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A Decadent-Looking (Yet Surprisingly Frugal) Deck Makeover + Giveaway!

Do you need a deck makeover? Decorating your outdoor space can be a fun way to change the look of a space from year to year. A deck makeover doesn’t need to cost a fortune, either. Forego replacing the expensive structure by sprucing up space with personal touches and crafty decor. With a few well-placed accouterments, you can bring your personality outside for some fresh air.Deck Out Your Deck with these ideas

A deck can be a great space to extend indoor living to the outdoors in the warmer months. If you’re lucky enough to have a deck space that opens up from the indoors, like a kitchen or living room, then you have a space that blurs the lines between inside and out. To function as a living space, the deck needs some furniture and outdoor decoration that nods to the indoors, yet with the durability to be left to the elements.

Have a look at how the deck looked before.Deck makeover BEFORE


The deck boards are in need of replacement, nails are popping up out of the boards, and the wood is rotting. Even so, this project wasn’t on the books for this year. We all have budget and time constraints! What WAS on the books was making it a welcoming and inviting place for outdoor dining and entertaining. It just needed a bit of cleanup and some personality. As you can see, by adding furniture, plants, and accessories, this deck had quite the amazing transformation!

Deck Makeover Project

The first step was a solid power wash of the wood. With a clean floor and walls, this outdoor room already had a lot more potential. It is a wide open space that looks out over neighboring streets with almost a woodland feel. I wanted to bring that natural feel to the decor, along with some bright pops of color that fit with the colorful paint used on the houses in this area. And, of course, I did a few crafty DIYs as well.Gorgeous Deck Makeover Project

Disclosure: the post is sponsored by A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge who also provided me with some of the decor items. The DIY elements were designed and made by me and I’ll share how to make those in future posts. The designs and opinions are my own. Please check out the awesome giveaway we have at the end of this post so you can deck out your deck too!

Two French doors open up to the deck from the living room, so it’s a well-used living space in the summer months. This navy WaterGuard Mat in the boxwood pattern is pretty enough for inside and it ties the indoors and outdoors together. Outdoor Rug

The deck was so bland and lifeless it really needed some flowers, so the first order of business was planting colorful annuals. A 3-Tier Harvest Basket Planter Stand was perfect for the small space because it packs a lot of flowers into a small space and livens up a dead corner. Each of the planters has a drainage hole in the burlap that lines the middle baskets. It was simple to put together and I conservatively added nine plants that will grow and fill in over the season. I chose dahlias, SunPatiens, calibrachoa, and sweet potato vines for vibrant blooms and dark, interesting foliage.Three Tier Hanging Baskets

Since the deck gets so much sun it’s a great place to grow a little vegetable garden as well! I’ve been hearing a lot about grow bags and these are just about the cutest that I’ve seen. They are lined with plastic and have a grommet for a drainage hole so they are fine to be left to the elements. And the handles really can handle the load: I have moved them a few times to catch a bit more sun!Burlap Herb Planter Bag

There is a number of different designs for the burlap bags available. I chose the 5-Gallon Retro Herb Grow Bag, 10-Gallon Retro Pepper Grow Bag, and the 20-Gallon Retro Tomato Grow Bag. As you can see, the plants are happy and growing like crazy. I can’t wait to harvest them.

Burlap Pepper Planter Bag

There’s also a Rustic Herb Basket with Burlap Liner that’s got a chicken wire look to it and it’s lined the same way so that you could plant it as well. I like to use it as my harvest basket so that I can harvest the herbs and vegetables easily and bring them in to cook with.Herb Basket

The back fence of the deck was built to create a privacy screen from the stucco wall of the neighbors’ house. The fence just didn’t have much pizzazz and your eyes ended up being drawn to the garden next door.Deck Out Your Deck with these ideas

To keep the focus on the deck space, I made some outdoor artwork (DIY instructions will be shared at a later date) and hung two Galvanized Bucket Wall Planters. The galvanized metal planters are just the right look for this eclectic space and I love that they can stay out all year. They have drainage holes which are removable, so you could use them indoors or out.Galvanized Bucket Planter

