Two Tier Rhubarb Leaf Birdbath From The Book Garden Made

The Garden Fountain That Completely Transformed a Shady Front Yard Space

Water features transform a garden space. It could be just the sounds that draw you in from far away or something that visually attracts you before you even hear a trickle, but the common element is how the water becomes the star of the garden. I’ve often seen garden designers install a garden fountain or a pond to anchor a new space. While this works wonders for a blank slate, adding a water feature to a mature garden can be a bit more complicated. Working to save well-rooted plants and trees is well worth the effort, however, as the end result will make the garden fountain look like it was always intended to be there.water feature

This post is sponsored by Aquascape, who also provided the garden fountain supplies. They provided a fountain to give away to one lucky Garden Therapy reader and the winner is Anne-Maria Hawkes in Milton, Ontario! Congratulations, Anne-Maria.

The “Before”

I’ve written many times about the importance of soil-based gardening. I truly believe that giving plants healthy soil is the foundation for healthy plants that thrive in the garden organically without pest and disease issues. You can read more about balance in the garden and organic disease control and pest control. This garden transformation will show you how it works in practice.Front Yard Shade Garden BEFORE

When I first bought my house, I adopted a garden that was full of construction materials and dead soil. The plants were beautiful selections, but with terrible soil they didn’t have much of a chance to reach their potential. As you can see by this photo of the garden before I started working on the soil, it was full of stones, eroded, and compacted.

The “After”

Three years after replacing the soil and adding appropriate plants, the garden was full and lush. The trees and shrubs were bright, colorful, and healthy looking. I added a number of new perennials to the garden to give it full, woodland appeal. I added plenty of color with foliage as the garden is primarily in shade. Even back then I thought a garden fountain would suit the space so I made a two-tier rhubarb leaf birdbath (which is a DIY project in my book, Garden Made, p. 41).Two Tier Rhubarb Leaf Birdbath from the book Garden Made

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The front garden looked beautiful and didn’t require much effort to keep it that way. I added compost twice a year, mulched in the fall, and generally just worked to improve the soil nutrition. A shady garden with mature plants doesn’t need much maintenance throughout the year.

As my home is right in the city, the front yard garden’s purpose is to create a buffer between the busy sidewalk and the front entrance. It’s a beautiful space that adds curb appeal, yet without needing much maintenance, I spent so little time there that I rarely thought twice about it when planning new garden projects.

Out of Sight, Top of Mind

Then it hit me: why do I not USE this space that I love so much? The one thing that the space lacked was a place to enjoy the garden. I had often talked about adding a front porch to sit and sip coffee, enjoying the front yard plants and chatting with the neighbors as they walked their dogs and kids. Looking at the garden in a new light helped me see what the space could become.How to Install a Disappearing Fountain Step (13)
Bench seating in shady fountain gardenColumnar Basalt Fountain

The Fountain that Changed the Space

Last year we placed a bench in the front garden but nobody ever sat on it. It just wasn’t welcoming enough. I figured that there isn’t anything more welcoming than bubbling water in front of a bench so that is where the fountain would go. Forget the front porch! We could create a welcoming space, nestled under the trees, where you could sit and sip coffee and watch the bees flit around the splashing water. I set out to find the perfect water feature and thought the columnar basalt garden fountain would fit the space as well as blend with the colors of the Japanese maple and Heucheras.Gorgeous columnar basalt disappearing fountain

The most unexpected delight in installing the fountain is how it lights up at night. I strongly recommend adding landscape lighting to a water feature so you can enjoy the space after the sun starts to set. The lights are angled to shine on the fountain as well as the dogwood and maple trees, creating a canopy of light above the garden. It lights the pathway to the front steps and is welcoming to come home to after a late night out.Garden Lighting at night on a river stone and columnar basalt fountain


Now, are you inspired to add your own DIY water feature? It’s easier than you think.How to Install a Disappearing Fountain Step (8)

Installing the fountain transformed the space for sure, but it wasn’t complicated to DIY. I was previously intimidated with installing a water feature but through this project learned just how simple of a process it is. You will find full step-by-step instructions to installing the fountain in this post:

You Can Do It! How to Install a Disappearing Fountain at Home

And I have more great news! Aquascape has some beautiful fountains and they are giving away this gorgeous urn fountain kit to one of our readers anywhere the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec).Stacked Slate Urn Fountain

This Stacked Slate Urn Fountain ($459.98 USD) comes as a kit including the fountain, basin, and pump so you can easily set it up at home.

This contest is now closed. The lucky winner is Anne-Maria Hawkes in Milton, Ontario! Congratulations, Anne-Maria.

Update: For those who have been asking about how to winterize or care for a fountain, I have more articles that will answer all of your questions (I hope!):


About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. Lisa Werner
    Lisa WernerAugust 26,16

    Such a beautiful site. I love this style of fountain. Slate is my favorite.

    • Abby Villarreal
      Abby VillarrealSeptember 5,16

      We live in North Texas and love the look of your front yard area. We have a side yard that is our eyesore because it is fully shaded and grass just will not grow. We’re working to fix a drainage problem and want to add a water feature and be able to extend the back yard into the side by opening the gate at night. I really like the way you used rock and plants as ground cover!

  2. Rick Doone
    Rick DooneAugust 26,16

    I live in central Ohio and the slate fountain kit would serve our family well be providing the gentle sound of the water, yet not having the ponding water effect that attracts wild animals to our yard

  3. Kay Martin
    Kay MartinAugust 26,16

    I would love to win the garden fountain.I stay outside a lots taking care of my flowers and i also have a small vegetable garden this keeps my mind occupied some since i lost my daughter.

  4. Martha murillo
    Martha murilloAugust 26,16

    Love this fountain, I’ll go great in my small Garden, it looks rasy to install and it would be a fabulous addition.

  5. Amy Wolfe
    Amy WolfeAugust 26,16

    I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State in the town of Cohocton. I live in a lovely wooded setting and have always wanted to add a fountain to my garden.
    The one here would look absolutely great!

  6. Kathie Schram
    Kathie SchramAugust 26,16

    I absolutely love fountains! The birds and animals the flowing water attracts to my yard are so much fun to watch. I have been working for two years on a Courtyard behind my home and a new fountain would be so wonderful! I live in Northern Indiana and look forward to Summers so I can grow my flowers and garden.

  7. Yvonne
    YvonneAugust 26,16

    I am in beautiful Northern BC and will be moving to a new house soon where I am starting over in a new garden space … a beautiful fountain like this one would be perfect to start creating my new space.

  8. Grand Pam
    Grand PamAugust 26,16

    Would love the fountain. Enjoy your site so glad to have found it. My husband wants to know what do you do with the fountain in winter. Will it not freeze?

  9. Kathy
    KathyAugust 26,16

    I live in the beautiful state of Connecticut. So much beauty in this state that it still amazes me when I come across another little town that seems to be lost in time. I have a piece of heaven here with a beautiful back yard and the perfect spot for that Stackable Slate Fountain. It would be placed under my mother’s favorite tree, along with my Chinese lantern and a sitting bench in her memory.

  10. The Goods Goddess
    The Goods GoddessAugust 26,16

    Montana gardening can be challenging due to our unpredictable weather and cold winters. How would a water feature like this do when it reaches -30ºF? I have a small space out front that needs some TLC and a fountain could be just the right thing.

