Dyed Blue Mums in arrangement

Flower Rearranging

I’m always grateful when some kind soul brings me a bouquet of flowers. Not simply because of the gesture, but also because I can take apart the bouquet and make many flower RE-arrangements to brighten up my house.

Flower Re-arranging

Many florist creations are works of art that require nothing but a vase of water and a prominent location in the house. However some, frankly, are just plain bad.  There are good plants in there but without any artistry tying them together it’s a shame to let those beautiful blooms end their life in such a sad way.

Take this bouquet for instance.

Standard Florist Bouquet

It was a lovely and thoughtful gift, but when you open up the paper wrap here is what you will find:

Some mums dyed blue (yuck).

Chrysanthemums dyed blue

A collection of orange flowers, some red roses, and some lilies.

Orange and White flowers

And a bunch of filler greens.

Filler greens

There is nothing all that interesting in this bouquet and all mashed together it looks pretty lame, but broken out into 4 simple arrangements it becomes a lot more beautiful.

Remember those hideous dyed blue mums? Well, I’m not a fan of dyed flowers but a few of them in this small green ceramic vase wrapped in a corn husk ribbon and they become more sweet. It’s keeping the corn husk wrapped mason jar vase in good company.

Dyed blue Mums in arrangement

The roses got lost and looked cheap in the primarily orange palette. In a small mason jar with a sprig of garden greens and some of the “filler” eucalyptus, they really shine with the vintage flare that suits a pair of red roses.

Red Roses and Eucalyptus in Mason Jar

The Gerbera daisies remind me of summer and modern art. I just couldn’t see how they fit with a fall arrangement so I didn’t fight it. In a rectangular glass vase, they have their chance to swoop over and brighten a small space.

Orange Gerbera Arrangement

After the bulk of the arrangement was picked off what was left was a few stems of white lilies, orange Alstroemeria, and the filler greens. I usually throw most of the filler greens in the green bin with the exception of eucalyptus and the Monstera deliciosa leaf. Adding some Physalis alkekengi (Chinese lantern) from the garden made this final grouping a festive fall arrangement that works perfectly with ornamental gourds.

Fall Flower Arrangement

Next time you receive a thoughtful but fugly arrangement, rearrange it and let the flowers live up to their potential. Honor them for their beauty and spread them around the house. Toss out those filler greens and go snip something pretty from the garden!

Florist arrangement


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  1. Mary A
    Mary ANovember 8,12

    We do this with those awful Memorial Day bouquets the grocery stores sell. We break them up and add free wildflowers the road department plants along highways. I also keep making new, smaller arrangements from the fab flowers my hubby gives me. As flowers die off, pull them out and rearrange!

    Pretty arrangements you made, BTW. :)

  2. Sheila @sZinteriors
    Sheila @sZinteriorsNovember 9,12

    I do prefer simplicity, and am definitely not a fan of dyed flowers… ever. But the way you salvaged those mums and made them look so great is a tip I’m going to remember! Your fall arrangement is lovely – I especially like the Chinese Lanterns – they always remind me of fall!

  3. Becca
    BeccaNovember 10,12

    Beautiful flowers. I miss the flowers of summer…

  4. dreamalittledreamalot
    dreamalittledreamalotNovember 19,12

    An excellent idea that I must bear in mind for next time I get some well meant but not exactly stylish flowers!

  5. Lyndsey
    LyndseyNovember 22,12

    These look great, I’m really loving the blue mums in the tiny jar!

  6. Outdoor Lighting Chicago IL
    Outdoor Lighting Chicago ILNovember 29,12

    I love dyed flowers! They add so much to a room! Color coordination is key for me! Try it!

  7. Flowerist
    FloweristOctober 1,13

    This is beautiful, i love what you did with flowers.

  8. kiwi
    kiwiOctober 10,13

    I think that the corn-husk-wrapped mason jar idea is beautiful and I love what you did with the lilies.

  9. Stephanie @ TwoZeroOne
    Stephanie @ TwoZeroOneJanuary 20,14

    I always do the same thing and divide up my flowers to more simple arrangements as the mixed bunches sold in stores are horrible. I guess my years of studying Japanese flower arranging changed how I look at the beauty of plants.

  10. Andrea
    AndreaJanuary 20,14

    I love doing this too (with bouquets I buy for myself from the grocery store!!!). Thanks for sharing some lessons and inspiration. I usually pitch all the greens, next time I’ll try your ideas for them.

  11. Time With Thea
    Time With TheaJanuary 22,14

    I am so on the same page with you! Why should you keep a bouquet of flowers together? Why not update the look of the bouquet and create a few of your own to disperse around the house? Your photographs are beautiful! ~Thea

  12. seule
    seuleMay 17,14

    Un post vraiment rempli de conseils

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