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10 Genius Gardening Tools That Will Change the Way You Garden Forever

Products are always being developed to speed up everyday tasks and automate processes. In the garden, we are often hoping to slow down and connect with nature, not speed it up and automate it. That’s not to say that there isn’t a place for innovation that can make the job of gardening more enjoyable! Particularly if it helps ease the strain of the activity so you can do it more or for a longer period. I have combed through some of the many products and tools that you can invest in, and these ten genius gardening tools will dramatically improve how you spend your time in the garden.

SPONSORED CONTENT: This post was sponsored by A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge, who also provided me with products to review. All of the opinions that are shared in this post are my own. See the full disclosure policy here.

Be sure not to miss the giveaway at the end of this post as well. A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge has also generously provided a prize pack for one of our lucky readers! 

I was first introduced to A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge last May when I attended the Garden2Grow event at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm. A.M. Leonard is a family business started in 1885 that is dedicated to doing business “the old fashioned way,” meaning a focus on innovation, customer service, and product quality for horticultural tools. In 2005, Gardener’s Edge was created to bring the same innovation, service, and quality to home gardeners. At the event, the team from Gardener’s Edge showcased some brilliant products that change the way people garden. I was blown away.

Too many gardeners have to give up on gardening or start to see it as a chore because of physical or time limitations. I know how disheartening it can be to want to do a task and not be able to. Here are some of my favorite Gardener’s Edge tools that not only make gardening easier, but are pretty darn stylish too.

Ten Genius Gardening Tools

Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife

I don’t even want to tell you about the Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife; I just want you to try it. Because that first few seconds that you put the soil knife into the ground to dig up some feisty root, you realize that it’s a miracle tool. I have been trying to dig up a clump of clover that settled into one of my vegetable beds for a few seasons. I would tackle it with a trowel and pruners, but I just wasn’t making any headway. The bed is raised up and narrow so I was struggling to get the roots out. Then, I tried the soil knife, and it was like taking candy from a baby.

Use it to divide plants, plant bulbs, flowers and herbs, dig out weeds, remove rocks, cut through roots, plant in pots, clean out cracks, cut twine and ties, and for so much more. If you are only going to get one new tool this year, get this soil knife. I can’t wait for all of the thank-you cards to roll in!

Gardener’s Hollow Leg®

This clever creation is like having a caddy for your garden. The Gardener’s Hollow Leg® is a fabric bin that attaches to your waist and allows you to fill it as you go. Not only that, but you can also attach a pruning holster to the belt and your hands will always be free. It has a handy pocket to keep your cell phone, a pruning saw, or anything else you want to keep handy. Imagine how much easier it will be to do spring clean up with this little helper right by your side!

Leonard GardenGlide™ Transportation Tote

Have you ever needed to move a bunch of rocks or a heavy pot to a different part of the garden and then sat there trying to figure out if you should a) find someone to help or b) lift the heavy thing in question and undoubtedly hurt your back? GardenGlide™ to the rescue! This garden sled allows you to roll or drag heavy stuff onto it and then pull it to the new spot.

With a low design, it makes it easy to roll on heavy objects for transport, while a raised back prevents materials from falling off. Transport bagged goods (soil, mulch, concrete, sand, etc.), firewood, container plants, paving stones and more. Your back and your strong garden helper will thank you!

Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Pruning Saw

Having trees in the garden means having to saw off limbs. In my garden, this seems to be a pretty regular occurrence. More often than not, my dull saw just gets stuck in the branch, preventing me from being able to saw it like I should. The shape of the curved folding saw in combination with its tri-edge teeth allows me to cut through those branches like butter. The trees are happier for a clean cut and it’s a whole lot easier for me. The Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Pruning Saw has a lifetime warranty so you know that you will be able to depend on it for years to come.

Bulb Bopper® Bulb Planter

Remember bulb planting season? I, for one, spent at least a few good afternoons digging holes and plopping in bulbs one by one. I have always wanted to plant a bunch of crocuses in the city property lawn but the thought of fighting the hard turf was not at all appealing. Enter the Bulb Bopper® Bulb Planter. This savvy tool fits onto your electric drill and makes quick work of bulb planting. It’s so much fun to do that you may even fight with your spouse over who gets to plant bulbs this year!

Root Assassin Shovel and Saw

The Root Assassin Shovel and Saw is the aptly named big cousin of the soil knife. If you have ever tried to transplant or remove a large root ball from the soil, you know the pain of chipping away at it with a variety of tools. The Root Assassin features an aggressive saw edge on both sides of the blade with a specially designed narrow nose that allows it to penetrate the ground and cut through roots all at the same time. It’s ideal for digging in compact soil that is overrun with roots, separating perennials, digging trenches and more.

Pickup Wizard

I heard gardeners complain ALL THE TIME about the mess that fruit and nut trees leave in the garden. Both ornamental and edible trees will make a mess of whatever you couldn’t harvest, and that mess usually ends up needing to be picked up by hand. Just roll the Pickup Wizard over nuts, fruits, or other objects lying on the ground and the spring wire head traps them inside the wire cage. When it’s full, simply spread the wire and the captured items fall right out. There are two sizes available so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

TubTrugs Versatile Containers

I bought a whole set of rubber tubs a few years ago and as much as I love how handy they are, they all have broken handles now. These TubTrugs are much sturdier! They are tough enough to carry a load of bricks, yet pliable enough to pour liquids from. I have used them for just about every garden task imaginable, like mixing soil, dividing perennials, pond cleaning, pruning, and much more. I have even turned them into an outdoor swimming pool for my son and dog, just not at the same time!

Cuttings Tubes Set

It’s easy to start plants from cuttings but it’s never looked this good! I keep my Cuttings Tubes Set on the windowsill of my office so I can quickly add cuttings from plants I have come across in my travels. Whether it is from friends’ plants or a garden tour, I no longer have a messy bunch of mismatched jars to hold cuttings. These are the perfect size to root and then transplant cuttings. I love that you can clearly see the roots’ health and know when it’s time to move them to into the soil.

Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope

I can’t count the number of times I have sat in the garden looking at an insect or spot on a leaf trying to figure out what the heck it is. Neither reading glasses nor a magnifying glass can give you enough detail, so I was thrilled to find the Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope which attaches onto my phone. I can snap a photo of the culprit, then upload it to google images to search for a match. Identification has never been easier.

Giveaway Time!

A.M. Leonard’s Gardener’s Edge clearly has plenty of genius gardening tools and one lucky reader will win two of these items: a large TubTrug and GardenGlide™ combo ($68.98 value). This contest is now CLOSED. Congratulations to the winner, BONNIE Williams!

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  1. Jenny
    JennyJanuary 31,17

    Great article, thanks for sharing! I’m eyeing that soil knife… I think I need it in my life!!!! I could also make frequent use of the TubTrugs, the GardenGlide, and the Pickup Wizard. Actually, all of these products look like they would be a great addition to my tool arsenal. Would LOVE to win this giveaway!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseFebruary 1,17

      Thanks, Jenny! good luck :)

    • Patricia Slater
      Patricia SlaterFebruary 1,17

      I could easily use ALL of the products listed. But if I have to choose just one it would be the “Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife.” I live in Virginia where the dirt/soil is rock hard. I’ve had to plant in pots because I couldn’t dig a hole big enough for planting. Fingers crossed that the Soil Knife becomes my “hole digging” best friend !!!