    BTW, I love your site and how to videos. Very inspiring and educational. And fun, too! :)

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseAugust 26,16

      Thank you so much! I have some tips on how to winterize your water feature plus a bunch more info like maintenance and cleaning in this collection of articles I have written a number of articles on water features, including how to over winter them:

  11. Shana Gutman
    Shana GutmanAugust 26,16

    Hi Stephanie,
    I was hoping to buy a copy or 2 of your book. Can I get them straight from you? I love your posts, especially the pics of the fam! We’ll be revamping both the front and back yards after our renos are done January-ish. First up will be a rain garden, then self watering boxes for a kitchen garden. So excited! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  12. Carolyn
    CarolynAugust 26,16

    So, so pretty. I would love one of these fountains in my pollinator garden here in Pittsburgh, PA!

  13. Jane
    JaneAugust 26,16

    Our garden in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Washington State) would welcome another water feature. We have one in the back (a pond with goldfish), a small one in a wine barrel half, for the hummingbirds to wet their tails in, but our front entry needs water!

  14. Sharon Ross
    Sharon RossAugust 26,16

    Carson, California :) I started with a debris filled, weed choked mess as well! Trying to keep myself from going crazy when my son deployed…. I picked up a shovel & one shovelful after another cleaned, cleared, planted … even dug out the front yard grass & put in native plants/low water landscape. A fountain is a finishing touch I’m watching climb slowly up my wish(save up for) list.

  15. Shirley Casciola
    Shirley CasciolaAugust 26,16

    I live in Shreveport, Louisiana It’s still hot here.

  16. Susie Clay
    Susie ClayAugust 26,16

    I love, love this fountain!! It would be a great addition to my many flower beds that I enjoy so much!! Thanks for the chance <3

    • Susie Clay
      Susie ClayAugust 26,16

      In Lebanon, Tennessee <3

  17. Suzanne Luehring
    Suzanne LuehringAugust 26,16

    Love everything about this water feature. Nebraska gets pretty cold in the winter but this fountain would be amazing in my garden come spring. 💗

  18. Tonia Deakin
    Tonia DeakinAugust 26,16

    What an awesome giveaway! I live in Indiana and I just adore a water features in a yard and we don’t have one. It would just give my yard that extra something!

  19. Tara
    TaraAugust 26,16

    Oooohhhh…. I’d love to win this! I live in the greater Vancouver area, and I’ve been working on my garden for the past two years. It still has some work to be done, but we’re getting there! Great giveaway, Stephanie!

  20. Pamela
    PamelaAugust 26,16

    I’m in Arkansas. This fountain would be perfect in my rustic informal garden.

  21. Alice
    AliceAugust 27,16

    I live in Missouri. Turning a run down trailerpark lot into my little piece of heaven is a work in progress. I love it when people stop thier cars to admire my raised bed gardens and my flowers. I have trying to decidevon a water feature that myself and the area wildlife could enjoy. I think this would be beautiful.

  22. Reba
    RebaAugust 27,16

    Needed element of water in my zen garden Nashville TN

  23. Anne
    AnneAugust 27,16

    What a beautiful fountain. I’ve been wanting to add one to my garden for some time. I so enjoy your blog.

  24. Gail Bell
    Gail BellAugust 27,16

    Thank you so much for this most informative post. This fountain would be great on my wooded trail in Western North Carolina.

  25. Anne-Maria Hawkes
    Anne-Maria HawkesAugust 27,16

    HI, I’m the Community Garden Coordinator for the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf in Milton, ON. We are in the process of building a sensory garden including wheelchair accessible beds and of course a water feature of some type as they are very therapeutic. I check your site regularly for inspiration! Thanks for what you do!

  26. Ann J.
    Ann J.August 27,16

    I somehow stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did! I smile every time I see your new post in my email. We’ve just moved to Minnesota from California and I’ve been missing the burble of the creek I used to hear. I’ve always loved the sound of water — it’s so soul-restoring and peace-giving. These latest posts on water features have given me new vision for bringing that missing element to my outdoor space. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Linda Toan
    Linda ToanAugust 27,16

    This water feature has a very natuarl feel that would compliment every garden style.

  28. DarcyLea
    DarcyLeaAugust 27,16

    I recently found your blog and I’m so glad I did! We moved from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Bainbridge Island Washington, to Iowa City Iowa two years ago. The Midwest presents some very interesting gardening challenges. We just built a terrace and pergola in our otherwise barren back garden and I’m in the process of creating a Zen garden and outdoor yoga space. A fountain would be the “icing on the cake” and the stacked stone version absolutely perfect. A visit to the AquaScape website has my mind spinning with possibilities. Thank you for sharing

  29. Dianne Stavropoulos
    Dianne StavropoulosAugust 27,16

    I have so enjoyed reading your gardening posts for the last few months. Your fountain and shade garden are beautiful! My husband and I have a side garden and a water feature would be perfect for the space. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.

  30. Barbara
    BarbaraAugust 27,16

    Your shady spot is what we need in the corner of our Pennsylvania yard – a comfortable area that no one uses. A water feature would draw me there to read and relax after a stressful day at the office.

  31. Rebecca M
    Rebecca MAugust 27,16

    I live in southeastern Utah in high desert country. I would love a small fountain in our front yard (which we don’t enjoy nearly enough either) to really make it a more relaxing place to be . I am also hoping one day to put a pondless waterfall in our back yard. We have a perfect spot that is already sloped and runs through a series of trees – I just need to find a kit or diy something that can run about 40 ft.
    Love your site – thank you so much for all of the great information.

  32. Ruth Ann
    Ruth AnnAugust 27,16

    I live in Perryton, Texas which is located in the northeast panhandle. Our location is very dry, flat plains. A water feature would be very welcoming.

  33. Barbara
    BarbaraAugust 27,16

    My Texas yard would be glorious with a fountain like this. I have a small little yard with both beds and potted plants. I also have lots of trees that affect the sunlight so I often move my potted pants around to catch the best light or remove them from too much sun. I have several bird feeders and my red bird visitor would be so greatful for the water source.

  34. Linda Dujmic
    Linda DujmicAugust 27,16

    Hi Stephanie,
    I live in Pittsburgh, Pa and have a big yard with 3 large old oak trees and several large Maple trees, so I have several shade gardens. A fountain would look great in one of them. I have always wanted a fountain. I love your website.

  35. Belle
    BelleAugust 27,16

    I live in hot and steamy Pensacola Fl. Both my husband and I love both flower and vegetable gardening. We currently have 14 different kinds of fruit trees. I love sitting areas placed throughout our lot. This fountain would be a special addition to our garden.

  36. jan
    janAugust 27,16

    I’m from Utah. I’ve got the perfect spot for this water fountain. :)

  37. Belinda
    BelindaAugust 28,16

    Hi. I’m loving life in Southern California. We love gardening and with our ever-present drought, our yard is constantly being revised. A water feature would be awesome.

  38. Rita Shearer
    Rita ShearerAugust 28,16

    What a great giveaway! I will say thank you in advance for a great garden prize to the lucky winner. These bubbling fountains are my favorite!

  39. Kathryn
    KathrynAugust 28,16

    I would love to add a fountain! We are slowly but surely adding to our gardens…unfortunately a fountain is probably a few years away for us!!!