Of course, we need a little bit of lighting outdoors and this set of lanterns is the perfect look.Gorgeous Deck Makeover Project

The battery-operated lights in the Aversa and Siena LED Candle Lanterns mean the candle can be on at the flick of the switch, and they provide a warm light to help us enjoy the deck into the wee hours of the night.Set of Two Electric Outdoor Candles

The deck needed an outdoor rug to cover up the nails and some umbrellas to dampen down the hot sun. The umbrellas are attached to the deck to give the most shade with the least amount of floor space being taken up. The old glass patio table was sent to a new home because my woodworking husband built this new cedar table with planter inlay.Deck Makeover Ideas

Wow, right? You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see how he made it, but we will share the instructions. For now, enjoy the final look of the outdoor space. What a transformation!Everyone Loves a Deck Makeover

While all of the elements are made for the outdoors, I will bring in the containers for the winter (with the exception of the bucket planters). I don’t have the space to pack up and move the table and chairs so I was happy to find a large selection of durable patio furniture covers that exactly fit the table and chairs so they can stay out and be protected!

Deck Out Your Deck with these ideas

Giveaway Time!

I’m thrilled to be giving away something to deck out your deck (or garden) from A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge! This contest is now over. Congratulations to Nadine who won the $50 gift card!

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  1. Michelle @ And Then We Tried
    Michelle @ And Then We TriedJuly 25,17

    Your deck looks so great!! I had the opposite problem with my deck, I had all the furniture ready to go, but the boards and deck color was too hard to cover up. I refinished it a few weeks ago and have been living out there ever since! I’d love to add some more natural elements to it, like you have with the gorgeous flowers and grow bags!

    Here’s my deck transformation: http://andthenwetried.com/2017/07/refinishing-back-deck-olympic-maximum-stain/

  2. Robyn R.
    Robyn R.July 25,17

    I have the perfect place for the 3-tier harvest basket stand! But I’m in the same situation as you with the rotting wood and nails and no funds. I hadn’t thought about a rug, that would be perfect for the baby to crawl on!

  3. Barbara Peter
    Barbara PeterJuly 26,17

    I had my deck powerwashed this summer too. Huge difference! Love the area rug and dining set!

  4. Debbie Williamson
    Debbie WilliamsonJuly 26,17

    I love what you did to spruce up your space without major construction! I visited the Gardener’s Edge website and loved the windmill obelisk! I also loved the lanterns you used on your deck!

  5. Ann
    AnnJuly 26,17

    Oh Steph this is so wonderful! I could hang out on this deck forever. I looked at the Gardener’s Edge website and there are so many things I could buy…no shock there I’m sure! I love the Retro Metal Lawn furniture and all the white Adirondack furniture too. They have lovely things.

  6. Gail Alderman
    Gail AldermanJuly 26,17

    I love my deck. I think an outdoor rug would add a very nice element to it.

  7. Mindy Delano
    Mindy DelanoJuly 26,17

    Absolutely love the transformation! As seasons change, that “wood wall” can be updated, with a fall wreath, christmas wreath, little nests and birdhouses in spring!

  8. Robin H. Cannady
    Robin H. CannadyJuly 26,17

    The 3 tier garden planter would be perfect in the corner of my deck. I love the cut wood art pieces. I may make something similar to privacy screen on side of the deck. Awesome!!

  9. Deborah West
    Deborah WestJuly 26,17

    Hi Stephanie,
    I love A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge! Sooo many great and wonderful garden tools and supplies. The outdoor screen panel is beautiful and may just be what I am looking for to disguise and hide our exterior herbie curbie trash bin,

    Love your patio up-do too! Great ideas. I am looking forward to reading instructions on how to make the outdoor art work. How do you slice the wood so well? Thank you for the inspiration and garden giveaway!