  2. Lisa Smith
    Lisa SmithJanuary 31,17

    OMG! I love ALL of the gardening tools that you have shown us! The bulb planter is especially catching my eye. I can never get the bulbs planted deep enough on my own. The TubTrugs would be a wonderful addition to my gardening life as I am always hauling stuff in the yard and never have the right containers.

  3. Bobbie Daniels
    Bobbie DanielsJanuary 31,17

    Oooooooh, I want that folding pruning saw! Constantly fighting with errant limbs and branches. This is such a great article; thanks so much for all the fantastic new ideas. Many of them caught my eye, and are now under serious consideration. :-)

  4. Sandy
    SandyJanuary 31,17

    Would use the soil knife, definitely! I highly recommend the hollow leg.

  5. Patricia McArdle
    Patricia McArdleJanuary 31,17

    I could use the garden knife in my various gardens but especially for cutting eggplant off the bush.

  6. jennifer maddux
    jennifer madduxJanuary 31,17

    All of these items are awsome! I could really use the pick-up wizard and the Tub Trugs for sure but the cuttings tube set would be great too. Too many great ideas.

  7. Sarah Allison
    Sarah AllisonJanuary 31,17

    I could use the Root Assassin Shovel and Saw the most! What I most need right now is a spading fork, but the shovel may just eliminate that!

  8. Acela Cruz
    Acela CruzJanuary 31,17

    I have bad knees and back and I know that the glider and tub trug will really help me a lot!
    I am constantly propagating plants and that cutting tube set will organize
    all my cuttings. I also have arthritic fingers, so the deluxe stainless steel soil knife
    would be a blessing! Love all info and your website!

  9. Jeffery Pinkston
    Jeffery PinkstonJanuary 31,17

    Trying to reclaim a stony hillside. That glider could go where my cart won’t reach, and the root assassin shovel would make quick work of the shrubs

  10. Joy O'Connor
    Joy O'ConnorJanuary 31,17

    Well what can I saw other than yes!!! These are all great tools and in fact i have a similar knife that is essential to my chore list. However that small shovel/knife combo is fantastic!! Plus the bulb planter bravo!Thank you for the opportunity to win them !
    Joy: )

  11. Anne
    AnneJanuary 31,17

    oooh I want that knife!! Thanks for the tip. I have a few of these tools already and love them. That pruning saw is a godsend in my yard full of mature trees that regularly need pruning. I’ll be checking out the rest of them, too.

    Have a great weekend! (and thanks for the chance to win!)

  12. Patricia Gongaware
    Patricia GongawareJanuary 31,17

    I could definitely use the knife, and the hollow leg so I don’t end up using my pockets when I am walking around the garden cleaning up. The bulb planter looks like it would be fun to use!

  13. Debbie Ward
    Debbie WardJanuary 31,17

    Wow! I could use all of them but the Soil Knife looks pretty cool. Great post!

  14. Diane S
    Diane SJanuary 31,17

    I’d like some tubtrugs. I used to have some, a few houses back. They are very handy.

  15. Karen Dmytryshyn
    Karen DmytryshynFebruary 1,17

    I suffer from recurring back and sciatica pain so gardening is sometimes difficult. Any tools that make it easier would be great!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseFebruary 1,17

      I’m glad to hear that you still try, Karen. I hope that you can find a way to get some relief.

  16. Tracy West
    Tracy WestFebruary 1,17

    They ae all great, but the bucket hauler is what I want.

  17. Barbara
    BarbaraFebruary 1,17

    My favorite is the tri-edge folding pruning saw.

  18. Sally Christiansen
    Sally ChristiansenFebruary 1,17

    That soil knife looks like the perfect tool and I agree wth you about the Tubtrugs, I have gotten these wonderful drugs else where and really love them until the handle breaks the next year. Thank you for the information on The Gardener’s Edge.

  19. Pat gillock
    Pat gillockFebruary 1,17

    Oh my goodness – too many tempting choices!! Buuuut,if I have to choose, it would be the soil knife. I will DEFINITELY be on the lookout at my local garden centers for several of these products.

  20. Lisa Stewart
    Lisa StewartFebruary 1,17

    Okay, I am thanking you in advance for the soil knife! I really need one of those as my poor yard has been neglected during 4 years of remodeling and everything needs dividing.

  21. Patricia La Pat
    Patricia La PatFebruary 1,17

    Pick-up Wizard looks like a great product for outside!

  22. Cat
    CatFebruary 1,17

    Fabulous products all!! We have a large country property with many mature poplars (notorious for dropping twigs and branches). Garden cleanup in the spring is a weekend-long undertaking. The Root Assasin shovel, the Trugs, the Garden Glide, the pruning saw, they’re all fabulous. But I know my husband would love the Bulb Bopper best. At our previous home we hand-planted more than 2500 bulbs (yes, call us crazy but it was worth the effort seeing the beauty of spring flowers year after year).

  23. Mary Hinton
    Mary HintonFebruary 1,17

    The Soil Knife would be very helpful in keeping my garden tidy. I use a Tub Trug at work all the time!

  24. Gail Alderman
    Gail AldermanFebruary 1,17

    Love these tools. The Root Assasin Shovel and Saw looks very useful!

  25. Kathryn Gratton
    Kathryn GrattonFebruary 1,17

    Wow! Hard to decide which single item I find most appealing. I think that I might choose the cuttings tubes set just because it is so unique and l just happen to have noticed YESTERDAY that my collection of little jars full of rooting sprigs is really getting out of control. However, the root assassin would be a close second choice for me to get as a gift for my horticulturist husband. It, too, is a unique item – unlike any other tool he owns (and he owns a gazillion!). In addition, we have an on-going battle with greenbrier and other difficult roots constantly attacking our yard and garden! The ONLY way to deal with greenbrier is to dig the deep, vicious thorny vines out by the roots!

  26. Martha Franks
    Martha FranksFebruary 1,17

    What wonderful tools! Right now, the bulb planter appeals to me most. I have arthritis in my hands really bad and it would be such a help to have tools that would make my gardening easier.

  27. Beverly C Russell
    Beverly C RussellFebruary 1,17

    I could use quite a few of these, but the transportation tote and steel knife would be my top 2 picks.

  28. Helen
    HelenFebruary 1,17

    All these tools are fabulous. I really like the gardener’s hollow leg. Great for weeding. The soil knife is awesome, too.

  29. Linda Pemberton
    Linda PembertonFebruary 1,17

    All of these tools look super helpful. The right tool for the job. Especially the Garden glide doe hauling bags of fertilizer/mulch, etc, and firewood. I’m 66, soon to be 67 and gardening just isn’t as easy as it used to be, I work outside and it takes me a week to recover.

  30. Angela
    AngelaFebruary 1,17

    Well, all of these tools look great, Stephanie, thanks for sharing.i agree that the garden glide looks like agreed method of transport, as do the trugs and the hollow leg for different items. But I can’t wait to get my hands on that knife! And the cutting tubes…and the phone microscope….I’ve bookmarked the site.

