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I’d Rather Have Flowers…

I love getting flowers. In months where the sky is grey and the ground is muddy or frozen, blooms bring some much-needed sunshine into the house. On days where the sun is shining long into the evening and the garden is a-buzz with bees, I fill up every vase in the vicinity with a handful of freshly-cut stems. There really is no bad time to bring me flowers. Louise Curley Cut Flower Patch Book 05 (22nd July 2013)

I wear some jewelry, sometimes. Maybe when I’m going out on the town or I find a bracelet that goes perfectly with my gardening gloves. Once I don the bling, however, I forget all about it.I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck 8x10_001

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The flowers I set on my desk while I work make me smile throughout the day. They smell heavenly and they draw me in for a closer sniff. Do peach-colored tulips smell a bit like peaches? According to my completely non-scientific, biased opinion, YES! Yes, they do smell like peaches.

Miranda Tulips Yellow-OrangeDiamonds are beautiful, but they don’t smell like peaches and they don’t make me want to take 300 photos of them when the light is streaming in the window just so. So, yeah, I’d rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck. You said it, Emma!Louise Curley Cut Flower Patch Book 03 (10th May 2013)


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  1. Catherine
    CatherineMarch 15,15

    I’m not sure I’m quite ready to give up the diamonds, but I can’t imagine a house that wasn’t filled to the brim with flowers! They make me smile and the house feels dead without them.

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