  10. Kris Timm
    Kris TimmJuly 26,17

    I would love to see the Solar Chinese Lantern String Lights and the French Country Double Hanging Basket Stand on my deck!

  11. Lindsey Aylward
    Lindsey AylwardJuly 26,17

    I would love to get one of these for the kids: http://www.gardenersedge.com/vegtrug-kids-garden-bed/p/VTK460/

  12. Sue
    SueJuly 26,17

    I love the privacy wall that you created, just what I need. We bought our house three years ago and there wasn’t any neighbors close. Now there is several across the street with elevated screen porches that look right in to my open deck, don’t feel really comfortable sometimes. I love what you’ve done to yours and I really like the three tired basket stand.

  13. Lise Bixler
    Lise BixlerJuly 26,17

    You’ve inspired me to work harder on my deck. What would help is an effective and attractive way to keep dirt from outside traveling inside – the
    WaterGuard Runner Boxwood 22in x 5ft vp-203782260.jpg WaterGuard Runner Boxwood 22in x 5ft
    New! WaterGuard Runner, Boxwood, 22in x 5ft would be EXCELLENT!

  14. Linda
    LindaJuly 26,17

    I would like to use the VegTrug Elevated Garden Beds on my balcony.

  15. Robin Reid
    Robin ReidJuly 26,17

    So many different things a person could do for a deck, excellent do overy on your deck. …for me it begins with stripping the paint that is already there and repainting it….then a place to put a few plan9, such as the Forged Stand Set of 3-Tier Rectangular Stand and 2 Corner Stands and a place to eat would be a great start

  16. Robin Nigash
    Robin NigashJuly 26,17

    Wowza! What a beautiful and inviting place to hang out! The 3-tier harvest basket planter would work in so many places -even on a narrow porch. Thanks for sharing the Gardener’s Edge website with so many great items! I look forward to learning how you made the twig and cut wood wall art.

  17. Laurie Nykaza
    Laurie NykazaJuly 27,17

    New! Root Pouch Non-Degradable Mega Grow Bag Raised Bed look wonderful to plant in I like the colors they come in as well.

  18. Sally Christiansen
    Sally ChristiansenJuly 27,17

    I would add the solar light gazing ball to my outdoor porch/patio area. Your deck looks beautiful.

  19. Janis Cutter
    Janis CutterJuly 27,17

    Your deck is lovely. I changed the colors on mine this year with a turquoise & white lacy look rug, and recovered my cushions with turquoise fabric with white birds and vines running through it. Brightened everything up. I could definitely see the English Style Terranium Plant Stand added to my decor.

  20. Janis Cutter
    Janis CutterJuly 27,17

    PS – it would help if I could spell above – Terrarium…:)

  21. Sue Ruff
    Sue RuffJuly 27,17

    Your deck looks beautiful! It’s amazing what an outdoor rug and new cushions can do! I added a rug several years ago, and love the way it changes an ordinary deck to an outdoor room. Your new table with the planter is gorgeous! I was not familiar with A.M Leonard’s Garden site, but I will check it out now. What great items! I would love to have the 3 tiered basket stand – it is so versatile!

  22. Laurie Smith-Carbino
    Laurie Smith-CarbinoJuly 27,17

    Love the deck!It looks so cozy and inviting. At A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge I would love the Root Pouch Reusable Grow Bags!

  23. Denise Jensen
    Denise JensenJuly 27,17

    I really like the Windmill Obelisk…wouldn’t fit on my deck very well necessarily, but would make a great addition to the “theme” and add interest. I also love the Rustc Mason Jar Basket/Planter! It has lots of potential for different uses!

  24. Scheral Greider
    Scheral GreiderJuly 27,17

    I love the wall bucket planters. Our deck is so worn! It’s in need of an entire make over!

  25. Paul Lenhard
    Paul LenhardJuly 27,17

    Wow, what a transformation. Great job! Everything works so well together. I especially love the table with the plant inlay and the 3-tier Harvest Basket Planter.