  40. Summer
    SummerAugust 29,16

    I live in Portland, OR and I’ve been following your blog for ideas for my own garden. We just bought a house and I’m in the process of creating my own garden for the first time.

  41. Kristine T
    Kristine TAugust 29,16

    What a beautiful garden. I love adding new spots of interest to my yard for my grandchildren to discover. We live in Bellingham, WA (the Great Northwest!).

  42. LeeAnn
    LeeAnnAugust 29,16

    I would love to win this founrain4. So pretty!! I am in Indiana!

  43. Cynthia
    CynthiaAugust 29,16

    What a fun giveaway — thanks! I live in the greater Boston area.

  44. Stephanie
    StephanieAugust 30,16

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve always wanted one of these in my garden! I live in Carpentersville Illinois!

  45. Mavis Puchlik
    Mavis PuchlikAugust 31,16

    Love the urn fountain it would look gorgeous up at the cabin in Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. Adding the tinkling sound of falling water to add a soothing ambiance.

  46. Kathy Landess
    Kathy LandessAugust 31,16

    Your newsletter is great. I live in a rural area in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mtns in CA. The nearest town is called Auberry. LOVE water gardens!!!

  47. Leah L. Adams
    Leah L. AdamsAugust 31,16

    Hello! I love the article about adding a water feature. I have a small three tier water feature at the corner of my flower garden around my front porch. However, I have thought about moving it to my flower garden in the front… a much larger, fairly new garden. Not many flowers … but many textures and color. I had it installed Spring of 2015. It has been such a joy to watch everything fill in spaces and mature. I have much i want to do this fall to my lovely garden and either moving my existing cheap three tier fountain or buy a new one or … WIN THE STAKED SLATE water fountain. I would love that. It would add much more to the space. I loved the before and after pics you shared. You did a world of good for the space. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Donna Wishnie
    Donna WishnieAugust 31,16

    I llive in Southeastern PA. I love to make gifts for people every Christmas. I have lots of dried herbs, some that I have ground into powder. Mint, chamomile, lemon verbena, bee balm, patchouli… Any suggestions?

  49. Carol Fleshood
    Carol FleshoodAugust 31,16

    How beautiful this fountain is. Never imagined I could do something this beautiful by myself. I will be giving this a try.

  50. Carol Hanson
    Carol HansonAugust 31,16

    water features are great in a garden and this fountain would be great in mine!

  51. Lori
    LoriAugust 31,16

    I really enjoy your posts. So many great ideas. I’m just outside of Seattle in Redmond where we are just beginning to work on the back yard. Our summer projects were getting the lawn healthy and removing an ornamental plum including digging up the stump that will now become a sort of outdoor coffee table for us, as well as, a testament to our hard work. We will be putting in a fountain down the road, so I thought I’d enter your giveaway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  52. Diane
    DianeAugust 31,16

    Oh my! Your garden is beautiful and I love the landscape night. It adds a wonderful ambiance. I live in Minnesota and would love to feature the beautiful slate water feature in my woodland garden. It is truly a piece of art.

  53. mari beth
    mari bethAugust 31,16

    We are building a cottage in our backyard for my 88 and 86 yr old folks. I so want to put in a water feature back there for them! Water is a powerful element in our lives…from the times my dad took me fishing on the lake at 5:00 a.m. to bathtime at the end of the day to just being mesmerized by he glint of the sun and the sounds of the ebb and flow in between. I love your blog for inspiration!

  54. MariaB
    MariaBAugust 31,16

    I’m a northern Californian and water is our gold right now. I’d love to have a feature where I could actually hear and enjoy it. Great article.

  55. Sheryl Crowley
    Sheryl CrowleyAugust 31,16

    I live in Roscoe, Illinois. I love water fountains and especially love this slate water fountain. You have a lovely garden and I so enjoy your newsletters.

  56. Barbara
    BarbaraAugust 31,16

    I live in Nebraska and though we can have some harsh winters, I love the change of seasons and the challenges of gardening here. The slate fountain would be such a delightful addition to our garden. I would be so happy to have the delightful sound of splashing water by my deck.

  57. MG
    MGAugust 31,16

    I am a senior living in Central FL. Last October I lost my best buddy and laid him to rest in my back yard so he could be near the birds he loved to watch. A fountain would be so awesome as I spend countless hours gardening (and weeding). Love your blog with DIY projects and the garden in your front yard.

  58. Deb McLean
    Deb McLeanAugust 31,16

    Living in ARizona, the sound of water in a fountain takes 5 degrees off the summer heat! I have the perfect place for this fountain in my backyard!

  59. Terri
    TerriAugust 31,16

    I love your site and look forward to reading posts. I live in Kansas City area of MIssouri. We love it here and I would really be happy to add that great fountain to my front yard!

  60. Suzanne G
    Suzanne GAugust 31,16

    I live on an acreage in western Saskatchewan Canada. I love to look and listen to water features in a yard. I think they are just so calming. The fountain in your giveaway is beautiful.

  61. Grammie Linda
    Grammie LindaAugust 31,16

    My 3 year old grandson loves to come to Grammie’s and help me in the garden. It would be grand to add a water feature like this in the landscape. I’ve enjoyed learning about so many others situations and where they reside. We all enjoy your website and look forward to every blog ;-) Happy Gardening from Sebastopol, CA -Gravenstein Apple and Sonoma Wine country,

  62. Donna Sucato
    Donna SucatoAugust 31,16

    [email protected]
    I live in Florida and have made sitting areas in my backyard under beautiful shade trees. I hang lots of wind chimes in my trees along with strings of solar lighting that make my yard mystical. I love gardening and I like a variety of color, mostly purples. I’ve never owned a fountain but would love to show it off in my yard. If I had a slate fountain I would create a serenity garden.

  63. Ann Power
    Ann PowerAugust 31,16

    Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing your compelling story and beautiful gardening goodness.
    I’d love, love, love to be the blessed recipient of this lovely fountain! Ann

  64. Clem Hockstein
    Clem HocksteinAugust 31,16

    Love the transformation! You’ve created a tranquil, healing space. <3

  65. lori
    loriAugust 31,16

    What a calm serene space. Lovely! Always love a water feature in a garden. It just adds the finishing touch.
    Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win!

  66. D. Henry
    D. HenryAugust 31,16

    Love this site, I have the perfect spot for this fountain. Send it on! Lacey’s Spring, AL

  67. Buffy
    BuffySeptember 1,16

    I love in south east Pennsylvania and and in the process of redoing my front garden. I’ve been looking for a water feature and this one is lovely

  68. Dallas
    DallasSeptember 1,16

    How timely, beautiful and informative. I now have inspiration as to what to do with my problematic yard that was recently dug up because of crushed waste pipes.

  69. Becky Dibling
    Becky DiblingSeptember 1,16

    Fountains in a garden are a southing addition. I live in northwest Ohio in a wooded area. I love your tips!

  70. Brenda B.
    Brenda B.September 1,16

    Beautiful Shade garden, I am new to the site but look forward to each post. Thank you for sharing the beautiful shade garden.

  71. Beth Cobbs
    Beth CobbsSeptember 1,16

    I live in Ohio, this fountain is the perfect size for my main flower garden. I enjoy your website, Stephanie. I have utilized a few of your ideas in our outdoor space around the house.