  31. Shelley
    ShelleyFebruary 1,17

    That root assassin was created for my garden!! All these tools look excellent and would be put to good use but this one is number one for me, I think!

  32. Kris
    KrisFebruary 1,17

    Great article – so many useful toys to add to my wishlist! I’m working in my vegetable garden today and sure quash I had that garden glide to help me!

  33. Carmen Walisser
    Carmen WalisserFebruary 1,17

    All of these tools would be a welcome addition to the almost useless garden tools I now have! Thank you for the interesting site and finding these wonderful products!

  34. Tracy Flanagan
    Tracy FlanaganFebruary 1,17

    All of them?! The Pickup Wizard would be so handy down here in Florida with all our citrus trees. The Garden Glide would be so helpful as well.

  35. Jane Emery
    Jane EmeryFebruary 1,17

    Tubtrugs versatile containers would be awesome for me.

  36. Pamela Williams
    Pamela WilliamsFebruary 1,17

    Oh, I’m in love with them all! I could have used the Leonard GardenGlide™ Transportation Tote this weekend when I was cleaning out our creekbed. It was difficult to manuever the wheel barrow up the steep slope. Using the GardenGlide will make the trips uphill so much easier. After I purchase the Garden Glide, I plan on buying the Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife and the Gardener’s Hollow Leg®. The soil knife will be especially useful for thinning out my bamboo. The cutting tubes will tidy up my kitchen windowsill instead of using misc. jars. Truly genius products!

  37. Kathy Walczyk
    Kathy WalczykFebruary 1,17

    WOW!!! All these “toys” would be fun to have and use but I especially love and could use the Root Assassin Shovel and Saw. I’ve been putting off dividing some of my perennials due to not having a decent shovel to do the job. I broke the handle on my last shovel while trying to divide some hostas!!!!

  38. Audrey
    AudreyFebruary 1,17

    As I read about each item reviewed I started thinking of what I could accomplish with it. To pick only two is difficult. I was very interested in the Root Assasin Shovel and Saw. I could use that to dig my front garden bigger. And the TubTrugs would be so handy to carry things around.

  39. Jennifer A. Mills
    Jennifer A. MillsFebruary 1,17

    The knife would make it easy to divide small dense plants without hurting them!

  40. Sandy Heath
    Sandy HeathFebruary 1,17

    The pick up wizard would be the tool for me!! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

    • Dianne
      DianneFebruary 1,17

      I will be looking for the soil knife, the pick up wizard and the shovel this year. Love garden tools that do their job.

  41. Liz McGuire
    Liz McGuireFebruary 1,17

    Such great ideas, I especially like the Hollow Leg, and the Transportation Tote. Thanks for all the great info and keeping up focused on the beauty of the outdoors.

  42. laura taylor
    laura taylorFebruary 1,17

    My favorite tool is what I call the bear claw. It’s long and has steel claws at the end. I use it for everything. I’ve had it so long I have no clue where it came from. However, the Leonard tools look amazing and am anxious to try a few. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Diane Heim
    Diane HeimFebruary 1,17

    I already own the soil knife and it is one of the best tools I have! Use it all the time when I am in the garden. The tubs and garden mover would definitely make things easier for me since I am frequently working alone in my gardens. And the Root Assassin looks very handy. Love your articles.

  44. Mary Burnett
    Mary BurnettFebruary 1,17

    Root Assassin Shovel and Saw would be the tool for me. With all the ornamental grasses I have, woow , this would be great

  45. Dorothy Baltz
    Dorothy BaltzFebruary 1,17

    I actually have the folding pruning saw and the soil knife. I wouldn’t garden without them. They are amazing tools! I could really really really use the garden glide. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and win one.

  46. Kristine Timm
    Kristine TimmFebruary 1,17

    I know what you mean about bulb season. I dread the planting but in the Spring I get to see the results with all the beautiful blooms! I could definitely use the Bulb Bopper. The Root Assassin and the GardenGlide would be great, also.

  47. Natalie Randall
    Natalie RandallFebruary 1,17

    Wow, what a lot is fascinating tools. The knife looks especially handy for my gardening needs as well as the bulb bopper. The tubtrug and glider would also be helpful.

  48. Patti Berryhill
    Patti BerryhillFebruary 1,17

    Thanks for a great article. I already use the soil knife (which I LOVE) and the folding tree saw. I’m thinking about ordering the microscope for my assistant and me. We work at schools teaching kids gardening!

  49. Christina Hunnicutt
    Christina HunnicuttFebruary 1,17

    These tools are all amazing but the Root Assassin Shovel tops my list. I have recently dug up perennial grasses, wow, that’s a lot of work! Broke my shovel trying to pry the roots apart. The Root Assassin Shovel looks like just what I need when tackling major jobs! I would love to add it to my garden shed :)

  50. Cynthia
    CynthiaFebruary 1,17

    That pruning saw is just what I need! Great post, thank you.

  51. Dee S
    Dee SFebruary 1,17

    Love the Root Assassin Shovel & Saw, the Stainless Steel Soil Knife and the GardenGlide. We retired and moved to the North Georgia mountains 3 yrs. ago and live on steep property, that gardenglide would be an awesome help. And because I find anything else to do but exercise the saw especially would be perfect to divide my Iris! This may be my big garden buy this year. Thanks for the great ‘tooltorial’ ☺ Enjoy all your emails.

  52. JoAn Walpole
    JoAn WalpoleFebruary 1,17

    I have one of the soil knives and I highly recommend it!! I use it all the time for a variety of jobs. The hollow leg, looks like a great innovation. It is hard to keep something with you as you move around the garden and clip off stray branches etc. This container would move right along with me…that will be on my wish list! And for bigger items that need hauling the Garden Glide and trug would be just great! Makes me wish that garden season was already here! Thanks for the ideas :)

  53. Colleen O'Brien
    Colleen O'BrienFebruary 1,17

    All of these tools would be great but I will be checking out the folding saw and the root assassin. We have very hard, packed soil and I see the root assassin being to cut through it. Thanks for the information.

  54. Andrea
    AndreaFebruary 1,17

    Thanks for posting. I like the soil knife. Me and my mom love gardening but I usually have blisters from cleaning the garden, digging, etc. etc.My friend recommended NoCry Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves and it really work for me. Now I d’ont have to worry about cuts and blisters.

  55. Manuela
    ManuelaFebruary 1,17

    Wow, some really nice tools here. The soil knife would be my choice since has so many uses. The bulb planter though is so cool!

  56. serdalia green
    serdalia greenFebruary 1,17

    I have great need for the Root Assasisin and the Bulb Bopper. I am in my mid seventies now and try to care of my 2 1/2 acres of gardens alone. They are hard red clay and bedrock. I would not be without my garden knife.

  57. Barbara McDaniel
    Barbara McDanielFebruary 1,17

    I like the shovel. With artificial knees digging is really difficult.

  58. Sandy Hernandez
    Sandy HernandezFebruary 1,17

    Wow! There are some amazing products there! I could make good use.of them all! Living in sandy Florida I have my eye on theTub Thrug Containers and cutting tubes set! I would love to have these in my life! And the Tub Thrug & Garden Glide would make transplanting and moving my plants a breeze on my back!!