  26. Ellen Turner
    Ellen TurnerJuly 27,17

    Your deck is just lovely..the transformation is outstanding….
    I really like the galvanized planters, they’d look great on our deck!

  27. Carrie
    CarrieJuly 27,17

    Your deck is day and night perfect for hanging out with a good gardening book. I’m a firm believer in using patio covers and my current ones are ready for replacement. The cushion storage bag definitely has my eye.

  28. Karen
    KarenJuly 27,17

    What a transformation! I have a nice deck but it’s really just a nice deck with a cheap table and chair set on it but we have no shade to enjoy it. I have one large planter that does look nice. I would probably like to have a large trellis that I could start a climbing plant on and have that grow up and give some color. I do like the look of the outdoor rug too. It’s hard to tell where to start.

  29. Karen
    KarenJuly 27,17

    I would like to put some color on my deck. I really like the look of the galvanized buckets and they would look very nice with the type of home that I have. I feel like I could use them year round. Self watering planters would be nice too.

  30. Carol Baker
    Carol BakerJuly 27,17

    Aquaplanter seems cool. Not usable on the deck but living in MA we need indoor planters more than outdoors.

  31. Lynn Panit
    Lynn PanitJuly 27,17

    I could sure use a bit of light for the evenings. The candle lanterns would do the trick!

  32. Kimk
    KimkJuly 27,17

    What a nice transformation! Love your new deck. We are working on our deck, too, preparing it to re-stain and add some privacy as high winds recently knocked down our pine tree pricacy screen. I think the Waterguard mat would be useful for us, as would any of the planters. Thanks for,the opportunity to win something!

  33. Deborah W.
    Deborah W.July 27,17

    I would love to make a succulent planter for center of patio table and also add some citronella candles.

  34. Krista
    KristaJuly 28,17

    Your deck looks sooo much better!!! Your celativity is inspiring and I am eager to see how you made the wall art. My deck is quite plain so I would dress it up with the antique willow plant stand and some of those cute candle lanterns.

  35. Kim Kascak
    Kim KascakJuly 29,17

    I love spending time on my deck. I would like to dress up the space with the three tiered basket plant stand and the beautiful table lanterns.

  36. Nadine
    NadineJuly 29,17

    I definitely would get something for Mosquito Control as we can’t even get out the door without being attacked. Then it would be nice to get something fun and pretty too!

  37. Laura
    LauraJuly 30,17

    What a beautiful outdoor space you created. It is such a peaceful setting and must be absolutely lovely at night. Apparently your pretty little dog loves the space, too.
    I love the lanterns from Gardeners Edge!!! Nice choice!

  38. Kelly M.
    Kelly M.July 30,17

    I would love a 3-Tier Harvest Basket Planter Stand!! What a statement piece!

  39. Karen Simon Peterson
    Karen Simon PetersonJuly 31,17

    Your deck looks wonderful! I love the galvanized planters and they have a cute little bench that I would use as a side table. I also have my eye on their little chicken coop.

  40. Cindy Farris
    Cindy FarrisAugust 1,17

    I like the hose stand with storage shelf. So pretty AND functional. Isn’t it frustrating rolling up a hose and trying NOT to step on it?

  41. Angela
    AngelaAugust 3,17

    Your deck ‘up-do’ has inspired AND motivated me to do something or anything to make my deck more inviting and comfortable. I bought this house two years ago and I’ve put the deck on the back burner, so to speak! And now is the time!! But to choose just one item…would be impossible!
    Not to mention how I couldn’t afford to buy anything new.
    But thanks a million for such great ideas!! And for lighting that fire under my ___!! 😎

  42. Suzan Herskowitz
    Suzan HerskowitzAugust 8,17

    My porch doesn’t get near enough light to plant much and until the neighbors pulled down trees, the backyard was somewhat shady but the 3-Tier Antique Willow Plant Stand would be a nice addition to the yard or the porch.

  43. Courtney C
    Courtney CAugust 10,17

    I would get an earthmark raised garden bed! I could really use it!

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