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Pickled Radishes With Vinegar These Are Surpringly Addictive

Super Simple Pickled Radishes

There just aren’t enough recipes with radishes. They are just about the most fun veggie out there but they are completely under-appreciated. Radishes are easy to grow, go from seed to food in a month, have gorgeous red (/purple/pink/white) globes hidden under the soil, and they add just the right spicy kick to summer food. Many times we only use them in early spring as they are …

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Oriental Greens And Radishes

Greens Growing Great

The oriental greens and radishes I planted in a half wine barrel with the umbrella greenhouse are ready to eat.  This photo was actually taken March 23.  The greens were starting to bolt so I had to take the greenhouse off and leave them to sweeten up in the cool air. Now they are ready and deliciously spicy!

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Radish Seedlings On Toast And Egg

Radish MicroGreens for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

My radishes are growing so well under the umbrella greenhouses that I started thinning them this morning.  Not one to throw away fresh greens, I topped my breakfast with the culled radishlings. Radish microgreens are quite the lookers, with frilly green leaves above a bright red root that will eventually be the round, crisp root vegetable we know so well. …

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Umbrella Greenhous

I Can Almost Taste The Spring Salad

I think I’ll have a great crop of radishes in a few weeks with this warm sunny weather we have been having and my wonderful umbrella greenhouses.  I planted these just a few weeks ago and I already have to thin my seedlings.   The lettuce and peas I’m growing under the other greenhouses are also doing really well.  I …

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Umbrella Greenhouses Medium

Super Sow Sunday: Umbrella Greenhouses

Outdoors I’ve sown lettuce, radishes and peas in wine barrels.  These great clear umbrellas make great pop up greenhouses!

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