  72. Logan Wilhelm
    Logan WilhelmSeptember 1,16

    I am relatively new to your site. Have moved away from the superficial FruFru sites in favor of those that highlight both simplicity and the outdoors! Getting my yard to have this kind of beauty has been long coming. A fountain would be such a wonderful addition and this fountain in particular has the rustic more natural lines that I am in love with. Thanks for the ideas and the step-by-step to attain visions from dreams!!

  73. Joy Bracewell
    Joy BracewellSeptember 1,16

    I would love to have the fountain in my yard. I am a gardener who really loves getting my hands dirty. I live in Palm Bay, Fl. where I have had to amend the soil over the years and still find places to put my next flower.

  74. Elizabeth
    ElizabethSeptember 1,16

    We moved to Williamsburg, VA in December of 2014 in a hurry to find a house to be with my son who was gravely ill. We bought a colonial style house with a small backyard garden that was enclosed with picket fencing. My husband expanded the garden to twice its size and put in a brick patio. It is a shaded area and I have been trying to find plants that do well in the shade. It is a work in progress. I would love to have a fountain. The sound of the water trickling is very soothing and I think it would add some character to my struggling space.

  75. Pattie pilz
    Pattie pilzSeptember 1,16

    We have all shade by our home. This gives me a lot of ideas. The fountain is gorgeous!

  76. Tonya
    TonyaSeptember 1,16

    Wow this looks great & you’ve made it sound easy to do! I’ve always loved the sound of water features but they seem intimidating.
    We are new to the Lafayette, La area. We have to start all over with landscaping at our new home, a new
    feature (now that it seems easier then I thought) would be a great addition.

  77. Krista
    KristaSeptember 1,16

    I grow lots of beautiful plants in Pennsylvania and I love the inspiration I get from your site. Your fountain is beautiful.

  78. CathyAnn
    CathyAnnSeptember 1,16

    Love your blog! I, too, am a gardener in upstate NY. A water feature would be a soothing addition to the landscape. Thank you for the opportunity with this giveaway.

  79. Gwen
    GwenSeptember 1,16

    I look forward to opening my mail and seeing a new newsletter! I am in western Maryland where we live with drought conditions and high humidity through the summer. Fountains are my way of relieving the opperesive heat simply because of the soothing sound of water flowing. This is a beautiful fountain that would look amazing with my stacked slate bed borders.

  80. Rose Nardi
    Rose NardiSeptember 1,16

    Fountains bring a whole new dimension to a garden with soothing water sounds. The tranquility provided by gentle water sounds washes away stress of the day. A fountain in a garden generates unbounded serenity and transforms an ordinary garden into a spiritual retreat.

  81. Pattycake
    PattycakeSeptember 1,16

    As I love indoor and outdoor fountains, this would be a perfect fit on the front deck, where I can sit and listen the water and watch the hummingbirds zooming in/out of their feeder in the front flower garden; live in country in Bidwell OH

  82. Dusty
    DustySeptember 1,16

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely fountain. I have always wanted a fountain as my husband and I (now retired) spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature. (I shared your Blog with my daughter, who was already signed up – great minds think alike). Whoever wins will be blessed with the sound of trickling water, but we are all fortunate to have found your site. Have a lovely day.

  83. Jeanette
    JeanetteSeptember 1,16

    I’ve always loved water in a garden. I think your front garden will draw your neighbors to visit you there.

  84. Barb
    BarbSeptember 1,16

    I get lots of good info from this site!
    Love the fountain and would love to win it!

  85. Sandi
    SandiSeptember 1,16

    Hi Stephanie, I live in Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island. We just added a great deck to our home, but the traffic noise is so loud. We are hoping a water feature will help to muffle the noise and add relaxing sounds.

    KAREN SEBORSeptember 1,16

    My, how you inspire me! I liked your idea of leaving water out for the bees! I think Mr. Bob Rumball should win the fountain (I do not know him) but it seems like he could put it to very good use at his place of therapy! Altho’ I would certainly use it for my own personal therapy if I were to win it! Thanx for the opportunity to enter! We live in Chardon, OHIO by the way — it’s the snowbelt by our precious Lake Erie!!

  87. Carla
    CarlaSeptember 1,16

    What a great post. I live in a suburb of Kansas City. Have been working to transform my yard in a fixer upper I purchased. Moving plants, dividing plants that have been here for ages. Have been looking at water features. This would be awesome to win. Your area certainly was transformed!

  88. Baybee
    BaybeeSeptember 1,16

    Your blog is such an inspiration! As is the lovely fountain that would transform a blank portion of my New York garden. Thank you for the opportunity.

  89. Darlene
    DarleneSeptember 1,16

    What an amazing, beautiful water feature! My husband and I love to sit and relax in our many gardens on our property on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. This water fountain would be so enjoyable to sit and watch!

  90. Pat Cassity
    Pat CassitySeptember 1,16

    Oh my gosh Stephanie, the fountain is gorgeous! I do want to personally thank-you for your newsy news letter. I retired in March and just started getting into gardening, so you are like a dear friend full of tips, hints and ideas! Who knew! Me transforming my yard and really enjoying it. I live in Boise Idaho where my new love of succulents and humming birds fit right in! The fountain would be a beautiful piece to have in my yard!

  91. Regina Esch
    Regina EschSeptember 1,16

    I am fairly new to your blog but I have found all of your posts inspiring and informative. I love the sound of water and all the wildlife it brings into your yard! I would love to have this water feature on my back patio to beckon in the deer, pollinators, and all wild creatures.

  92. Tracey
    TraceySeptember 1,16

    So glad to have found this website. I used to live in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, 13 years ago, and was excited when I found out your post comes from Vancouver! We are currently DIYing our backyard and a fountain is on my wish list.

  93. Ann
    AnnSeptember 1,16

    Your blog is so inspiring. As is this lovely fountain. It would to the perfect ‘jewelry’ to dress up a New York garden.

  94. Debbi Esvelt
    Debbi EsveltSeptember 1,16

    Oooohhhh Ahhhh I love your blog and especially the ones about water features–a water feature is the only glaring miss in my yard/garden–I think I could pull it off with the help of your tutorials!! Oh and yes I’d love to have the stacked fountain you are giving away! I’m located in the North East corner of Washington State! (Colville.)

  95. Deb Goodman
    Deb GoodmanSeptember 1,16

    Absolutely lovely! I live in Perry Ga (smack dab in the middle of the state, about 2 hrs south of Atlanta) Please enter me in the drawing, as I would love to add this to my DIY garden. Love your postings… Keep them coming please!

  96. Angelica Persson
    Angelica PerssonSeptember 1,16

    I’m in coastal Alabama and we love the sound of water. Water offers soothing, stress relief!

  97. Marie Hood
    Marie HoodSeptember 1,16

    I live in Memphis, TN with my sister and brother-in-law and we both love flowers in the yard. I spend much of my time on the patio in the back and this fountain would be great around the patio and the birds who come to my feeders would love the fountain for water and bathing.