  59. Carmen Price
    Carmen PriceFebruary 1,17

    I’d love to have the cuttings tube set and the hollow.log hog. Thanks for sharing this info and please continue your blog. I love reading it.

  60. dotyhy
    dotyhyFebruary 1,17

    The cutting tube set or the Bulb planter. Both are items i would use all the time. 7 acres of gardens and always room for another dozen bulbs and cutting to share with neighbors next year. Love this site and the information you share.

  61. Laurel
    LaurelFebruary 1,17

    The trug, the glide and the phone microscope! Wow! And I’d love to have that steel knife. oh well, maybe all ten!

  62. Linda
    LindaFebruary 1,17

    I already use the plastic trugs daily. Don’t know what I would do without them. That Bulb Bopper is on my birthday wish list now. The garden glide looks so practical. So many good ideas!

  63. Wendy T
    Wendy TFebruary 1,17

    The soil knife certainly is a popular choice! Put me on that I Want list too!

  64. D. Renee Addy
    D. Renee AddyFebruary 1,17

    I love my Stainless Steel Soil Knife! It is my go to tool beginning in Spring ending in Fall. I love your products.
    I would like to point out there is a small error on the description of the Hollow Leg. It reads “attaches to the waste” and I believe it should read “attaches to the waist”. Thank you, Renee

  65. Maggie
    MaggieFebruary 1,17

    The root asassin would come in so helpful with the grass roots that are several inches thick around the garden. Some are so thick that the shovel is unable to get through them. It would be so helpful to be able to tow them away with the garden glide. That would be luxury for sure. Best wishes,

  66. Rochelle Tigner
    Rochelle TignerFebruary 1,17

    So many great products! I could definitely use the stainless steel soil knife; good to know it’s great for digging out weeds, as well as dividing plants. I love the cuttings tubes set… looks like an antique piece. Love your helpful blog… it’s pleasure to read!

  67. Kathy Cerwin
    Kathy CerwinFebruary 1,17

    My goodness, these are some awesome tools, I could really use the garden knife and the root asassin. I started working on my garden this week and both tools would really help me with my arthritis and my love for gardening.

  68. Carol Shelton
    Carol SheltonFebruary 1,17

    I am 74 years old and that Garden Glide would be wonderful the have. With a bad hip it’s very hard to carry heavy things.

  69. Tiffanie Mentzer
    Tiffanie MentzerFebruary 1,17

    I would love to have the bulb planter and soil knife. They look very handy. I have an extremely large patch of purslane in our yard that the pups are continually trying to eat, which really means they are digging and turning the patch to mud I bet the soil knife will be able to take care of it

  70. Dorothy Garvey
    Dorothy GarveyFebruary 1,17

    I already have a soil knife, and I love love love it. What I would like to have is the garden glide, I move a lot of heavy containers during a summer’s season and into fall.

  71. Sheri Jones
    Sheri JonesFebruary 1,17

    I have several friends that have the soil knife and absolutely love it! My problem is that I’m left handed and I can’t use it effectively. Please make a left-handed one! My 2nd favorite looks like it would be the assassin shovel. That would be great for getting through my tough roots!

  72. Valetta Watts
    Valetta WattsFebruary 1,17

    I would love the Bulb Bopper, the rolling cage, and the shovel.

  73. Robin
    RobinFebruary 1,17

    Another great article with tips and tempting tools. I love my soil knife! All of the tools should be on every gardeners wish list. If I had to narrow it down, I’d choose the cuttings tubes (I’m a sucker to try to grow new plants and it looks much more stable than what I use) and the bulb bopper so I could plant even more bulbs in a shorter amount of time. Thanks for all the great info and photos! Looking forward to seeing you at the NW Flower and Garden show in Seattle Feb 2017!

  74. Joan Koch
    Joan KochFebruary 2,17

    The tools that would be the most beneficial to me would be the Tub Trugs and the Leonard Garden Glide Transportation Tote. I live in a first-floor apartment in Iowa and have a wonderful landlady that has allowed me to set up a garden. It is not a conventional garden, as the original areas that I would have love to have planted are mulched 18 inches deep with pond rock and underlined with landscape plastic (yuck)! I ended up setting up a container garden of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The Tub Trugs would be wonderful when I am pruning plants or harvesting my veggies. It would make life easier in the fall when I upheave my containers and bring my plants to the town compost facility. The Leonard Garden Glide Transportation Tote would be awesome since I would sometimes relocate some of my containers and there are also my heavy houseplants that I bring back inside in the fall.

  75. Sai Bharath
    Sai BharathFebruary 2,17

    I did read it over and found it to be very well written and informative. Root Assassin and TubTrugs will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Melissa Massey
    Melissa MasseyFebruary 2,17

    I love garden tools and anything that will make my gardening life easier…GREAT! I really need the tub trugs and the gardenglide but I would love to have those cutting tubes and the pruning saw. I would definitely get the pickup wizard for my mother and myself! I love all of them. What an amazing article! Thank you for the chance to win!

  77. Diane R.
    Diane R.February 2,17

    Great tools. I really need a couple of tub trugs and that shovel would really come in handy.

  78. Beth Reynolds
    Beth ReynoldsFebruary 2,17

    Wow! I’m loving that soil knife! I had no idea there were so many helpful tools out there….thanks!

  79. Karla B.
    Karla B.February 2,17

    I think the Soil Knife would be great and the shovel looks like they would be super helpful especially in the spring after the long winter it seems like the weeds have taken over and they would be great for getting ready for planting.

  80. melissa
    melissaFebruary 2,17

    Love the look of the cuttings set, but I would definitely get more use out of the bulb bopper…unless there is a #11 the miracle weeder which does all the weeding for me while I lie in the hammock with a good book.

  81. Barbara
    BarbaraFebruary 2,17

    Oh my goodness! All of these products sound amazing. I am new to gardening as I will be retiring at the end of this school year and plan on spending more time connecting to nature. My favorite products you’ve just shown would be the garden knife and the pickup wizard!
    Looking forward to future gardening and your wonderful newsletters!!

  82. Krista
    KristaFebruary 2,17

    Love good gardening tools and mine are quite worn out so I find the soil knife and the shovel especially attractive. Oh, and the Garden Glide too. I am getting older and need all the help I can get😊! Thanks for the recommendations and the chance to win.

  83. Lou Ann Clifton
    Lou Ann CliftonFebruary 2,17

    The soil knife is the first one I have ever seen of this type, I think would be my favorite but the attachment for the drill to plant bulbs would be great as well as every product you have shown and opens the want list for me to add to my collection.

  84. Frieda
    FriedaFebruary 2,17

    Hi, like others I could us most of tools mentioned. The shovel would really come in handy to dig up dead pennisetum grass and divide rest around the War Memorial I take care of and need to separate as it’s over grown. But any of the tools would come in helpful for this senior citizen to make life easier

  85. Laure Hristov
    Laure HristovFebruary 2,17

    Love the Leonard GardenGlide! Finally an easy way to move things without leaving a mess!

