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How to Grow a Tea Garden

Grow a Herbal Tea Garden

Treat yourself to a herbal tea garden this year! Whether you have a small space or large garden, you can always fit in a tea garden. Growing herbs is simple and low maintenance, and they can be used in so many ways. A herbal tea garden moves beyond rosemary, sage, and thyme, to a whole host of sweet and flavorful—and …

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How to make Meyer lemon limoncello

When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons Make Meyer Limoncello

Before you discard the peels of those seasonal Meyer lemons, take a look at this recipe for Meyer limoncello. It’s …

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Back To Basics

Getting Back to Basics

There are some things you would never expect a city girl to know. Like canning and preserving home-grown food. Or …

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Learn how to make organic-looking handmade sea sponge soap topped with natural sea sponges for a gorgeous soap that lathers up beautifully.

Bring the Ocean into Your Bathtub with Handmade Sea Sponge Soap Bars

Organic-looking handmade soap topped with natural sea sponges makes for a gorgeous soap that lathers up beautifully. Sea sponges are …

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Make herbal tub teas for a soothing bath with no clean up

Soak Your Troubles Away with Homemade Tub Tea

One of my favorite bath projects is tub tea. There is nothing like a warm bath to soothe away all …

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How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

Keep Blooms Beautiful with a DIY Orchid Humidity Tray

Your home has a number of different microclimates in it. As you move from room to room, the light, temperature, …

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rhododendron bud in snow

Save Your Garden from Road Salt Environmental Damage this Winter

If you are planning to use road salt as a de-icer on your sidewalk, driveway, or street this winter, you …

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What’s in Season

  • Sprouted Bean Seeds In Plastis Pots Supersowsunday

    The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide

    If you are hoping to sow seeds early in the season, and start your garden truly from scratch, then I have put together a guide covering the many essential posts from the Garden Therapy Seed Starting Series. You will find all that you need here to start a …

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  • DIY DOG Deodorant 5

    Dog Deodorant: Stinky Dog Spray

    Get rid of that stinky dog smell with this DIY dog deodorant that smells like refreshing lavender and lemon. I certainly don’t have a lot of dog but he can get pretty smelly at times. Wet from the rain or a swim in the ocean is …

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  • Making Wild Bird Food Suet

    DIY Wild Bird Suet Feeder

    My family loves to bird watch. We have several feeders in our yard and one of us is always watching out our front window hoping to catch sight of a new feathered visitor to our front feeder. Although we put out seed our year-round, we …

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  • Jelena Witch Hazel

    Check Out These Cool Characters! The Top Plants for Winter Garden Interest

    Winter doesn’t have to be white in the garden. Even if there is a blanket of snow covering the soil, these colorful characters will add some pizzazz to the winter garden with their showy limbs, bright berries, and even some flowers! Here are some ideas …

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  • Free Lifes A Garden Coloring Page From Gardentherapy A5 512x663

    Free Grown Up Coloring Pages to Feed Your Addiction

    I have a confession: I love to color. I even have my own stash of art supplies: color pencils, gel pens, sharpies and much more. Yes, I will color with my kids on occasion, but I’ve got two boys and coloring superheroes it’s not my …

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  • Mossart Frames And Sofa

    Moss is New Paint: How to Create Art with Moss

    Everybody loves to have plants around. They bring you tremendous energy, clean up the air and help us relax and feel good. But how about moss? And how about moss as art? Recently, in the world of natural décor, reindeer moss has stepped up as …

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  • How To Make Lavender Bath Salts For A Relaxing Soak After A Long Day Of Gardening Custom

    Easy Homemade Bath Salts Recipe

    Making fragrant jars of homemade bath salts couldn’t be easier. In vintage mason jars, bath salts look beautiful on display and make wonderful gifts. Here is a recipe to make your own as part of the Natural Skincare Series. Materials: Epsom salts 100% pure lavender essential oil (not fragrance) dried lavender …

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  • Toilet Roll Seed Starters And Easy DIY And Part Of The Best And Worst Seed Starting Containers To Make

    Seed Starting Containers: The Real Dirt – Part 1

    The weather may be warming a bit and it’s been many months since we had our green thumbs in the soil so it’s no surprise that folks are just itching to get seeds started.  I’m hearing about or seeing a lot of different seed starting …

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  • Sunflower Sprouts And Olive Tapanade Small

    Growing Sunflower Sprouts Indoors

    Tis the season for micro greens and sprouts.   The weather outside is frightful freakin’ cold.  Too cold to sprout seeds outdoors, even under cover, so I’ve brought the operation indoors. A few years ago I gleefully ripped open my festively-wrapped automatic sprouter and started the winter tradition of …

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