  98. Rosie
    RosieSeptember 1,16

    Have a lil farmhouse in old town Murrieta,Calif. 92562. Redoing the front and back with any garden art I can. This fountain would be a blessing for the family. Love your tips an ideas.Thanks, kindly

  99. Kerri
    KerriSeptember 1,16

    The transformation to the garden is astounding – from the beginning through the soil building to the decision to make it a place to enjoy is a fascinating journey that encourages me as I struggle to reclaim a yard that was ignored for 70 or more years. The area around the front porch is coming into its own, but when I see the effect that beautiful fountain has had on yours, I realize what is missing — and know exactly where a water highlight would work perfectly.
    A stacked slate urn, such as the one demonstrated in the contest, would be the ideal focal point. I am all too aware of the chances of winning this contest, so where are these fountains and water features sold?
    Have started a new bed in a back corner – trying to decide if I should stop and install a fountain or continue then decide where to put the fountain for its best effect. Any suggestions?

  100. Kay
    KaySeptember 1,16

    We live in Billerica, Massachusetts. A water feature would be awesome in our front yard. I have the perfect spot all picked out near a Japanese red maple tree. Awesome job on your fountain installation.

  101. LindY G Sherrod
    LindY G SherrodSeptember 1,16

    Love the beautiful water feature in our garden. I have several spots that would look great with one too. Thank you for sharing.

  102. Kathleen
    KathleenSeptember 1,16

    Am I the only Canadian girl? I live in smalltown Ontario and we have had the most brutal summer that I hold in memory; soaring temperatures and high humidity. Most of my garden this year has been in a state of stress, no matter how much nuturing and heart I have poured into it. I will have to look at more drought resistent varieties. I have simple means, but have a love for nature and all things that spring from the earth. A fountain in my rather uncharacteristic yard would be a lovely feature as water is a very soothing element for me personally. Stephanie, I so enjoy your energy and your passion in delivering so much information through your newsletter!!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseSeptember 1,16

      No, Kathleen, I’m Canadian too! I have heard how terribly hot summer has been for you. It has been very cool all “summer” here. Do you get our newsletter? I had a whole list of articles on drought-resistant plants and xeriscaping articles. It seems like we will all have to think about that going forward. I would love to hear (or see) more about this “uncharacteristic yard”. Email me if you want to share :)

  103. M. Bowman
    M. BowmanSeptember 1,16

    Hello, I live in beautiful East Tennessee where raising laying hens, spending time in the flower and vegetable gardens and enjoying your site are highlights of my day. Thanks for all you do.

  104. Liz
    LizSeptember 1,16

    I love your fountain, we live in Toronto, Canada and our winters can be brutal! but a fountain would be so amazing even in the winter.

  105. Reba Schafer
    Reba SchaferSeptember 1,16

    I live in Nebraska, where it gets very cold and very hot, with some nice weather in between those times. I have quite a bit of landscaped area, but am having trouble taking care of it because of arthritis. This beautiful water feature could take the place of some plants and add beauty to the area. I love receiving your blog.

  106. Pat
    PatSeptember 1,16

    Always look forward to my weekly Garden Therapy! This post was particularly a good one….really tithe best on water features that I’ve seen and to top off all that zen a beautiful water feature give away. This slate fountain is gorgeous and portable….I’ve the perfect spot!

  107. Joyce Gallivan
    Joyce GallivanSeptember 1,16

    Would love to install a water garden inn backyard inAuburn, Massachusetts, would love listening to the soothing sounds and hope that it would encourage the many birds to visit. Hope I win.

  108. Pat
    PatSeptember 2,16

    We have had an installed pond for 30 years in various homes but always in the back yard. Our front yard could use a lovely spot and this is a wonderful idea. Really lovely. Thanks for the inspiration.

  109. Mary Mills
    Mary MillsSeptember 2,16

    That water feature is so gorgeous! I would love to add this to my garden. I am in Northern Michigan and love listening to the murmuring water!

  110. Jennifer Baker
    Jennifer BakerSeptember 2,16

    We recently moved to Lafayette, Indiana from Columbus, GA. We are an Army family and are originally from Colorado. We purchased a 1918 Bungalow that we are currently renovating. Every time we go shopping for supplies (Home Depot or Lowes) my 5 year has to make a stop to the garden area and see all the fountains I know he would LOVE a water feature in our backyard!

  111. Leigh Redington
    Leigh RedingtonSeptember 2,16

    Love it! I live in a far northern suburb of Chicago. I’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard over the past two years, and this fountain would complete a corner that is my next backyard project.

  112. Sue Ames
    Sue AmesSeptember 2,16

    I live in a very small town in Western New York. I love gardening and and love the sound of water so would love to win the fountain. The sound of flowing water is so relaxing especially when reading.

  113. Lesa
    LesaSeptember 2,16

    What a gorgeous fountain and an awesome give-away…. Would love to have it and get me jump-started on my yard again. I was home with my husband for 2 years with a terrible broken leg with a “halo/cage” on it & I pretty much had to do EVERYTHING for him, plus myself!!!! All is good now & he got to ring the “I’m DONE” Bell recently. I am really wanting to get back in my yard that was unattended pretty much for those two years…. Enjoy your site and all your posts – so glad I found it…. Congratulations to whoever wins this and thank you for having the contest!

  114. Elizabeth
    ElizabethSeptember 2,16

    I live in central Michigan and just keep turning lawn into garden, using many natives.

  115. Karen V
    Karen VSeptember 2,16

    We moved into our home in the Fraser Valley of BC 2 years ago. It had virtually no garden to speak of (just a bare backyard with a lot of grass and one big fir tree) and I’ve been working hard to create beautiful backyard gardens since we moved in. Installing a water feature or fountain is next on my wishlist. This fountain urn would be perfect in my shade garden (the how to post on making a disappearing water fountain has definitely piqued my interest!)

  116. Kathy Rowe
    Kathy RoweSeptember 3,16

    We’re bringing all of nature’s beauty to our backyard this summer by including native plants for year round color and pretty rock features. All is under a beautiful canopy of shade trees. Only one thing is missing. We would love to add a water feature like this lovely slate one. We have the perfect spot for it!

  117. Kathy Rowe
    Kathy RoweSeptember 3,16

    We’re bringing all of nature’s beauty to our backyard this summer by including native plants for year round color and pretty rock features. All is under a beautiful canopy of shade trees. Only one thing is missing. We would love to add a water feature like this lovely slate one. We have the perfect spot for it! This is a great way to enhance the rolling hills of the North Carolina piedmont.

  118. Kirstin Madigan
    Kirstin MadiganSeptember 4,16

    Live in Oregon’s lush Willamette valley. I’ve been considering adding a fountain to my front yard for some time. You make it look approachable. Lovely garden.

  119. Tammy Marciano
    Tammy MarcianoSeptember 4,16

    I live in Pennsylvania and my willow and white cedar would love a fountain. Me too ha ha…… much love… tammy

  120. Cat
    CatSeptember 4,16

    We love water features! It’s such a stress reliever to sit and listen to the water and it adds nice white noise to reduce traffic noise.

  121. Barbara
    BarbaraSeptember 4,16

    I have a small pond in my back yard that is home to many frogs. Every year I add goldfish and water plants, but have never added moving water to my landscaping. Although my little pond is a constant source of entertainment, adding a moving water feature to my garden would be wonderful.

    • Barbara
      BarbaraSeptember 4,16

      I live in MI, by the way…..