  86. Yvonne Letien
    Yvonne LetienFebruary 2,17

    I am in my sixties and have knee and hip problems, believe the garden glide and the tub trugs would make my gardening easier. All of the tools look great and the soil knife is a serious contender for this year. Thank you for all the great info you provide, really enjoy your site.

  87. Meg Sandys
    Meg SandysFebruary 2,17

    I live alone and my deep lot requires lugging heavy things quite a ways…the GardenGlide would be perfect!

  88. Christina Strickland
    Christina StricklandFebruary 2,17

    I already own the pickup wizard and use it often for pecans – it’s awesome! I’d love to get the bulb bopper and perhaps I’d be more likely to plant some bubs in the future. I’ve got a tub trug but I’d take another. They are very useful!!

  89. Nancy English
    Nancy EnglishFebruary 2,17

    So nice to see such a practical list of super neat tools to add to tool shed. If I had to pick one, it would be the soil knife …….

  90. Holly Keyser
    Holly KeyserFebruary 2,17

    All of these products sound great! How and where can we purchase these tools?

  91. Dusty Cutter
    Dusty CutterFebruary 2,17

    Oh, how to choose – I would say the root assassin and the gardners hollow leg are my favorites – but then the stainless steel knife and the pickup wizard would be nice as we have a black walnut tree and lots of wild things to try and root out. I definitely have to check these out for my daughter’s birthday which is on Valentine’s day – wonder if any of them come in red:) Thanks for the wonderful post, ideas, creativity, etc. Luv your site…

  92. Mary Odile Ketester
    Mary Odile KetesterFebruary 2,17

    I could really use the Bulb Bopper Bulb Planter and the Root Assasin Shovel and Saw- these seem like awesome garden helpers that would really eliminate back pain!
    Of course, I also would love to win the tubs and garden glide!

  93. Nancy Rosenblatt
    Nancy RosenblattFebruary 2,17

    I have tons of acorns in my yard and spent many hours pulling oak seedlings last season. The Pick Up Wizard looks like a perfect solution!
    I also think that the Soil Knife looks like a very handy tool for getting those tricky weeds out of the garden! I am always looking for new tools to enhance my gardening!

  94. Lisa Myers
    Lisa MyersFebruary 2,17

    I’m eyeing the Root Assassin and the Soil Knife. Living in the beach cities of So Cal, I only have a patio with raised beds. I don’t have a whole host of tools (where would I store them!!) but that root assassin looks just about the perfect size. Checking it out now. Thanks for sharing.

  95. Bev miller
    Bev millerFebruary 2,17

    I can’t wait for spring to come and the soil knife is going to be a must have for me!!

  96. Bev miller
    Bev millerFebruary 2,17

    I can’t wait for spring and the soil knife is going to be a must have for me.

  97. Pat Glass
    Pat GlassFebruary 2,17

    Enjoyed the article and I could use the root assassin and the pick up wizard. I have the soil knife and love it. Thanks for sharing

  98. Lisa Shippy
    Lisa ShippyFebruary 2,17

    This would definitely save my over 50 back, And my pride from asking for help ! LOL
    love the idea of dragging instead of carrying

  99. Diane Stallings
    Diane StallingsFebruary 2,17

    I’m so tired of having to run to my garden store in the middle of a pruning session for a new pruning saw! I think of all the times I had to go to the garden store in the middle of a pruning day because my saw is too dang dull to continue…although the glide and trugs would be good for the Mr. with his bad knees.

  100. Connie
    ConnieFebruary 2,17

    Hello, I moved to N. Georgia and discovered how hard the red clay soil is here and how tenacious some of these plants can be. The “root assassin shovel & saw” sounds like the perfect answer to my delimma. Thank you for sharing these new products. They’re all great!

  101. Linda Harrell
    Linda HarrellFebruary 2,17

    The article was great and like someone else said I could use any and all of the items that were listed in this article. I believe the soil knife would probably be my pix of all.

  102. Sue
    SueFebruary 2,17

    Oh my goodness. It is really hard to choose. As a senior citizen gardener, I need all the help I can get. Having recently retired and recovering from some health issues, the soil knife and the bulb bopper sure seem tempting to me. Thanks for the great article and the information about these wonderful tools.

  103. Sarah Schiavone
    Sarah SchiavoneFebruary 2,17

    I live in an area called the slate belt, sometimes I feel like it is misnamed and should be the rock belt. I would love to try the Gardenglide since all I do is dig up rocks all growing get season long. The pickup wizard would be great for all the golf balls my family hits on the property and the bulb boomer would make digging the bulbs into my rocky soil much easier.

  104. Sharon
    SharonFebruary 2,17

    That pickup wizard would be wonderful for collecting the pecans on the ground in the fall.

  105. Tea LaMontagne
    Tea LaMontagneFebruary 3,17

    Oh my! The real question is what can’t I use?! Each item sounds very useful! If I had to narrow it down, I’d choose the Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife or the Bulb Bopper Bulb Planter. We just moved to a new state last summer. We left behind many beloved plants & will need to begin recreating our outdoor beauty. As a novice gardener, I need lots of help! :)

  106. Martha
    MarthaFebruary 3,17

    The soil knife would be a life saver, just like your blog.

  107. Cynthia J. Aiken
    Cynthia J. AikenFebruary 3,17

    Oooh! So many neat items to choose from! Having relocated to a new home in the San Luis Valley, CO, I have a huge backyard that needs a bit of work this Spring. I would definitely choose the Root Assassin Shovel. There are Lilac bushes/trees galore that need to be thinned out (their roots do a bit of damage to the sewer lines.) To go along with it, I would want a Leonard GardenGlide. Looks much easier to use that a wheel barrow.

  108. Alla
    AllaFebruary 3,17

    Amazing products there! I love the Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife. Your website is wonderful and informative. Thank you.

  109. Jessica
    JessicaFebruary 3,17

    love the knife–I have broken more of my house knives trying to cut some plant out of the ground!

  110. Nancy Booz Allen
    Nancy Booz AllenFebruary 3,17

    I like your Gardener’s Hollow Leg usually I tie string to the lid of the trash can and drag it around with me I also do this when I’m transplanting. I also like your cutting tubes set I was in Orlando years ago and somebody brought me some shooters and they came in test tubes and I save them,my husband cut a wood frame out to hold them and I use them for cutting on my kitchen windowsill.

  111. Mary Jo Ballator
    Mary Jo BallatorFebruary 3,17

    Gardening has been my joy and my therapy for over half a century. The third major garden of my life is a sanctuary for birds and wildlife, as well as for many human visitors. Now in my 70s, I can no longer do many of the things I once did. Bad knees and bad back dictate that all my gardening must be done from the standing position. It is wonderful to discover tools that enable me to keep doing what I love so much. Three of the tools in your article seem perfect for helping me in the years to come: the Garden Glide, Gardener’s Hollow Leg, and the Root Assassin and Saw. Thank you for making us aware of these cleverly designed and useful tools.

  112. Maggie Crooks
    Maggie CrooksFebruary 4,17

    Our lawn is made up of crabgrass and other weeds, but at least it’s green. I would love to have the nut gatherer, because we have 2 black walnut trees. I am 73 and my son and his wife are both physically unable to bend over to pick up the walnuts. It would be sure to nice to have this gadget. All of these are great, but the pruning saw would really come in handy.

