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Seed Packets Of Bean Seeds From West Coast Seeds

Choosing This Year’s Seeds

What seeds should I grow this year?  Hmmmm.  In true garden hoarder style I’ve collected way more seeds than I can every possibly plant in my tiny gardens.  Who can blame me!?  Seed companies send me catalogs all winter long.  And West Coast Seeds has the most delightful (and addictive) storefront in Ladner.  This outward brainwashing / mind-control has sucked up my …

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Please Dont Steal

Harvesting Community Garden Roots

This week we thawed out from that crazy November snowfall and I jumped at the window of opportunity to dig up the rest of the root veggies from the community garden plot.   It was a very beautiful day at the garden.  Even though the plots are a mess I found it quite romantic with the setting sun beaming through the skeletons of  our summer gardens …

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Sunflower Sprouts And Olive Tapanade Small

Growing Sunflower Sprouts Indoors

Tis the season for micro greens and sprouts.   The weather outside is frightful freakin’ cold.  Too cold to sprout seeds outdoors, even under cover, so I’ve brought the operation indoors. A few years ago I gleefully ripped open my festively-wrapped automatic sprouter and started the winter tradition of growing fresh greens on my kitchen table in the less pleasant months.  There are many …

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Crazy Fungus In Birdfeeder

Garden Guilt Be Damned

I recently read this post by Kat about why she embraced failure as a gardener (trying + failing = learning + growth) and I was struck once again my the gravitational pull of guilt that lingers in my gardens.  I fight it.  I deny it.  I give myself great pep talks about how the garden is there for me not …

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Heirloom Tomatoes From Market With Names

Heirloom Tomatoes

Today I went to Tomato Fest at the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market to buy my heirloom tomato ‘seeds’ for next year.   The vendors sell tomatoes, not tomato seeds in packets, but really,  a tomato is just a delicious and colourful packet filled with of lots and lots of seeds, right?  And heirlooms have grown true seed to fruit year after year, so what better …

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Bowl Of Figs

Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding: Fig Recipes from August

August is the season for figs in Vancouver. I know this because on a bi-daily basis, my neighbour comes over with a huge bowl of figs for me to turn into something delicious.  He has 5 trees that bare 2 kinds of figs of which I don’t know the name, but each one has green skin, one variety is large with sweet, mild white …

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