  122. Deborah W.
    Deborah W.September 4,16

    I live in southeast Ohio and it’s been sweltering until lately. Now that the rains have subsided, for now, the air is finally getting cooler and more fall-like. I have dreamed of having a fountain along side the stairs leading to back yard. It’s a perfect spot and the sound of the water would be wonderful!

  123. Marianne Lease
    Marianne LeaseSeptember 4,16

    Thanks for the post. Just yesterday I was thinking about how much I miss the fountain we had at our last home. It does provide an element of tranquility for sure. We live in central Ohio and are miles and miles away from anything resembling waterfalls or even fountains. I also appreciated your info on the importance of healthy soil.

  124. Annette Smith
    Annette SmithSeptember 4,16

    There is nothing more soothing than a water fountain. I’m retired and have a new home. This would go beautifully in my backyard so Myself and my husband can sit on our patio in the late evening and listen to the water flow and the crickets.

  125. Kimberly Clerici
    Kimberly ClericiSeptember 4,16

    A fountain of this beauty will truly enhance my garden, bird sanctuary!

  126. madeline strang
    madeline strangSeptember 4,16

    I love water features.There is nothing more soothing or relaxing just sitting quietly and listening to the sound of water.Certianely a beautiful garden feature.

  127. Lisa Hale
    Lisa HaleSeptember 4,16

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I have poring over Aquascapes website for many weeks already looking for the perfect fountain to liven up a bare spot in my home in Lake Wylie, SC! Thanks for all the info

  128. Patricia
    PatriciaSeptember 4,16

    I live on the edge of East Texas and North Texas. Such an inspiring article. I am ready to transform my dull area into a calming place to hang out and enjoy my rural home with all kinds of wildlife. A fountain is the perfect thing to plan around. Thanks!

  129. Dorothy Sindel
    Dorothy SindelSeptember 4,16

    I love the sound of water movement. Can’t have the ocean in Howard, Ohio, but can have the soft sound of this wonderful water fountain soothing my stressful life.

  130. Beverly
    BeverlySeptember 4,16

    We have planned to add a water feature for several years, just has not happened yet. Maybe this will inspire us to get it done. Thank you for your information.

  131. Kathy Chernicky
    Kathy ChernickySeptember 4,16

    Just moved into our retirement home in North Chesterfield, VA. I have always dreamed of having a fountain and this one would be perfect!

  132. Linda Segerson
    Linda SegersonSeptember 5,16

    Love your garden, very beautiful. we live in West Tennessee and would love to win this beautiful fountain!

  133. Jamie Calisti
    Jamie CalistiSeptember 5,16

    My husband and I are getting ready to landscape our backyard. I have saved my favorite ideas from garden therapy and have drawn them into my plan. I have included a space for a moving water feature particularly to help water wildlife in the dry and hot San Antonio, Texas summers.

  134. Sharon
    SharonSeptember 5,16

    Middle Tennessee. We are just beginning to turn the front “yard” into a front garden. These beautiful fountains are ideal. thank you for your constantly inspiring and encouraging website.

  135. Julie Huber
    Julie HuberSeptember 5,16

    I live in the central Kansas Plains, where rainfall can sometimes be sparse. I have recently retired so have more time to enjoy and install a new water feature!

  136. Katrina Kelly
    Katrina KellySeptember 5,16

    Wow! That is amazing! I live in the central bluegrass of Kentucky. We’re in a drought right now, it has been a wacky summer here! I’m definitely a water person and would love to live near a creek one day. We’ve turned our suburban property into a pollinator garden. A fountain would be dreamy. We love sitting on the patio watching the songbirds. Right now we’re raising about 30 butterflies in a terrarium, it’s amazing to watch how they go into a chrysalis.

  137. Haley
    HaleySeptember 5,16

    I’m from Alberta, Canada.

  138. Chelsey B
    Chelsey BSeptember 5,16

    I’m from BC, Canada, and I love water features in gardens. There is something so soothing about the sound and sight of trickling water. I would certainly love to have one in my garden! Yours looks beautiful!

  139. Judi James
    Judi JamesSeptember 5,16

    I live in Edmonton Alberta & our garden is just 6 years old and is finally starting to mature. I love the look of your fountain at night and would love one to compliment my yard But….I would rather see it go to the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf in Milton, ON where they are in the process of building a sensory garden with a water feature. The benfit would be for many !

  140. Pam
    PamSeptember 5,16

    Just moved to Thousand Oaks, Ca. Saw you DIY for fountain and may consider doing that, took the mystery out. Love the calm the flowing water creates. Glad the gardening helped you. Your website is very interesting and helpful, great to have stumbled upon it.

  141. Stephanie C.
    Stephanie C.September 6,16

    I live in NW Indiana. We have a small pond but would love to have a fountain or some other type of water feature with it to make sounds of running water. I LOVE this blog!!!

  142. Evelyn Lynch
    Evelyn LynchSeptember 6,16

    I live in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. How I would love a fountain for my yard. There’s nothing as soothing as the sound of water. I can just picture it now…

  143. holly
    hollySeptember 6,16

    I am a Southern Californian, north San Diego county. Down-sized to a smaller home 18 months ago. Projects abound but our garden is always on the list. Nothing better than a beautiful fountain to add movement, sound and ambiance to our spot on the map.

  144. Susie Besack
    Susie BesackSeptember 7,16

    I live in beautiful southern California and would love to have that beautiful fountain. My backyard really needs a facelift (yard lift?) and that would be a great start!! Love your blog!!!

  145. Sheena Cousins
    Sheena CousinsSeptember 7,16


  146. Sheena Cousins
    Sheena CousinsSeptember 7,16

    Absolutely Beautiful, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma

    LISA FERRACANESeptember 8,16

    I live in North Carolina and enjoy a wonderful growing season. I love water features in gardens and we are incorporating a pond into our backyard this year.

  148. Kelly Hughes
    Kelly HughesSeptember 8,16

    Our shade garden in State College PA sure could use this fountain….thanks for the chance!

  149. kristina
    kristinaSeptember 8,16

    Water in the garden – good for birds and all the good insects! love the disappearing fountains in mosquito country (even Humboldt County Ca)

  150. Sylvia Mills
    Sylvia MillsSeptember 8,16

    I live in South Texas. A fountain in my garden would be a little piece of heaven. My garden is slowing taking shape. I take care of my elderly mom who is very ill and a quiet place to sit and reminisce on the past would be a luxury.

  151. Debbie benard
    Debbie benardSeptember 8,16

    What a beautiful centerpiece for my “Valley Beautiful” garden here in Erwin,Tenneessee

  152. Stephanie Lieser
    Stephanie LieserSeptember 8,16

    We just purchased a beautiful home in a small town Kennedale TX. It has a wonderful pool and a huge stack stone curved bed around 1/2 of the pool. This would be -the-perfect fountain to place in that bed; we have only added 4 small fan palms, a few purple fountain grasses and mulch. Kinda sparse for now but hey… Rome wasn’t built in a day! :)

  153. Debbie benard
    Debbie benardSeptember 8,16

    What a beautiful centerpiece for my garden in the “Valley Beautiful” here in Erwin , Tennessee.

  154. Susan Pledger
    Susan PledgerSeptember 8,16

    Would luv to win. Starting a garden in my backyard, I have always dreamed of a gardn with a fountain.

