Radish Seedlings On Toast And Egg

Radish MicroGreens for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

My radishes are growing so well under the umbrella greenhouses that I started thinning them this morning.  Not one to throw away fresh greens, I topped my breakfast with the culled radishlings. Radish microgreens are quite the lookers, with frilly green leaves above a bright red root that will eventually be the round, crisp root vegetable we know so well. They are spicy and colorful, adding a lot of punch to your lunch!

Radish microgreens are peppery and earthy, just like the radishes they would have grown into.If you have a a heavily seeded crop of greens that need thinning, save the seedlings for your meals. Harvest radishes or other vegetable plants as microgreens by snipping the whole seedling as close to the soil as possible. You can cut with a clean pair of scissors or pinch with a sharp thumbnail. Avoid pulling the plants out by the tops, as this may lift the roots of the other plants you are hoping to keep in place.

For more on starting seeds for your garden, check out The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide for a crash course on all things seeds such as soil, light, water, outdoor seed starting, indoor grow lights, and more.

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  1. JLC
    JLCFebruary 25,10

    That looks so yummy! I love the umbrella greenhouse idea too! Now I need to find an old wine barrel. :) Thanks for posting!

  2. Gillian
    GillianFebruary 25,10

    Ohh…. I wish I had that in front of me right now… yummy! I love the red eges on those leaves, how beautiful!

  3. Gillian
    GillianFebruary 25,10

    Ohh…. I wish I had that in front of me right now… yummy! I love the red edges on those leaves, how beautiful!

  4. Grace
    GraceFebruary 26,10

    Hi Stevie, Thank you for visiting my blog, for your nice words and for adding little ole me to your blogroll. I’m humbled.

    I’ve enjoyed nosing my way around your blog and getting to know you a bit. I love the Olympics pics and the hellebore juxtaposed with the skyscraper is genius. And the radishlings look delicious.

    I totally agree with you that tending a garden is one of the richest forms of therapy. I just read a quote that went something like, “You can bury a lot of troubles in the garden.”

    Let’s keep in touch.

  5. El
    ElFebruary 26,10

    Your photo is stunning. Wonderful spring inspiration!

  6. Tatyana
    TatyanaFebruary 27,10

    What a simple but delicious idea! I always felt bad discarding radishlings (I like this name, so cute!)Thank you Stevie!

  7. Velva
    VelvaFebruary 27,10

    That looks so good! Fresh, healthy and delicious.

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