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A Modern Way to Display Pressed Botanicals

This striking craft to showcase pressed flowers or leaves is found in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

 How to Make Modern Pressed Botanical Prints

This project couldn’t be easier even though it looks like a million bucks. This is to be expected as the project comes from crafter, designer, and stylist Shane Powers. Shane has showcased his talents for Vogue Living, West Elm, and Martha Stewart Living, showcasing nature-inspired crafts (love!). His new book Bring the Outdoors In is available now in hardcover and Kindle edition.

Bring the Outdoors In Shane Powers

To make these beautiful art pieces, start by gathering some dried flowers or leaves. For a comprehensive tutorial on drying plants check out Preserving the Ornamental Garden.

Modern Pressed Botanicals

Next, gather two clear panes of glass and clean them well. Arrange your plant material as you would like to display it and dab a wee bit of white glue to keep the pieces in place. Add the second glass pane to the back of the first, sandwiching in the plants, and use friction tape or binder clips to secure it. Now, I’ve never heard of friction tape before but I think that electrical tape would also work well in this situation. Regardless, both can be found at the hardware store, so head over there and grab what appeals to you.

For more detailed instructions and material lists, grab a copy of Martha Stewart Living for February 2013 and flip to page 92.

Martha Stewart Living February 2013

Published with permission from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. © 2013. Photography courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.


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