  155. Joyce Morgan
    Joyce MorganSeptember 8,16

    ‘D love a fountain in my garden. I live in Orangeville Ontario

  156. Sheri Zinke
    Sheri ZinkeSeptember 8,16

    I love viewing my garden as artwork in progress! It is never finished, because I change plants around and love the work! I think I’d be disappointed if my gardens were finished and I’d have to move to start more projects! I live in Nixa, Missouri!

  157. Drue Porter
    Drue PorterSeptember 8,16

    This fountain fits right into my spring plans for my Rochester Hills, Michigan yard!💜

  158. Lou Ann Gehman
    Lou Ann GehmanSeptember 8,16

    I love the fountain kit you are offering. We live in Adamstown, PA. It would go well in our landscape. We had to move our house to a new location 15 yrs. ago or have it demolished. It’s taking longer than we thought to put things back in place outside. Still need some permanent walks and a retaining wall.

  159. Renee
    ReneeSeptember 8,16

    I love this fountain and would put it in the backyard by the patio. I live in northern California in the redwoods.

  160. Allison Sanderso
    Allison SandersoSeptember 9,16

    I live in Ottawa ON. My garden is my happy place. It’s a place to relax and rejuvenate and has provided much needed peace. A water fountain would be a perfect addition.

  161. Karen Hensly
    Karen HenslySeptember 9,16

    I live in Mountains of North Carolina. I love what you done with the shade garden you made. I have never tried to do any fountains like you have they seemed so complicated that really they just intimidated me but what you done is so beautiful that it makes me want to try.

  162. Shirl Light
    Shirl LightSeptember 9,16

    This fountain would be a wonderful addition to my little backyard garden, a work in progress, in Roanoke, Virginia.

  163. Cathy
    CathySeptember 10,16

    I live in northern B.C. We are just revamping our yard, and a fountain would be amazing:)

  164. Maxine Goodyear
    Maxine GoodyearSeptember 10,16

    I live in Iowa and have a place all picked out to receive this beautiful fountain. I Love this site, she
    always has something I can use.

  165. C. McMillan
    C. McMillanSeptember 10,16

    I’m in Ontario, Canada. That fountain is stunning and would look great in my garden. I’m slowly changing all containers and accessories to black.

  166. Sharon Cosby
    Sharon CosbySeptember 11,16

    We live in a lovely little port town on the north side of Lake Erie. Port Dover. We recently moved into a small home with lots of work needed to the yard and garden areas. Adding a water feature is very enticing. Thanks for this great article and giveaway. Will be reading up on winterizing tips as well.

  167. Vickie
    VickieSeptember 11,16

    I live in Kansas and would love to win the fountain. We just built a new home and have plenty of landscaping to do. I can see the fountain looking beautiful in either our front or backyard.

  168. Brenda Johnson
    Brenda JohnsonSeptember 11,16

    Love the idea!! Always have wanted to add a water feature to our garden!

  169. Donna
    DonnaSeptember 12,16

    I live in the northeast and this would look lovely in my shaded area near my entryway. I can see my hummingbirds drawn to this! Thank you.

  170. Diane Troxell
    Diane TroxellSeptember 12,16

    This would be a nice touch for my yard, where I spend a lot of my free time and most of my cash. Doing yardwork all day in the heat three weeks ago I passed out and broke my arm in four places, so now all I can do is sit and enjoy it, at least for a little while.

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseSeptember 12,16

      Oh my goodness, Diane! Poor you! I hope you get back to the garden soon.

  171. Mary Davidson
    Mary DavidsonSeptember 13,16

    Hi or howdy from the great state of Texas, Granite Shoals to be exact! Would Love a garden fountain to go with my elephant ears and hostas. Would be a great focal point and keep them cool on these hot summer days!

  172. Marlene Nelson
    Marlene NelsonSeptember 13,16

    I live in MI. Summer is fairly short here so we spend as much time outdoors as possible. This fountain would be perfect in my garden!

  173. Vicki
    VickiSeptember 13,16

    Thank you so much for this post! I love water gardens. Right now I am taking a Master Gardener course her in Coastal Texas. Yesterday I sorted the books and organized them to discover they have only 3 books on water gardening. For goodness sake, I have more than that in my personal library!
    Love these ideas and information!

  174. Alana Harding
    Alana HardingSeptember 14,16

    I love seeing the transformation you’ve created! My husband and I just recently moved into our first home we’ve bought together. The front yard is shady with beautiful mature trees but the soil is really poor quality. I appreciated your recommendations for improving that soil and was so inspired by the fountain creating a restful, tranquil escape. We live in beautiful Culpeper, VA!

  175. TiffanyS
    TiffanySSeptember 14,16

    I live in Central (ish) Utah. We just bought our first home, had our third child, and we are working hard on our yard!

  176. Deana Smith
    Deana SmithSeptember 14,16

    I would love to win this for my daddy. We lost my mama a year ago and the only thing that brings him happiness is sitting outside looking at his garden, watching nature and thinking about her. This would be so calming for him. ❤️

  177. Jeanette Barney
    Jeanette BarneySeptember 14,16

    I am now living in Lexington, KY, having moved from a lifetime of living in WV. I brought all of the plants that I could from my former garden. I sadly had to leave the dogwood I planted when my mom died and the climbing red rose I planted back in 1971. My new garden is a work in progress, I am constantly adding to it. A fountain would be a perfect addition.

  178. Gaye Kinneard
    Gaye KinneardSeptember 14,16

    I would love a fountain – I live in a senior housing unit and have a small garden space for my use. The sound of running water is so therapeutic and soothing, especially where I live in Buchanan Saskatchewan and get little rain in summer.

  179. Colleen Forrester
    Colleen ForresterSeptember 14,16

    I live in Spencerville, Ontario – my poor front yard needs to makeover and this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance! Cheers, Colleen

  180. April Devereaux
    April DevereauxSeptember 14,16

    #comments I would love to have this fountain! It’s beautiful!

  181. Mary Beth Weisenburger
    Mary Beth WeisenburgerSeptember 14,16

    I live in Ohio and would love to install this fountain in my mom’s backyard flowerbeds. Beautiful!

  182. Danny Smith
    Danny SmithSeptember 14,16

    I would love to have this in my yard in Summerville,S,C,

  183. Dawn
    DawnSeptember 14,16

    Thank you for all your posts! And thanks for including us Canadians in this contest!!
    This would look perfect in my back yard

  184. Nancy Humphreys
    Nancy HumphreysSeptember 14,16

    What a lovely water feature. I may need one of these in my New Jersey garden. I have several water features already and each offers A unique place here. This one would likely attract my hummingbirds as well.
    Thanks again for this opportunity to win as well as your lovely blog. 😊Nancy

  185. Amanda Cvijanovic
    Amanda CvijanovicSeptember 14,16

    I live in North Carolina, I have a large perennial garden but I need a water feature please help me !

  186. Susan McKenna
    Susan McKennaSeptember 14,16

    What a lovely Fountain! It would look beautiful in my yard in New Jersey. :-)
    A water feature is one element that I do lack in my garden at present.

  187. Chris Link
    Chris LinkSeptember 14,16

    I live in Omaha, NE, and just getting my landscaping up to par. This would go great in my yard/garden!

  188. Vickie Browder
    Vickie BrowderSeptember 14,16

    I live in Aiken South Carolina. This fountain would be a beautiful asset to my garden.