  113. Ami Wilson
    Ami WilsonFebruary 4,17

    I ❤️ the root assasin shovel and saw!

  114. Linda Kinsman
    Linda KinsmanFebruary 4,17

    Goodness, I would love all of these gardening products, but since you need me to pick, I’ll chose the phone microscope. Thanks for hosting!

  115. Suzanne Giroux
    Suzanne GirouxFebruary 4,17

    I like the Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife and the Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Pruning Saw. Great article and enjoyed learning about all these great gardening tools.

  116. Winnie Michael
    Winnie MichaelFebruary 4,17

    I am a gardening granny in my early 70’s and discovered the Hori hori knife which has become my number one go-to tool…I never go into my gardens without it…it’s indispensable and indestructible. With that being said, the leonard stainless steel soil knife would be my first recommendation to anyone who has never used one. The other tool I’d recommend as a must, is the Folding pruning saw. I’ve been using mine for years. The root assassin shovel and saw would be my first choice to win, because
    I don’t have a short handled shovel with a saw blade side, which I will check it out on the Leonard’s site. Thanks for your post about all these amazing tools, all of which make gardening easier for those of us who are no longer spring chickens.

  117. Kim
    KimFebruary 4,17

    I love all the garden tools but I do really like the pruning saw. :)

  118. Brianna
    BriannaFebruary 4,17

    The soil knife looks amazing! I could use that for sure.

  119. Robin
    RobinFebruary 4,17

    The pruning saw and the garden glider would be very useful….the phone microscope would be fun…taking pictures …learning to identify the things in my garden

  120. Turtle Dunn-Estey
    Turtle Dunn-EsteyFebruary 4,17

    I love t’he garden knife. I have one for My front garden and one for the back. I would really like to try the bulb bopper, as I never get all my bulbs planted. And I’m sure I could find a use for the transport glide. Definitely the root assassin….. thanks for the info and opportunity Stephanie!

  121. Shauna
    ShaunaFebruary 4,17

    These tools all look great, but because I have a nut tree the pickup wizard is my first pick

  122. Jacqueline Austin
    Jacqueline AustinFebruary 4,17

    Thanks for reminding me spring awaits! I could find a use for every one of these tools, but you guessed it, the Soil Knife is a must. Heading to the A. M. Leonard catalog now–I assume there is one?

  123. Carrie P.
    Carrie P.February 4,17

    I could sure use the Bulb Bopper® Bulb Planter. Lots of neat tools.

  124. Anmarie
    AnmarieFebruary 4,17

    What wonderful time and back savers! I would love to have the Leonard tri-edge pruning saw to trim up my branches. I love all of the tools shown in this article and I look forward to the news letter.

  125. JaneInAZ
    JaneInAZFebruary 4,17

    The soil knife and garden glide (how perfect the garden glide is one of the giveaways!) look really helpful. Thanks!

  126. Pamela Atkinson
    Pamela AtkinsonFebruary 4,17

    I love the bulb Bopper and Bulb Planter

  127. Pamela Atkinson
    Pamela AtkinsonFebruary 4,17

    I love the Bulb Bopper & Planter

  128. N.Wall
    N.WallFebruary 4,17

    I love the tools that were demonstrated. Getting ready to prepare. Our garden for planting season!

  129. Gloria Pratt
    Gloria PrattFebruary 5,17

    I love the Stainless steel soil knife, the Gardener’s Hollow Leg and the Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope! I could definitely use those once it warms back up here in South Dakota.
    Would love to win the Tub Trug and Garden Glide could probably put those to use for sure.
    Thanks for the opportunity and love your tips.

  130. Evelyn Lynch
    Evelyn LynchFebruary 5,17

    Love the root assassin shovel. Great looking tool. And new sturdier tub trugs, I too have handle less ones!

  131. Vicki Baumer
    Vicki BaumerFebruary 5,17

    Oh. my! What would I choose since they all look awesome! I think the one that leaps out for the moment would be the Stainless steel soil knife. I’d love to win the tub though! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  132. Kathleen Lewis
    Kathleen LewisFebruary 5,17

    I love gardening so much but with my Rheumatoid Arthritis it is definitely harder now. But I refuse the stop and the garden slide would make things soooo much easier. It’s such a great idea.

  133. Terrylee
    TerryleeFebruary 5,17

    I could really use them all but I think the cutting tube set is getting ordered today.

  134. Hollie Kouns
    Hollie KounsFebruary 5,17

    I love working in the yard and getting my hands in the dirt. This article has me eager for the warm days to get here so I can get started! Though I could make use of all of the tools you’ve shown, the shovel saw, soil knife and transportation tote are items I could see myself getting tremendous use out of. Thanks for sharing these products.

  135. Leslie
    LeslieFebruary 5,17

    Oh what a wishlist I could make!! The hubs, my 3 sweet kiddos, and I would all love something on this list! My first would probably be the knife. Oh how I love to dig in the dirt! I do love those totes though… multipurpose for sure. And my kiddos, they would love the microscope. Their little brains are always working, so why not put them to good use! The hubs, he’s a dirt lover too… the shovel would be nice for him! Thanks for this awesome list!!

  136. Michele Laughlin
    Michele LaughlinFebruary 5,17

    I hope I win because I just ordered the pink soil knife and the cuttings tube set! The glide and trugtubs would make my life much easier in the garden!

  137. Holly Waddell
    Holly WaddellFebruary 5,17

    Oh. How generous. I know the Transportation Tote would be ever so helpful in protecting my back. Firewood, soil, gravel, rocks would get relocated in a jiffy without dread of needing a treatment afterwards.

  138. Susan
    SusanFebruary 6,17

    I am thrilled to see these garden Innovations. I suffer from back problems and love to Garden so I can see where several of these would make my bending and kneeling time shorter.

  139. L. bryant
    L. bryantFebruary 7,17

    The offer for the large TubTrug and GardenGlide would be of a fantastic help. Also the bulb blopper. I have carpal tunnel in my left hand and all of these would help prevent the pain associated with a lot of garden chores!!!!

  140. Keith
    KeithFebruary 7,17

    I use an old plastic snow tub to pull things similar to your devise.

  141. Mary GM
    Mary GMFebruary 7,17

    I’ll have to put these tools on my wish list, especially the Root Assassin Shovel and Saw! They could solve numerous problems I have on my property.

  142. Sebrina
    SebrinaFebruary 7,17

    Thanks for the article! Love all the products! The Bulb Booper and the Mobile Phone Microscope ( always love to take pictures of the garden).

  143. Jen
    JenFebruary 8,17

    Great ingenuity! I would actually plant more bulbs with the bulb planter drill attachment.
    The cutting tubes set is much prettier than my plastic cups.

  144. Heather
    HeatherFebruary 8,17

    GardenGlide to help reduce lifting potted plants, roots, tubs of soil, and the harvest of course.

  145. Tessa L.Burkhamer
    Tessa L.BurkhamerFebruary 8,17

    Oh my do I have to pick one tool😳💫

  146. Nancy Steinke
    Nancy SteinkeFebruary 9,17

    I would love that trug glide and that soil knife. Heck I would like them all!!

