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Pumpkin Soup

The Best Pumpkin Soup You’ve Ever Tasted

Please welcome guest blogger, Megan Carroll of A Kitschy Kitchen, where she sells the most fabulous vintage-inspired aprons along with other great handmade creations. Not only can she help you look good in the kitchen, but today she’s also going to teach us how to make the best pumpkin soup you’ve ever tasted! I can’t wait to make this one.


A Kitschy Kitchen

Feeding and fostering a healthy relationship with food can be a complex thing with young children. Finding ways and strategies to make meals interesting can sometimes be challenging, but when you find something that works, run with it.

For us it was a book, Pumpkin Soup. It was about friendship, responsibility and sharing. The unifying element was food. From peeling the pumpkin and putting it into the pot to stirring the soup and adding the salt, everyone had a job to do. But when that fell apart and they couldn’t share, the soup was all wrong. My kids loved this story and because of that, I started making pumpkin soup for them. Having something that they could identify with and that we could talk about made it much more approachable.

The Best Pumpkin Soup You've Ever Tasted

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