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Crocosmia And Hammock Chair

Crocosmia: Beautiful Inside or Out

Right now my garden is alight with the fiery glow of crocosmia–the smaller orange  ‘Emberglow’ and the taller red ‘Lucifer’.  I’ve planted the of the corms in clumps around the back patio, bordering the back of the front potager, and interspersed wherever I find a space that needs some cheering up.  Crocosmia also puts on quite a show when it’s …

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European Chafer Beetle In Vancouver Up Close

Up Close with the European Chafer Beetle

Wondering what has been destroying lawns around BC? It’s the European Chafer Turf Pest or Chafer Beetle. This time of year these ugly suckers can be seen mating in the trees at dusk and each one can lay up to 50 eggs in the surrounding lawn.  Those eggs turn into grubs (ick) that feed on the roots of grass until they get ripped …

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Strawberry Planter After 2 Months

Project Update: Hanging Strawberry Planter

Not a whole lot of work went into my hanging strawberry planter project.  I tucked some extra runners into a hanging planter I found at a thrift store and hung it off the garage.  I’ve kept it watered for 2 months now and look how well it is doing.  It is covered in little green strawberries and a ton of flowers.  …

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Carrot Rust Fly Damage

Carrot Rust Fly

This is what my carrots looked like this year: riddled with tracks from the disgusting, putrid, foul, menacing carrot rust fly. Those little buggers can sniff out a carrot with superhero powers so I planted carefully and didn’t have to thin them (thinning releases the smell and attracts the flies), but the females still found my carrot patch, layed eggs and …

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Blooming Tulip Fields Skagit Valley Washington

Delighting the Senses: a Trip to the Tulip Festival

Yesterday I took a quick trip cross the border to Skagit county in Washington state where each year they delight visitors with a teeny taste of what Holland’s tulip farms might be like. The area is one of the largest produces of spring bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, and irises.  During April you could usually find a couple fields of tulips …

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Hanging Strawberry Planter In June

Weekend Project: Hanging Strawberry Planter

This project has more recent updates. For all the posts related to this project click here. For the past 2 years I have been growing tomatoes in those fugly Topsy Turvy planters.  Sure they are ugly, but I don’t have a lot of space and I love a lot of tomatoes and they actually do grow great tomatoes.  Last year …

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