  147. Nancy Steinke
    Nancy SteinkeFebruary 9,17

    I would love to have the tub trug and the soil knife. But I would love them all!!

  148. Catherine Crowder
    Catherine CrowderFebruary 9,17

    Oh if the acorn pick up really works – what a time and back saver! Love them all

  149. Diane
    DianeFebruary 10,17

    can I just say WOW, how many tubs do I go through? many, I wear them out. I really like the Pickup Wizard! every summer, each day I am picking up apples apples apples. what a wonderful idea.

  150. Tony
    TonyFebruary 10,17

    The garden knife sounds like a great idea to combat weed. Is it available through any retail stores?

  151. Gus
    GusFebruary 10,17

    The Garden Glide, Soil Knife, & Root Assasin would get me back out in the garden again. I would love to own any of those tools.

  152. Cindy Talbot
    Cindy TalbotFebruary 11,17

    Fantastic stuff! I could use all of the items as I just moved back to the states from overseas and am so excited to have my own yard to have a garden in. If I picked just one, it would be the knife, quickly followed by the garden glide. Thanks so much for all your posts and ideas! I am excited to read more about your garden.

  153. Robin Burns
    Robin BurnsFebruary 11,17

    Hello Stephanie! I am an avid follower of Garden Therapy and truly enjoy all your articles, tips, projects and recommendations. I will be searching out these Gardener’s Edge tools for use in my garden this summer. As an early morning gardener I know how handy the Tub Trug and Garden Glide could be. When I want or need something moved I want it done now, so waiting for someone to help doesn’t happen often. I know how much I have done by end of day though when my back is aching and I am ready for bed shortly after dinner. I will definitely be following your recommendation to add the stainless steel soil knife to my collection. I think the Root assassin shovel and saw will be on my birthday wish list too. Keep up the great work!

  154. Denise Baesler
    Denise BaeslerFebruary 11,17

    Great selection of tools I can use in my garden especially the Tub Trug and Garden Glide and Bulb Bopper!

  155. Carol Faulkner
    Carol FaulknerFebruary 11,17

    Well, Bless you. What a wonderful post. I want that Root Assassin Shovel. And the Garden Glide Transportation Tote. I did not know there was such a wonderful thing. I can fold up and retire my old blue bed sheet that I use to pull stuff around my yard. Great Contest.

  156. Sandra Smith
    Sandra SmithFebruary 11,17

    Great tools for older gardners. I will order soon sled will save husbands back.

  157. Judy Brooks
    Judy BrooksFebruary 11,17

    at 77 the slide looks very appealing.

  158. Diana G
    Diana GFebruary 11,17

    Oh my goodness- I have to pick one ?? I want to be greedy and have them all as my favorite .. But I guess the Trug would be most helpful when I am gardening to use to put the rose trimmings, weeds etc..Thanks for the chance to win !!!

  159. Emily Walker
    Emily WalkerFebruary 12,17

    Love all of these items! I could really use a new shovel. Thanks to this post I have my eyes on the root assassin!

  160. Christinez
    ChristinezFebruary 12,17

    Where do I begin to say that all of the products are genius. I literally have ever single problem that they developed a tool for. From my large walnut tree to my shallow rooted maple trees I underplant to unsightly weed piles on the ground. Problems solved by useful tools.

  161. Diane Prystay
    Diane PrystayFebruary 12,17

    Great tools but I think my two faves are the pickup wizard, only if it would or could pick up small stones.,there is a gravel road that runs beside my field out at camp and cars driving by always throw bigger stones that could be dangerous when cutting the grass. SECOND the garden glider for the same reason.thanks Diane

  162. Ann
    AnnFebruary 12,17

    I would love the Garden Glide in my sloped yard!!! It would be so helpful!!

  163. Sarah Cruze
    Sarah CruzeFebruary 12,17

    Gardens glide looks so helpful!

  164. Kathy Long
    Kathy LongFebruary 12,17

    Wow, these are all great helpers! In that I do a lot of gardening at a lake cabin in the woods the Root Assassin Shovel and Saw and its baby sister the garden knife look invaluable. The Leonard GardenGlide™ Transportation Tote is another favorite as well as the rooting tube set for the house. Oh….and did I mention the Hollow Leg for when I prune suckers off the trees closer to the cabin? Love the idea of breing hands free. Thanks for this great post!

    • Kathy Long
      Kathy LongFebruary 12,17

      PS. Gardener’s pricing looks VERY good.

  165. Melissa Weatherford
    Melissa WeatherfordFebruary 12,17

    My motto is work smarter not harder. All of these tools would definitely fit the bill. I would love the Hollow Leg, the Tub Trugs (always looking for containers to use when I’m dividing or moving plants) and the Root Assassin shovel (clever name). Oh, also I would love the cutting tubes. So pretty, and I love to share plants by making cuttings.

  166. Linda
    LindaFebruary 12,17

    New at gardening and very happy to find your post making it easier for me. We have a steep hill in our back yard so the Garden Glide really got my attention. Some too heavy to carry rocks will get a nice ride. Thanks for all the tips on tools.

  167. Amanda
    AmandaFebruary 12,17

    The Garden Glide would be amazing in my garden! It would really save my back!

  168. Tessa Burden
    Tessa BurdenFebruary 12,17

    Awesome tools! The pickup wizard has to be my favorite. We have several pine trees and a tree that leaves little acorns all over the place. Such a pain to try to clean up. They end up all over the yard, drive and street. We live in the country and since the tree is close to the road it’s sometimes scary to have to clean up when people are driving 50 mph plus. The bulb planter looks pretty awesome too, as do they all though. I guess I’ll need to go back to school for a better paying profession because my want list just grew. :)

  169. mary
    maryFebruary 13,17

    Anything that would be useful in combating the ravages of age would be most welcome.

  170. Amy larm
    Amy larmFebruary 13,17

    Ok so I am infatuated with the soil knife, but my husband would like the shovel, and then I would just have to get the hollow leg. I’m not sure what the tube set thing is for??? I would be ecstatic to win the tub and pully so I could do more on my own.

  171. linnie
    linnieFebruary 13,17

    sure could use the Tub Trugs! We moved to a new home and there is nothing but WEEDS!!!!

  172. Alynn
    AlynnFebruary 13,17

    Love all these product the tool on the ground to pick up nuts and fruit genius. And what a great way to move stuff around with the tool to pull it along.

  173. Mary burns
    Mary burnsFebruary 13,17

    The soil knife interests me. I have also looked at the folding pruning saw, but was unsure if it would really do the job. I think it will now go on my birthday list! The bulb planter has also caught my eye.

  174. Judith
    JudithFebruary 13,17

    I love the GardenGlide, what a great product, the Tub Trug would come in handy too :)

  175. Amante
    AmanteFebruary 14,17

    I could use the Tub Trugs and the Leonard Garden Glide Transportation Tote. Big yard with lots of clean up!

  176. Joy young
    Joy youngFebruary 14,17

    I’d love the shovel assaian and the saw. I have plenty trees in the yard and roots in my garden. Plus I’m thinking of redoing the flower bed in the front yard. These tools would be a life saver!

