sundberg
    DiAnne SundbergMarch 31,13

    My granddaughter is three and absolutely adores fairies of all kinds! This would be a lovely gift for Samantha and I to explore! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  82. DiAnne Sundberg
    DiAnne SundbergMarch 31,13

    My granddaughter is three and absolutely adores fairies of all kinds! This would be a lovely gift for Samantha and I to explore! Thanks for the chance to win one! Pinned and shared on facebook!

  83. Wayne Ortiz
    Wayne OrtizMarch 31,13

    What are some plants that will stay small

  84. Shirley Whiting
    Shirley WhitingMarch 31,13

    Is there a digital version of the book available?

  85. Penny Massey
    Penny MasseyMarch 31,13

    I’m thinking of making a fairy garden in an old 25-gallon fish tank. My 7-year old granddaughter will love it!

  86. Lu
    LuMarch 31,13

    I’ve been scouring the thrift stores looking for miniatures for fairy gardens. I’d love to win the book to help me put everything together!!

  87. Karen dobak
    Karen dobakMarch 31,13

    What a great project idea to do with my 9 year old daughter. We will have so much fun.

  88. Tina Smith
    Tina SmithApril 1,13

    I have been buying various things to start a fairy garden and this has given me some great ideas. So cute! It gives me such a relaxed feeling whenever I see a fairy garden.

  89. L.J. VOSS
    L.J. VOSSApril 1,13

    These baskets are so magical! I really want to make a fairy garden nestled in the roots at the base of my backyard tree. When I look at the fairy gardens I feel like if I sit very quietly I will see the fairies going about their day! Thank you for sharing!

  90. Donna Lindner
    Donna LindnerApril 1,13

    these are the cutiest . got to try to make

  91. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisApril 2,13

    Yes, there is a Kindle version of the book available on Amazon.

  92. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisApril 2,13

    Some plants that will stay small include baby’s tears, isotoma, corsican mint, miniature cyclamen, cotoneaster, Irish/Scotch moss, various thymes and armeria ‘Nifty Thrifty.”

  93. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisApril 2,13

    Fish tanks make great fairy gardens–and you can use mermaid fairies!

  94. Becky Bard
    Becky BardApril 2,13

    I just recently discovered the magical world of Fairy gardens and looking forward to a class my local greenhouse is having to make my first of hopefully many fairy garden. For sure going to check out your website to get lots of ideas for my own.

  95. robin
    robinApril 2,13

    Luv these, will so get them started :)

  96. Tammy Smith
    Tammy SmithApril 2,13

    This is such a cute idea! Shared on Pinterest & Facebook.

  97. Archana
    ArchanaApril 2,13

    I am totally inspired. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I can’t wait to make one.
    Thanks again.

  98. Trindy
    TrindyApril 2,13

    Well my mum and I went to a little session on fairy gardening, and we are so excited to create one. Would love to win the book to get started. This has created a whole new world for us to explore together……

  99. Nancy Lynn
    Nancy LynnApril 3,13

    I have been making some plans to start a fairy garden in our back yard we own a bed and breakfast and i think our guests would love it but where do i begin????

  100. Sheryl Kilbourn
    Sheryl KilbournApril 3,13

    This is so pretty and looks like so much fun to make, imagine the possibilities! The scene could be changed for different seasons and occasions. This would make a wonderful mother/daughter project. I’m excited to try this!

  101. Mary Ann Miron
    Mary Ann MironApril 3,13

    My sixteen year old cousin passed away in Sept. I would love to learn how to make something like this for his mom and Dad!

  102. Kris Whitby
    Kris WhitbyApril 3,13

    We are planning on doing these with the students in our after school program in a couple of weeks, thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  103. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisApril 3,13

    Nancy Lynn–A good place to begin would be with my book–Fairy Gardening–which hopefully you win! Your first order of business is to decide on a theme. Perhaps you could play off any themes that you have at your bed and breakfast. For instance, if you are near water, such as a lake, you could go with a lake theme. Or another nice idea is to do a fairy garden for the seasons. So a spring fairy garden and transition the garden into summer when the time comes. Let your imagination soar!

  104. Julie Bawden-Davis
    Julie Bawden-DavisApril 3,13

    Mary Ann, What a sweet idea and wonderful way to commemorate your six-year-old cousin! I would suggest incorporating his favorite things, but you’ve probably already thought of that!

  105. Charity
    CharityApril 4,13

    I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a long time — would love a copy of the book. :)

  106. Vicki Hanson
    Vicki HansonApril 5,13

    I have always wanted to try fairy gardening since i first saw one., The easter basket is just adorable.

  107. malynda
    malyndaApril 7,13

    My two year old and I saw a fairy garden this weekend and now thats all she has on her mind. i cant wait to build one with her!

  108. Kimberley
    KimberleyApril 13,13

    my 10 year old daughter LOVES fairies and gardens and everything that goes along with them! We would love to win a copy of this book and have lots of fun summer project ideas!!

  109. Sharlyn
    SharlynApril 21,13

    Hi It Looks adorable…I would really appreciate if you will also give me a copy of this book..I really love miniature gardening specially the small plants that looks real even if its too small….LOve it…

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  111. Tina
    TinaMarch 27,14

    I want this basket!!! I discovered fairy gardens not too long ago and I lobe them!!!!

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  114. Sunflower
    SunflowerMarch 2,15

    When I was in like 1st or 2nd grade we made these and put toy bunnies in it and I loved it so much I really want to make this but I don’t know if I have the supplies

  115. Sara Schwab
    Sara SchwabFebruary 5,16

    Theses are real cute would love to win

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