  189. Mary Lou Galindo
    Mary Lou GalindoSeptember 14,16

    Pick me for the fountain!! I live in San Diego and can use it 365.

  190. Lisa
    LisaSeptember 14,16

    I take care of my aged in-laws since the passing of their son and I would love to add a water feature to the flowerbed. They enjoy being outside during the summer time here in Indiana.

  191. Jill M.
    Jill M.September 14,16

    I’m in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and this fountain would be a lovely addition to my garden. It’s suffered from a large windstorm last year that helped topple a significant tree in the back yard. Now I’m faced with a large section of shade plantings that need to be moved and I’m designing in my head a concept for this now full sun section. The fountain would fit perfectly.

  192. Susie Clay
    Susie ClaySeptember 14,16

    I love, love this fountain!!!! It would look wonderful in my big iris flower bed in Lebanon, Tennessee, & the birds would love it too!!

  193. Kelly Dudukovich
    Kelly DudukovichSeptember 14,16

    I also have been afraid to add a water feature to my yard. Thanks for the honesty and encouragement.
    Orlando, FL

  194. Mary Ann Huddle
    Mary Ann HuddleSeptember 14,16

    I have always enjoyed a water feature in others yards and just this week I have considered where I would like to have one (or more) in our yard. When I picked up some local honey today, the beekeeper had several water features on her property and it was so restful and appealing. I know this will be my next project!

  195. Linda Cubberley
    Linda CubberleySeptember 14,16

    I live in the town of Murrieta in Southern California. My husband & I bought our house 3 weeks ago. We are slowly transforming all of the yards from dead and unkept trees and plants into beautiful gardens. Winning a Stacked Slate Fountain DIY Kit would be a much needed wonderful addition to our new home & gardens!

  196. Jennifer Goos
    Jennifer GoosSeptember 14,16

    I live in Vancouver and I volunteer at a local animal shelter. We have a garden for the bunnies at the shelter and attracting pollinators helps us keep our herbs self-seeding! A fountain helps attract them and would be so helpful.

  197. Betsy Combs
    Betsy CombsSeptember 14,16

    I’m from Vermont! I love your site~

  198. Terri
    TerriSeptember 14,16

    Love your blog! I’d love to win that lovely fountain, it would look great by my front entry here in Liberty MO.

  199. Jennifer
    JenniferSeptember 14,16

    I live in British Columbia. I love the peace that water brings to me, moving or still.

  200. Judi Russo
    Judi RussoSeptember 15,16

    This would be a fantastic addition to my natural landscape. The birds, turtles , and other wildlife would really enjoy this- not to mention all of my family too!

  201. Marilyn McLeod
    Marilyn McLeodSeptember 15,16

    I love all of the ideas on your site! The fountain in the front yard is a wonderful idea… I am in a new (old) house fixer upper and my back patio area needs a water feature! It is on my wish list. When we moved in, it was just dead weeds and dirt for the “lawn” and the “patio” is just gravel for now, but we hope to have a cement area with gravel around the edges, and a water feature nestled in among the flowers and plants. Would love to win this gorgeous fountain! Thank you for the opportunity.

  202. Marilyn McLeod
    Marilyn McLeodSeptember 15,16

    I forgot to add that I live in central Oregon on my comment! Sorry. We live in a dry climate so having a water feature would add so much to our yard.

  203. monika riley
    monika rileySeptember 15,16

    Would love to be blessed with a waterfountain

  204. Patricia La Pat
    Patricia La PatSeptember 15,16

    I live in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This slate fountain is unique and gorgeous!

  205. Scott Timm
    Scott TimmSeptember 15,16

    I live in Knightsville, an off shot of Summerville in South Carolina. I find working in my yard a gift from God. There is something wonderful about getting your hands into soil. Thanks for your newsletters. Have a great day.

  206. Carolann Tremblay
    Carolann TremblaySeptember 15,16

    I live in the North of Québec, in a small town named Chapais. Our summers are short and gardening can be challenging!

  207. Chris Martin
    Chris MartinSeptember 15,16

    I live in Northern New Jersey and I have a butterfly/hummingbird garden right outside my bedroom window. If I’m not in the garden getting down and dirty, then I’m sitting in my window waiting anxiously for a glimpse of my hummingbird or different butterflies. I am so blessed to be able to experience God’s blessings in nature each day.

  208. Jennifer Morenus
    Jennifer MorenusSeptember 15,16

    I’m in northeast Iowa and I would love to add a fountain to my rose garden in my back yard. The urn shape seems to go with the romance of a rose garden. Also I have lots of birds visit my yard to enjoy my other flowers and plants so this would be a welcome addition for my bird feeders.

  209. Sharon
    SharonSeptember 15,16

    We are new transplants to So. California and are fretting over the different soil structure. With very limited water we are learning different ways of bringing tranquility to our garden. This water feature would be a particularly beautiful addition. P.S. Love the DIY projects you have. I’ve tried several and have enjoy each one.

  210. Lil
    LilSeptember 15,16

    I live near Carmel California. Like some other posters I am planning a garden makeover. The shady part of the yard has always been my biggest challenge. A much wanted water feature (with lighting!) will certainly be one the jewels. Thank you for sharing this and so many other very useful ideas.

  211. Laura L
    Laura LSeptember 15,16

    I live in northern Mississippi—really hot and humid in the summer! A fountain like this would make a beautiful addition to my garden. Thank you for a chance to win this :)

  212. Tammy Journigan Whitacre
    Tammy Journigan WhitacreSeptember 15,16

    We are in Annapolis, MD and have been working on our yard this past year transforming the grassy lot into a sanctuary for wildlife (and, us!) We recently laid stones and slate stepping stones into our side yard and will eventually tie the entre area together with stones within the garden beds and edible gardens. This water feature would be such a lovely enhancement for the entire neighborhood as we live on a very busy intersection. Thank you for this opportunity and for your blog that I just discovered! I’ve already liked your FB page and I’, sure I’ll spend much time on there.

  213. Helen Conrad
    Helen ConradSeptember 15,16

    This is a beautiful fountain! I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I would love to add this piece of art to my flower gardens.

  214. Elaine Plude
    Elaine PludeSeptember 15,16

    Beautiful fountain! I have never seen one like this. You gave me really good ideas for sprucing up a lot of shady areas in my yard. Love your posts. Thank You.

  215. Heather Ellam
    Heather EllamSeptember 15,16

    Love this fountain – I have the perfect spot for one in my patio perennial bed! Also love your website and your newsletters – always full of great ideas and tips for the garden and diy!

    • Heather Ellam
      Heather EllamSeptember 15,16

      oh and forgot to mention, I live in Northwestern Ontario!

  216. Chelle Chapman
    Chelle ChapmanSeptember 15,16

    OMG, this would fit perfectly in a small garden/flower bed in front when we landscape the yard in the spring!! Thanks so mulch for this giveaway!!!

    • Chelle Chapman
      Chelle ChapmanSeptember 15,16

      OOPS, we are in New Mexico

  217. Sue Ames
    Sue AmesSeptember 16,16

    I live in Western New York. The weather has been a bit cooler so I am getting my gardens and deck ready for the snowy and cold months ahead. Would love to win the fountain and the anticipation of lovely water sounds for the spring to summer season.

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