  177. RobinB
    RobinBFebruary 14,17

    What I wouldn’t give for the pickup wizard! The ability to pickup the acorns in my yard that make it so difficult to walk on and having to police my shih tzu so he doesn’t eat them would be terrific! Thank you for the article and the chance to win.

  178. SueB
    SueBFebruary 15,17

    What a great selection of garden “treats”! Anything to make the time in the garden more enjoyable is worth reading about, but the GardenGlide caught my interest to help with the transplanting in my mature garden. The Active Eye microscope for an iPhone would be a great tool, especially used as you mentioned. Thanks for the information.

  179. jodi olson
    jodi olsonFebruary 15,17

    I just my have to get that cutting tubs.

  180. Louise Hull
    Louise HullFebruary 15,17

    I can really use the garden glide!!! I have to carry wood, soil, peat moss, etc. This would make my gardening more delighful.

  181. Linda
    LindaFebruary 15,17

    I really like that pick up wizard. It could really help with my mom’s yard.

  182. Crystal hopson
    Crystal hopsonFebruary 15,17

    I could easily use all of these tools, but I think the garden glide would help me the most with my back injury!

  183. One of God's
    One of God'sFebruary 15,17

    A trug has been on my shopping list for some time. I would certainly appreciate receiving one.

  184. Erin Nelson
    Erin NelsonFebruary 15,17

    I could certainly put that garden glide unit to good use, the tub trugs, soil knife… they all look great!

  185. Dottie Brannock
    Dottie BrannockFebruary 15,17

    Love the mobile phone microscope. Fascinating! Also the bulb planter is a must! Great to see all of these useful products. The garden glide would be especially helpful since I garden alone.

  186. Lisa Borczynski
    Lisa BorczynskiFebruary 15,17

    I would def go with the tub thugs, I too have tried all kinds of “tubs” only to end up with broken handles or cracked sides. Can’t wait for Spring, every year I seem to have a new garden plan! So many great ideas from you too..,

  187. Althea Elliott
    Althea ElliottFebruary 15,17

    I would love any of the products above. I am am a seasoned gardener of age and anything helpful is great

  188. Angie Rose
    Angie RoseFebruary 15,17

    I absolutely love all of these genius gardening tools! Those Tub Trugs certainly do come in handy. I use the one I have for everything so it’s pretty beat up. I’ve been looking to get some more! I received the Bulb Bopper as a gift this holiday season, so I’m dying to try it out! That transportation tote would work in any garden situation. Now I really want to do some garden retail therapy!

  189. Ray Nielsen
    Ray NielsenFebruary 16,17

    Great tools, I could use every one of them. The soil knife and shovel saw would get the most use.

  190. Linda aka Crafty Gardener
    Linda aka Crafty GardenerFebruary 16,17

    I could sure use the transportation glide when separating and moving bug hostas along with the assassin shovel and knife.

  191. maryellen sanderson
    maryellen sandersonFebruary 16,17

    As a beginning gardener, all of these tools look especially appealing! I think the Pick up wizard would make life much easier in the fall but so would the bulb planter make it easier in the spring! Too many choices but thank you for sharing, just knowing there are options to make gardening easier provides inspiration to save up for each and every tool!

  192. Carol Stevens
    Carol StevensFebruary 16,17

    I’m pretty excited to check out that phone microscope! So many great tools in this issue.. and so much garden to use them in. Thanks!!

  193. Deborah Yeagley
    Deborah YeagleyFebruary 16,17

    I could use each one mentioned! The knife and shovel most as I fight oregano!!!

  194. Debra Gibson
    Debra GibsonFebruary 16,17

    I think the transportation glide would be the tool I would use a lot. Just being able to move things
    around in the garden and yard and not have to wait for my husband to get home from work to help me.

  195. Charlie
    CharlieFebruary 16,17

    This is a wonderful place for tools!
    What this trug and slide would do to help my back would be wonderful.
    There are other things that I know I just have to save for and order.
    The shovel with the serrated sides, the bulb planter, soil knife and microscope.
    I know I’m going to find so many things on this site that you gave us the url for.

    Thank you so much!

  196. Theresa
    TheresaFebruary 16,17

    I have the gardening knife and absolutely love it. I’m going to get another for our farm. Would love all of these products. I can’t wait for spring!

    DEBRA ROWLANDFebruary 16,17

    Every thing looks great.

  198. Stephanie
    StephanieFebruary 16,17

    That shovel looked perfect!! I would have so many uses!! :) thanks for the article and sweepstakes!!

  199. Linda baratta
    Linda barattaFebruary 16,17

    I bought my first soil knife a couple of years ago and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have to keep ordering it as gifts for friends plus an extra for myself.

  200. April S.
    April S.February 16,17

    They all would be so wonderful to have, especially since I’m new to gardening and could seriously use all the help I could get… But that Pickup Wizard! I need that in my life! I have 5 pecan trees that love to over-produce. I can’t gather them quick enough even with the help of my kids.

  201. BONNIE Williams
    BONNIE WilliamsFebruary 16,17

    We live on Hickory nut holler which was named by a neighbor when the 911 addresses came about. Surrounded by hickory trees, the pickup wizard would be put to good use in our yard!
    The root assassin shovel would solve many of our issues when we try planting bulbs or bushes around the property. It’s difficult to pick which tool would be a favorite as all of them would make life easier in the yard and garden.

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseFebruary 19,17

      Congratulations, Bonnie! Your comment was randomly selected as the winner of the Tub Trug and GardenGlide combo! Keep an eye out for an email from us to get it shipped out. Woo Hoo!

  202. Julie Johnson
    Julie JohnsonFebruary 17,17

    This post was so helpful! I definitely need all of these items, thanks!!!

  203. Jennifer Clay
    Jennifer ClayFebruary 17,17

    I need that handy knife, and could use many of the other tools as well. Happy to have stumbled upon this post on pinterest.

  204. Lorena C.Pergis
    Lorena C.PergisFebruary 17,17

    Love gardening even with 2 broken knees…would luv to have the tug tugs to be able to drag things from the back to the front yard…regardless things items make things easier for the gardeners….I salute u

  205. Laurie Goettl
    Laurie GoettlFebruary 17,17

    How awesome is the TubTrug. Looks so much sturdier than the tubs I have purchased in the past.

  206. Karin
    KarinFebruary 17,17

    We battle the hickory nuts in our yard every year – that pick up wizard truly is genius! !

  207. Jennifer
    JenniferFebruary 17,17

    It’s a tie between the soil knife and bulb planter!

  208. Nicole Savard
    Nicole SavardFebruary 17,17

    The pick up wizard is amazing!! I need it in two sizes. One for hickory nuts and one for acorns! Genius!

  209. Jeanne
    JeanneFebruary 17,17

    Great ideas to make garden tasks easier! I could use the Root Assassin Garden Glide, and Tub Trug

  210. Marianne
    MarianneFebruary 19,17

    Thanks fir your helpful site. The bulb popper would sure Maske planting fast and easy ….as well as the root cutter….tub trug…all tools are awesome.

  211. Pam Thompson
    Pam ThompsonFebruary 19,17

    I’d love a garden glide! Hurt my rotator cuff a few years back moving a $10, no, make that a $30,000, wooden box LOL. The glide would be a big help!!

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